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12 Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts Under $50

Valentines Gifts Under 50

Do you guys go all out for Valentine’s Day?

My husband and I have always felt that the holiday was a little too sappy and forced for us — hello, Hallmark holiday! It’s never been high up on our holiday priority list. However, once we had kids we’ve made a conscious effort to show them that it’s fun to be generous not only with gifts, but also with our words and our feelings. We’ve been trying to teach them to tell people they love how much they care about them. Actually feeling and EXPRESSING all the feels, is a much harder skill than it may seem.

Hey, I’m still working on it myself.

Now, as far as gifting goes (something I am VERY good at!)… we keep the Valentine budget at minimum. Just a little somethin’-somethin’, because who DOESN’T like to open gifts?!

With about 2 weeks left before the big day, here are a few Valentine’s Day appropriate gift ideas you just might want to slip into your significant other’s inbox — you know, so he/she is most prepared!

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See, nothing over the top or too pricey and all items you might never otherwise treat yourself to! Best of all, none of these gifts will wilt, or put 2 lbs on your butt (it’s an actual chocolate consumption/weight gain fact).

What’s on YOUR Valentine’s Day list?

Valentines gifts under $50




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