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Master Bedroom Design Plan

Master Bedroom Design Plan The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

Shall we chat about the master bedroom design?

The room where all the best night’s sleep goes down.

Is it just me, or do all of the most restful, deep sleeps happen in your own bed!? I could be in a penthouse suite of a 5 star hotel, sleeping on 1000 ct. Frette linen, with some magical self-adjusting mattress, but I still won’t sleep as well as I do in my own bed.

So, in case you were wondering, YES, my master bedroom design plan is fairly important to me!

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Home Decor

A Bold + Modern Living Room Design

Modern Living Room Design Plan AFTER The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

Question of the day: Is the formal living room officially dead?!

When we went through the process of finding and ultimately buying a house, one of the biggest questions that was thrown around was, do we really need a living room? I’m talking about that more formal sitting space that people used to use a lot back in the day. That is, before open design plans and oversized family rooms with comfy couches and giant 4D flat screen TVS (with surround sound) reigned supreme.

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A Modern + Functional Kids’ Bathroom

Modern + Functional Kids' Bathroom Header

Here we are again, with yet another big design decision to make!

This time, we’re tackling the kids’ bathroom — which, by the way, will also be serving as our guest bathroom.

(We apologize in advance to our future guests for any mess our kids may leave behind… because they will.)

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Grey + Gold

grey gold kitchen header

How’s it going folks?

Did anyone stay up to watch the Emmy’s? I remember being obsessed with award shows and red carpet fashion 10-15 years ago. Not so much anymore. All of the fashion is on loan from top tier designers and styled professionally, so there’s really not much to snark on. Everyone looks put together and fabulous… and isn’t that kind of boring?!

More tragically, I don’t even recognize half the actors/actresses or nominated shows anymore! There is so much new streaming content, I just can’t keep up with it all. I can barely keep up with my reality TV schedule, let alone internet-only, scripted shows!

Clearly, I just aged myself at least a decade with my little diatribe.

Before I dive too deep into my “back in the day” anecdotes, Let’s refocus on the topic du jour: grey + gold — which personally, I think is way more exciting than WHAT CARRIE COON WAS WEARING.

(Full disclosure: I have ZERO idea who Carrie Coon is!)

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Boys Bedroom Design Refresh

boys bedroom design refresh header1

Motherhood is strange.

It’s full of unexpected twists and turns with new surprises around every bend. You birth this tiny human with absolutely no clue what kind of person he/she will turn out to be.  You then have the ultimate responsibility of helping to shape their story and play a supporting role. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but you know, actually REAL and with no alternative endings!

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Home Decor

Spring Home Refresh

spring home refresh header

With each spring, my motivation kicks into turbo charge and I take on the challenge of a home decor refresh.

Clutter gets eliminated, furniture gets moved around and small tweaks are made throughout my living spaces — swapping textiles and throws, the addition of a new statement piece, switching art prints, etc. None of this is overly difficult or expensive, but the end result is always a breath of fresh air.

This type of change feels good.

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Closet Dreaming

dream closet design header

Man, January seems to be the month of the Great Purge.

Throughout the year, the needs of my clients shift. There’s always a natural ebb and flow between the shopping/styling requests and the cleansing/reorganization requests and currently, we’re leaning heavy into the latter.

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Throw Pillow Refresh

throw pillow refresh header domino magazine

Spring is TOTALLY in the air, right guys!?

I kept reminding myself of that fact as I circled my soggy yard and stalked my street looking for my missing garbage can that had blown away in the cold, gale force wind. No garbage can, but I did find 4 different recycling bins, a milk container, 2 pizza boxes, and assorted magazines belonging to neighbors. Oh, and the forecast now calls for snow on Sunday.


Although it may not always feel like spring outside, there is no reason why your home shouldn’t get a taste of spring fever. One of the easiest ways to add a dash of seasonal flair is with a throw pillow refresh. Throw pillows are inexpensive accents that draw in color and pattern in what can be an otherwise pretty neutral space. Those little squares have the ability to give your space depth, visual interest and an entirely new look in a matter of minutes.

Just like the clothing on our body, throw pillows are a great way to layer pattern and texture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create a unique look that will have you feeling the spring in no time!

(Click on the images below for product details!)

One:  Palm // Pink Velvet (Pantone’s color of the year!)// Trellis

Two:  Metallic // Agate // Tassel Stripe

Three:  Floral // Mongolian Faux Fur // Feline

Four:  Modern Floral (love this not-too-sweet floral pattern!)// Stripe // Moss Knit

Five:  Chinoisserie // Quilted // Southwestern

Six:  Frond Print (can you believe it’s $3.99!?)// Cable Knit // Geometric

Some interior styling tips:

•  When it comes to pillows I like to mix a large scale pattern with a small one — it looks great and keeps the pillows from visually competing with each other. A no fail throw pillow combo is: a geometric, a floral and a solid, textural option.

•  Select throw pillows with down/feather inserts — unless you’re allergic, of course. In that case, you do you! The down/feather insert might be slightly more expensive than the polyester fill alternatives, but they look so much nicer and “full” as the pillow gets used. Equally as important, a down/feather insert can be removed and/or reused with a new case which can save you a bit of cash and headache down the line.

•  Take your throws to the floor! Have you considered using a leather or upholstered pouf? I’ve had a cobalt blue, leather, Moroccan pouf in my family room for a few years now and it’s held up beautifully as an ottoman, an extra casual seating option, a platform for my kids to jump off of and a small stage for impromptu kid speeches and performances. A great investment, if I say so myself.

•  Get creative with your resources — look for pillows at some of your favorite women’s wear retailers! H&M and ZARA both have under-the-radar home sections on their e-commerce sites containing really stylish and inexpensive home decor options. 

•  If all else fails, go custom. A throw pillow is perhaps one of the easiest DIY sewing projects we can take on. All it takes is a trip to your local craft or fabric store, a pillow insert and a sewing machine. If this DIY take is not for you, ETSY is an amazing destination for inexpensive and practically-custom throw pillow options. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for from a seller? Message them directly and inquire! Many times Etsy sellers can custom create whatever size or pattern you are looking for even if it’s not listed on their site!


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