Spring Looks To Shop (AND Wear) NOW!

spring looks shop wear now

I just read a funny and all too true quote on Pinterest yesterday… you can have a well dressed home, or a well dressed person. You can’t have BOTH!

Given our recent renovation/moving focus, I feel as though all of my time and resources have been dumped into getting the new house looking its best. In the meantime, I feel as though my own wardrobe and style is literally coming apart at the seams. Now that we’ve moved in and the craziness is subsiding, mentally I’m more prepared to focus on the upcoming fashion season and getting myself back into shape.

Ugh… the gym… don’t remind me!

My workout has practically been as ignored as much as my closet. I might pass out next time I step up on a spin bike. Not from the class, mind you. Just from the exertion of getting my out of shape butt up on that spin bike.

But back to fashion… with Spring styles hitting the stores, it’s hard NOT to be tempted to snag a few great pieces. Even with the never-ending Cleveland winter, I’m still hankering for a sartorial freshening up. I’ve found 5 Spring-ready pieces for us impatient ladies who want a bit of zhuzsh in their closet to get them through these next few months until Spring is finally in full bloom.

1. Cinderella Shoes

Sparkly sequins and glitter are having a moment this Spring — and the little Cinderalla girly-girl in all of us is rejoicing! While, I’m not sure I could handle a huge amount of sparkle in my everyday life, I can definitely get behind some twinkle toes to freshen up some of my winter staples. By the way, did you see THESE shoes, yet? I posted them on THD’s FACEBOOK PAGE a few days back!

2. Pastels

Pastels are not quite groundbreaking when it comes to Spring fashion, however, after a long Winter of neutrals the soft shades are a welcome addition. To keep from skewing TOO Spring when there’s still snow outside, try a Winter staple like a warm faux-fur jacket in an unexpected and peppy shade of pink!

3. Sweet & Sheer

Romantic sheer fabrics have been all of the rage and I’m dying to incorporate a floaty sheer top. This Winter I’ll be layering with a jacket or blazer, but come Spring these tops will make great night out additions to my wardrobe!

4. Rainbow Bright

C’mon, what’s better than a rainbow-hued bright for a closet Spring awakening? You get bonus point for wearing it head-to-toe in monochromatic fashion, and double bonus points for wearing the entire ROYGBIV spectrum in one shot!

5. Bonjour Beret

Say hello to your favorite new hat. Really. The beret has been cropping up among the fashion editor crowd all Winter, but this little, lightweight topper is even better for Spring!

Have YOU found any special spring-inspired pieces to add to your winter wardrobe today!?

spring looks shop wear now

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