Resort Vacation Ready: 1 Carry-On, 15 Outfits (PART II)

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Welcome back, y’all!

Today we’re continuing on with our Warm Weather Vacation Packing Guide tutorial. While YESTERDAY we broke down how to pack a carry on, and what sorts of pieces would be fitting inside, today is all about putting those pieces to work!

If you need a quick refresher on what made the carry-on cut, check out my list below:

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So, where to start… where to start!? There are so many good choices in this vacation capsule!

I guess there is no better place than the beginning!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 1 + 2

Outfit #1 (left) is probably my airport uniform. Lots of comfortable layers combined with SNEAKERS and a LARGE TOTE. It keeps me warm on the Departures end, and once we get into Arrivals, I can slip off the SWEATSHIRT and DENIM JACKET for a warm weather appropriate look.

Now, Outfit #2 (right) is the ideal cocktails at sunset look. How cute is that BLACK SKORT?! Oh, and don’t worry, my obsession with CIRCLE BAGS has not died. THIS ONE is by one of my favorite ETSY DESIGNERS, and can you believe it — only $50!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 3 + 4

Outfit #3 (left) is probably something I’d wear for a ride into town or for an afternoon shopping. A lightweight T-SHIRT DRESS is given some structure and designer style with a HERMES BELT. When in a warm weather climate I also like to use a CHAMBRAY SHIRT as an outer layer. It’s softer and lighter weight than a denim jacket, and a great versatile piece that can take you from beach to bazaar in no time.

Outfit #4 (right) is great for a casual dinner out. Isn’t that ASYMMETRIC SKIRT amazing?! I have the original SELF PORTRAIT designer version and I adore the fit. This one is a fraction of the cost (it’s only  $26!!!) but almost identical to the much more expensive original. Since statement earrings take up little to no space in a suitcase, feel free to load up on your ear candy! I love these lightweight TASSEL EARRINGS. The pop of pink make every look so much more fun and festive.

Outfit #5 (left) is a great beach day style. While I love a good coverup or two, when crunched for suitcase real-estate, I tend to lean on my DENIM SHORTS + T-SHIRTS more. They’re both versatile pieces that I’m likely to wear both on and off the beach. Oh, and don’t forget a hat! THIS ONE is a packable blessing… because as you know there is nothing worse than traveling and potentially crushing a straw hat before you even get to your destination.

Outfit #6 (right) has special date night out written all over it. Ok, that PINK DRESS — isn’t she amazing?! Yes, I know, not the cheapest… but oh, so flattering. The dress comes in multiple colors, too — the marigold/yellow is especially pretty!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 7 + 8

Outfit #7 (left) features that great BLACK SKORT again! This time with a form fitting RIBBED KNIT TANK — can you believe it’s only $9. Alright, I feel like I need to throw in my 2 cents on those crazy cheap online clothing companies like SHEIN. They definitely don’t always get the best rap for producing quality products, BUT I’ve seen some of their pieces first hand and I gotta tell you, they’re not all bad! Actually, they’re pretty darn great — especially for the dirt cheap prices you’re paying. When dealing with these overseas retailers always head into the transaction with an open mind and no pressing shipping deadlines. Since the package is most likely coming from China, the shipping window is much longer. Also make sure to read the reviews closely — you can generally get a feel for quality and cut based on the reviews people post.

Ok, lecture over.

Outfit #8 (right) is actually one of my favorites. I love how those gorgeous MIGNONNE GAVIGAN EARRINGS elevate a rather inexpensive RUFFLED ROMPER. It’s a perfect blend of high-low and a beautiful vacation look.

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 9 + 10

Remember that CHAMBRAY SHIRT I was just preaching about?! Well, here it is again in Outfit #9 (left)! Remember to roll up your sleeves for a more vacation ready styling. The DENIM SHORTS are back again, too! If you’re concerned about rocking a head-to-toe denim look, don’t be. Denim-on-denim is perfectly chic when done right. Make sure the tones of your denim have some contrast to them (light + dark) and don’t forget to break up all that denim with some great accessories! ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS are probably some of the most comfortable summer footwear and will never go out of style.

I think Outfit #10 (right), might just be my favorite of the collection. I love the contrast of the statement WRAP MINI SKIRT and the casual, under $20 T-SHIRT. The colors and patterns work so well together! I dressed up the look with a pair of NEUTRAL RUFFLE HEELS and those FRINGE EARRINGS you know I love!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 11 + 12

Outfit #11 (left) incorporates one of my favorite styling basics of all time — the basic BLACK RIBBED DRESS. It’s one of those timeless pieces that I turn to again and again. On vacation it’s also the lightest, easiest and most flattering dress to throw on in a pinch. If you’re a little concerned about the body-con silhouette, this dress also looks great layered under a DENIM JACKET or CHAMBRAY SHIRT. You can dress it up with heels, or keep it casual with SNEAKERS like I did here!

Outfit #12 (right) is another dress, yet a totally different, much more sophisticated look than Outfit #11! The navy base of the FLORAL DRESS keeps it from looking too tropical and a bit more refined. The wrap style is always a DO in my book — nothing is more universally flattering on women and for under $60 you really can’t go wrong!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 13 + 14

Those WHITE JEANS from way back in Outfit #1 are finally making another appearance here in Outfit #13 (left)! This time around we’re taking them out on the town with a little SATIN RUFFLED TANK and HEELS! When packing for a warm-weather destination I ALWAYS include white jeans — they’re the best.

Outfit #14 (right) takes us back to the beach. We’re rewearing that T-SHIRT DRESS as a coverup over one of my favorite ONE-PIECE SWIMSUITS of all time. SOLID + STRIPED has forever won my heart with their ridiculously flattering swimwear. This cut-out one-piece style shows just enough skin to be sexy while keeping everything else magically hidden away. Yes, it’s not cheap, but when it comes to swimwear I am an advocate of spending a little more to get a fit and style you love. Not to mention, an elastic/spandex content that will slim you down and hold up after many washings!

Ok, are you still with me?! We’ve finally gotten to the final look of this carry-on suitcase collection, and it’s a goodie!

warm weather vacation packing guide outfits 15 v2

Outfit #15 is another beach appropriate look. This time, rocking a J.CREW 2- PIECE swimsuit style! A STRIPED SHIRT is never a bad idea and another one of those easy pieces that can be dressed up or down. Fun, FRINGED SLIDES complete the outfit and don’t take up too much space in your bad either! Double bonus.

So, what do you think?! Anything catch your eye?

How many more looks could YOU come up with using this carry-on bag of clothes?

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