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Friday Link Love, Vol 2.18

Friday Link LoveCruel and unusual.

That’s what this Cleveland winter is shaping up to be. After 2 weeks of brutal cold, we got to experience a brief flirtation with reasonable (above freezing) winter temperatures only to have our hearts (and heating bills) crushed with another snow storm/deep freeze on the way.  

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


Gotta love life on the lake.

Whether you’re in the Midwest, East Coast or anywhere else in the world, I hope you have a fun weekend planned. TGIF, folks. Start it off with these Friday Link Love favorites!

Cleveland Lake Erie Winter Storm Friday Link Love

What I’m Reading:

•  I might NEVER THROW AWAY A DRYER SHEET again. Based on what I just read, those little suckers are truly a godsend.


•  Just another good reason we should all DROP MORE F-BOMBS.

•  Before you go and mentally beat yourself up, know you’re not alone… here are 6 COMMON EMBARRASSING THINGS WE DO, AND WHY.

Toast Jam Breakfast Coffee Friday Link Love

What I’m Making:

•  Talk about a perfect meal for winter entertaining: WINE BRAISED PORK SHOULDER WITH CAULIFLOWER PUREE. Bonus: it’s slow cooker prepared!

•  I know some may say scones are dry and tasteless, but I beg to differ. You MUST try these simple CHOCOLATE CHERRY SCONES — you’ll be a Team Scone convert in no time!

Pink Circle Top Handle Bag Karen Walker Sunglasses Rose Water Beauty Friday Link Love

What I’m Buying:

•  In search of a soft and broken in LEATHER RIDING BOOT?! I dare you not to fall in love with these and their killer price (UNDER $80!)

•  Wear your boots with these cozy and oversized CIRCLE CARDIGAN. I am eying the “Pink Adobe” color myself!

•  This cute SIDE-TIE LONG SLEEVE TOP is an easy way to upgrade your tired winter t-shirt collection. Get it while it’s 40% off!

•  I own this FRINGED SCARF in charcoal grey and it’s my favorite… I’m thinking I could use the blue color, too?

•  Random shopping find, but if I could get a wedding do-over and plan a winter wedding (I got married in July!), THIS DRESS is what I’d wear! Winter brides-to-be… GET. ON. IT.

•  In the meantime, I’ll just be wearing my SNOW BOOTS (again… sigh…) and wrapping myself in THE COZIEST COAT!

Stay warm and be safe out there, friends! Until next week… 

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