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Welcome to another edition of “What To Wear When You’re Sick Of All Of Your Winter Clothes!

I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with this series. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going through an episode right about now. After wearing all of your winter garb for 3 months straight, anyone else totally OVER it!?

Join the club.

As self-appointed President and leader of this prestigious organization (I think it should be called the ‘I F$%^ Hate All My Clothes Club’), I’ve got a simple solution for you… and it involves one very soft, comfortable and generally inexpensive thing.

What is it?! Glad you asked

It’s a henley top.

Henley Top Outfit Ideas 3

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Now, for those not quite familiar with the henley top, it was a rather popular style back in the 90’s that involves a knit long sleeve base with a partially buttoned neckline. Essentially, it’s a comfy knit (cotton, cashmere, wool-blend, etc.) with a few buttons thrown on for good measure. It’s form fitting and when unbuttoned can be transformed from daytime appropriate to pretty hot-mama in a snap!

Also, let’s not overlook it’s layering prowess. While a henley top can look fabulous on it’s own — try a FITTED RIBBED TOP worn with PAPER BAG STYLE PANTS. Or, how about you try wearing your henley layered under your favorite OVERSIZED CARDIGAN, or your CLASSIC BLACK BLAZER!

Henley Top Outfit Ideas

What I’m trying to say is that this one little knit can do wonders for your closet… and your next outfit.

Shop my favorites right this way…

(Click on the images for product details!)

Have you tried a henley top yet this season?!

henley top

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