A Bold Handbag Trend Prediction For 2018

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I’m very excited to be talking about one of my absolute favorite things: HANDBAGS!!!

I’m an accessory girl through and through and this season is no exception. When it comes to bang for your style buck, nothing comes in as strong as a quality handbag.

Think about it — you use this one item countless times, often over the course of YEARS. This little accessory can punctuate any look with polish and style. Quality should be of upmost importance and the thriving luxury market has built a solid performance record based on this fact!

So what are the big handbag trends of 2018?

handbag trends 2018 ring bag 1

The strongest trend of all is actually a movement away from the big name luxury designers (the Guccis, Pradas, Louis Vuittons and Chanels) and a shift towards smaller, lesser-known accessory brands that are creating quality product with unique materials, design twists and structural elements.

Those gorgeous, classic, luxury brands will never go OUT of style but in 2018, good design trumps brand name all day, every day. For under $500, it’s now able to find a beautifully constructed handbag that will turn heads and make you smile.

No fancy, luxury brand name required.

handbag trends 2018 ring bag bucket micro

I’ve rounded up a list of my handbag favorites for all budgets — so shop away.

Sans guilt, of course… because guilt is so 2017.

Shop The Post:

(Click on the images below for product detail!)

Do you have any favorite handbag trends or a specific style that you’re excited to wear this year?

handbag trends 2018

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