Winter Getaway

winter getaway packing guide
The power of distraction is unexpectedly effective.

Take today for example, I’m freezing (yet again!) so what do I do?! I scour the internet for all things vacation, beach and resort and all of a sudden I’m thinking warm sunshine and salty skin vs. my reality of deep freeze and a constantly runny nose.

I’m betting that you’re as sick of this winter as I am, so why not plan a getaway!? Even if it’s only in our heads. However, if you are one of the lucky few who have a warm weather destination on their upcoming travel agenda, have I got some great news for you!

You can pack your carry-on full of beach-ready goodies — and they’re all UNDER $100! Just check out my winter getaway packing guide below:

winter getaway packing guide

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See anything in there you like?

This is one of my favorite collections of all time and chock-full of favorites. I am totally IN LOVE with the STRIPED TOP (1) and SHORTS (2) combo… it’s a perfect example of pattern mixing and a nice alternative to a typical vacation sundress.

The ONE-PIECE SWIMSUIT (9) is admittedly over the $100 budget, but I couldn’t resist. Good swimwear is so hard to find and SOLID + STRIPED makes such flattering suits for every body type. The waist defining belt on this one can easily hide any potential poolside margarita sins!

I actually own the SATIN POPLIN CROPPED TANK (10) and the fit on it is swingy and not revealing at all — especially when worn with a higher mid-rise bottom like those CLASSIC WHITE JEANS (13)! It’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet.

Vacation is the ideal time to take a risk with your sunglasses. Ditch those tortoiseshell frames for something a little more bold and fun like these MIRRORED GREEN SUNGLASSES (16)! They come in 8 different colors and are an easy way to inject some color into your vacation style.

Raise your hand if you’re SO ready for a warm beach vacation too! Oh, and I’d love to hear all about where you’re going… you know, so I can live vicariously through you!

winter getaway packing guide


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