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Good morning from the House of Contagion.

Members of my immediate and extended family are dropping like flies and unfortunately I’m not immune. After a week of battling an annoying cold/laryngitis, I came down with a fever yesterday afternoon and am now patiently waiting to get in to see the doctor. Now, the kicker — my daughter woke up with the stomach bug that’s been going around, so she’s home sick, too.

Isn’t winter cold + flu season that absolute WORST!?

I’m about 2 shades of pale away from looking like death reincarnated, so I wanted to share with you my tried and true tip for looking semi-decent when you simply feel like sh*t: bronzer + highlighter.


Now, don’t worry there’s no complicated contouring or facial restructuring involved. Just a swipe of bronzer under the cheekbones, at the temples and jawline. Follow this up with a dusting of highlighter at the tops of your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eye, the brow bone and cupid’s bow above your lip.


The bronzer brings back all of the healthy color drained from your face while the highlighter gives you some of that natural glow that distracts from the dark circles under your eyes and unfortunate green pallor.

Thank goodness for small favors.

I’ve put together some of my favorite bronzer and highlighter products for you to peruse. Keep in mind, this makeup is definitely NOT just for sick days. These 2 products are ultimate multitaskers to keep on hand in your makeup kit. While I personally prefer power formulas (I think they’re more subtle and blend better), liquid and stick (cream) formulas also get rave reviews.

See for yourself!

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Got any sick day makeup tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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