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backpackin' top backpack leather bag accessory The Heart's Delight Stella CompisenoHave you ever found something you loved in a store or online and for whatever reason, decided not to purchase it at the time, only to endlessly think about the (fill in the blank) you left behind?  Of course, when you go back to finally buy it, it’s gone, gone, gone. Welcome, to my world! A few weeks ago, I came across THE MOST PERFECT REBECCA MINKOFF TAN LEATHER BACKPACK at my local TJ Maxx (I’m a Maxxinista, all the way.) I physically carried the bag around the store for 46 min (exactly) then, at the last minute, felt guilty buying another bag and put it back on the shelf. OK, I may have found the darkest, deepest hook on the most inconspicuous rack and hung it there hoping it would stay in stock long enough to be further discounted. Well, my efforts were futile. Some lucky shopper found my backpack score of the year and I wish her the best… maybe. I’m still a little bitter.

Hopefully, this little anecdote taught you 2 things:

  1. At a store like TJ Maxx, where inventory is constantly changing, it always makes sense to buy, evaluate and return later, if needed.
  2. Backpacks really are the best.

This little backpack trend is in line with the resurgence of athletic wear in casual settings. What better to coordinate with your luxe wool-blend skinny sweats and graphic tee/sweatshirts than a backpack? These backpacks are not the school bags you may be picturing. The backpack I’m referring to is sleek, leather and has a casual luxury about it.  Best of all, it’s practical- for work, for travel, for chasing your kids around the playground. For all you overachievers out there, a backpack is the perfect companion for effective (and stylish) multitasking. Trust me on this one.

Rather than waste more precious time reminiscing about “the one that got away,” here are a few more gorgeous backpacks that have caught my eye:

Will YOU be giving the backpack a try? More importantly, what are your biggest shopping regrets? I would love to know that I’m not alone!

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The Best Carry-On Bag For Any Budget


Holiday travel.

Not exactly a pleasurable experience for most people. Unless you’re Beyonce, of course, and have a private jet, team of hired help and are enrobed in only the finest of luxury cashmeres from head-to-toe, while sippin’ on your perfectly chilled glass of champagne and poppin’ Nobu-prepared sushi in your mouth, as you fade off into the clouds. Bey, you do you, girl. But back to us, regular folk…

Currently, my travel experience consists of hauling a stuffed-to-the-brims carry-on tote filled with assorted snacks (and bribery tools), first aid remedies, toys, books, and the mandatory iPhones/iPads for all! I feel like Oprah when we finally get into our seats and I start handing out the assorted technology- “YOU get an iPad, and YOU get an iPad, and YOU get an iPad!”  Hey, travelling with young children is survival of the fittest time: no judgement.

This bag I speak of must be large, must be lightweight, must be functional, and obviously, must be stylish. I also encourage purchasing pieces that you can use in-flight and beyond. For example, once emptied of the 30 lbs of supplies, my tote then doubles as my daytime handbag for the rest of my trip. Bonus.

If totes and convertible bags are not exactly your thing, I cannot recommend a backpack enough. After years of mocking my husband’s obsession of travelling with a backpack, I’m eating my words and full-on endorsing the trend. You can check out my best backpack picks HERE.

Wishing you all safe (and stress free) travels!

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