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Here’s How To Wear Your Favorite Silk Blouse This Season


For years, you’ve heard me signing the praises of the classic white silk blouse.

You totally might have ignored me — no worries, we’re still cool — or you might have taken my advice and gone out and purchased a white silk blouse to add to your collection. Regardless, I wanted to put together a fun post to show you exactly why I love this piece so much and give you a few new ideas on how to style yours.

Who are we kidding!?

This is my last ditch effort to convert you white silk blouse holdouts! I don’t give up easily.

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What I Want: Summer Edition

what I want

Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time perusing the web trying to find the much-needed inspiration to help me with today’s post.

Hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

While a lightning bolt of creative energy didn’t quite happen, I did stumble across a long shopping list of random things that gave me that little “zap” — similar to annoying static electricity, if we’re being honest.

With summer right around the corner, I realized that I was totally unprepared to tackle the season. Or at least that’s what I told myself, as I was jamming my online shopping carts full of clothes and accessories. Naturally, the next step was to put together a collection of “What I Want: Summer Edition” — a mishmash of all of my seasonal favorites. However, I need to warn you to tread lightly, because some of what I want, will become what you want too!

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Graduation Day Style

graduation day style header

Can you believe that the school year is coming to an end already!?

Thank goodness because with all of the end-of-year activities, it’s been challenging to keep it all straight! I think by the time June rolls around, most parents need that summer break more than their kids. They probably need a shot of vodka, too — at least I do. As for all of you hardworking teachers out there, you might need the full bottle.

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chanelle parisian demi bra header

When I launched this business, I wanted to create a place where I could go to share all of my favorite things and experiences.

There are some folks out there who find something good and like to keep it to themselves. That’s cool. I get it. However, by nature, I am a sharer. I love finding something special — whether it’s a great sale, a beauty product, a chic hotel, or yes, even a bra — and running out and telling everyone about it!

So here I am and here’s my latest and greatest find that I am literally wearing 24/7 —  with a wash (or two) in between.

Yes, it’s a bra… but not just any bra.

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Gotta Wear Shades


Good Thursday morning.

It is Thursday, right?

I’m having one of those weeks where my days blend into each other and I have no clue what day it actually is. I’m deep into spring/summer personal and event styling season and that combined with end of school year activities, rehearsals, recitals, etc. makes for some pretty interesting panicked moments as I prep my daily calendar each evening before bed.

Speaking of bed, the sleep situation has been kind of sh*tty, too. Don’t you hate when you wake up at 2-3 am and start to think about all of the things you have going on the next day?

All I can say is the under eye dark circle/bag situation is REAL. That’s why I gotta wear shades.

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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Lemon Print Trend Header

Just like the palm print of 2016, this summer’s big print trend takes its cue from nature… or rather your local grocery store.

The lemon print trend has found it’s way into everything from home goods, to full cocktail dresses and I’m not complaining. Maybe it’s my love for all things yellow — remember THIS POST? I went out on a limb this morning and treated myself to this LEMON PRINT MATCHING SET. For whatever reason, I loved the whimsy of the lemons and the ease of the silk pajama-inspired cut.

Sometimes, you just gotta go outside your comfort zone, ya know!?

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Soccer Mom Chic

soccer mom chic

Spring has many truly lovely and wonderful things to appreciate about it.

One thing that is not quite so wonderful is the return of outdoor spring sports — especially during these last cold, wet, muddy and rainy few weeks.

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Crisp White Shirt

crisp white shirt header

Anyone else suffering from a weekend hangover?

Not the typical alcohol-induced hangover type (although I won’t judge if you do!), but more the OMG-I-can’t-focus-or-do-anything-productive hangover. Both are equally terrible. A steady diet of buttered bagels, diet orange Sunkist soda and Aleve may fix the former. As for the latter, I’ve got a way better (and less caloric) solution — a crisp white shirt.

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The Art Of Fun


There is nothing like a good street mural to get me excited about heading outdoors again.

As I might have mentioned over the past few years, Cleveland can be challenging when it comes to styling and physically shooting outdoors 60% of the year. The rain, sleet, snow, grey skies and sub-zero temperatures are far from inspiring. Needless to say, the moment Spring rolls around Cleveland slowly reawakens, it’s always a fun surprise to see how much has changed in the neighborhood.

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