3 Ways To Wear Snow Boots This Winter Without Looking Like A Yeti

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Cue all of the “Game of Throne” puns…. because “Winter is coming.

If this week is any indication of what’s to come, Cleveland is in for a long and cold winter. I’ve sadly set all of my favorite fall booties away and brought out the big guns — the winter snow boots.

While clearly practical and oh, so warm, winter snow boots get a bad rap. You know, the whole clompy, furry, awkward, Sasquatch thing?! Well, rejoice my warm feet loving friends because I’m here to show you that you don’t need to sacrifice your style in order to stay warm and slip-free this winter. Because, if there is one thing worse than snow boots, it’s an orthopedic boot or cast!

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Keep Your Sock Game Strong

Rather than hide away your socks inside the glory that is the snow boot, why not embrace the look of layers and coziness and let your socks shine! Remember those awesome WOOL SOCKS (read more about them HERE) I told you about? Those would be perfect! The added color, texture and detail will kick your snow boot style up a level even in the frostiest of blizzards!

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Be Merry + Bright

While brown, tan and black are the obvious snowboot color choices, let’s get a little wild and embrace color. Our favorite neutrals can look tired and utilitarian after a while, a bright cheerful snow boot brings the wow factor.

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Break the Mold

I think we can agree that most traditional snow boots tend to look alike. After a while all of those UGG shearling style boots or LL BEAN ALL WEATHER BOOTS blend together. Break out of your snow boot rut and try something a little different — how about a LUG SOLE WEDGE?

Here are some of the snow boots that have caught my eye lately… Take a look and get inspired for your next snow day!

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What’s your favorite winter snow boot style?

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