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The Great Coffee Table Challenge

Coffee Table Article Timpani

When it comes to renovation and home design, some decisions come very quickly — “Uhhh, YES please make my closet as large as possible with a bright window!“, while others can take a bit more time to process.

In the case of my family room coffee table, even 2 months after starting this home renovation project, I’m still in the “processing” phase.

As I’ve touched on HERE and HERE, my family room is a really large bright space meant for lounging, reality TV watching, reading, doing homework, and entertaining. Pretty much all of the things. I want the room to feel inviting and comfortable, with a blend of rustic (shiplap + exposed beams) and modern (low profile/sleek furnishings) charm.

SKC Revised Family Room Design Plan Coffee Table

Since I conceptualized the initial design plan, a lot has changed including the rug choice, the sofa, and a few of the accessories. I realized that purchasing a leather sofa in the large scale required was just not in the budget, BUT if you’ve got $12K+ burning a hole in your pocket DO IT — they’re gorgeous!! Instead, I’m really happy with the soft heather grey PAVO SECTIONAL which I think will suit us perfectly. With the new couch came a NEW RUG…and well, you know how things tend to snowball from there.

So now, back to my coffee table quandary…

I’m on the hunt for a large scale rectangular or round coffee table that is functional (you can throw your feet up) and durable (no glass). Currently, I think I have my decision narrowed down to 3 options: The ARTICLE TABLET in Charm Blonde, the ARTICLE TIMPANI OTTOMAN in Charm Tan, or the BALLARD DESIGNS ROLLINS COFFEE TABLE in White. I love them all for their own unique features, so it’s hard to choose!

The Coffee Table Contenders:

Here’s the ARTICLE TABLET superimposed into the space… pretty sweet, eh?

SKC Revised Family Room Design Plan Article Tablet

I think I just love the warmth that caramel leather and brass combo brings into the space. The tufting is a nice accent as well. I also think the color is close enough in tone to the MEDIA CONSOLE to tie it all together.

Now, here is bachelor #2 — the ARTICLE TIMPANI.

Coffee table Article Timpani leather ottoman

As you can see, it’s pretty similar to the TABLET. The round shape is what has kept it in the running. I like the idea of a round coffee table to keep traffic flow open and moving. I also like that it ties in with the round reclaimed wood side table (which used to be in the sitting area in my old master bedroom!). Again, the warm caramel leather is so yummy…

Before we fall in love TOO much, let us not forget bachelor #3: the BALLARD DESIGNS ROLLINS!

SKC Revised Family Room Design Plan Ballard Designs Rollins

This option goes in a slightly different direction than the previous 2 — it’s shiny + white! Although it’s hard to tell in the rendering as the coloring is not exactly right, the shiplap walls are actually a bright, true white color (Sherwin Williams Extra White). I thought that the white coffee table might pick up on the bright walls, white fireplace and other accessories throughout. I also like the bottom shelf aspect of the ROLLINS’ design — it’s begging to be styled up!

This, my friends, is my current coffee table dilemma and I need your help!

I am taking a total back seat in this decision process and letting YOU decide. If you have a clear favorite, please let me know if the comments below. The coffee table with the most votes will be crowned the winner!

In this great coffee table challenge, which is YOUR favorite!?

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