A Fresh Color Perspective in 2018

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Hello, 2018!

After the past 2 weeks of relaxed holiday fun, family time, elastic waistbands and no makeup — it’s SO nice to be back. Over the (very, very cold) holiday break, I took some time to think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2018. The year has only just started and already I feel as though it’s going to be one of those crazy years full of landmark events and hopefully, great things ahead.

It only makes sense to set the tone for this New Year with something that impacts every facet of our lives: color. Color sets the mood in our homes (and our closets) and after what has been a trend towards a minimal aesthetic, I feel like the black and white world is waking up and leaning more technicolor.

2018 top color combos

Now, don’t worry… I’m not talking about unicorn rainbow color.

Just a small dose of saturated shades to balance all of that black, white + grey. The end result is still calming and neutral, but way less sterile and catalog cold than many of those Scandinavian/minimalist inspired photos you’ve seen on Pinterest and in magazines.

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Rich siennas, pale pinks, peacock blue-greens and mustard hues have cropped up everywhere this season and in addition to being great home accents, those colors are also fantastic additions to your winter wardrobe. When paired with your personal neutral arsenal of black, white and grey, these hues give your closet a much needed dose of warmth and style.

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2018 top color combos

If color is not something you’re generally drawn to, this is an easy way to ease into the color spectrum without fully disrupting that good neutral thing you’ve got going on. Start with a neutral base — personally, I love a good MEDIUM BLUE WASH or GREY DENIM — and take it to a new level by throwing on a warm KNIT IN AN UNEXPECTED HUE. Now here is where you take a risk — finish off the look by adding accessories in contrasting colors, like THIS SUEDE BOOT, for a look that reads effortlessly chic.

Will you be taking a technicolor fashion risk this season?

2018 top color combos

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