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5 Summer Neutrals You’ll Wear Over-And-Over

summer neutrals street style fashion outfit the heart's delight

I know this post may be contrary to everything you’ve ever known and loved about summer fashion, but you need to know: summer neutrals are where it’s at.

Yes, bright colors and bold patterns are more typical of summer style, but hear me out here. Summer neutrals can become a beautiful way to embrace the heat and take a more understated approach to this season’s fashion. These 5 pieces can also be easily mixed-and-matched into a closet full of brights, as well as with each other.

Pretty much a win-win scenario, no?!

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Newport, RI Packing Guide

Newport RI Packing Guide The Heart's Delight

Pack your bags, we’re headed to Newport, RI!

When planning this year’s NYC/East Coast visit, we were looking for a family-friendly destination that was driving distance from NYC and offered enough activities and luxury amenities to keep everyone (including a picky 6 + 8 yo) satisfied. Enter Newport, RI! With its close proximity to NYC (3.5 hrs) and its idyllic New England charm full of scenic cliff walks, oyster shacks and colorful sail boats, this seaside city was the perfect solution.

I’ll be putting together a full Newport, RI travel guide for you later this summer, but in the meantime I want to focus on what I’ll be bringing along with me. Newport is a balance of old-world, “blue-blood” New England and modern, laid back beach town — just like the outfits I’ll be wearing!

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Robe Dress

silk-robe-dress-street-style-summer-fashion-the-heart's-delight-headerSometimes you see a new style on the fashion scene that hits you hard. Other times, you find a new style slowly creeping into the lineup of seasonal staples without much fanfare or fuss.

This latter scenario just happens to be the case with the robe dress.

Love it or hate it, robe-inspired fashion has been making its way into retailers’ summer stock, as well as the closets of the most fashionable women around!

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How To Wear A Crop Top When You’re NOT 22

How To Wear A Crop Top When You're Not 22

There are many things I don’t miss about being 22 — bad dates, being the most junior person in the office and zits, just to name a few.

One thing I do miss, is the ability to pull off any trend successfully without any hesitation or trepidation. When you’re young, fit and fearless you have the under-appreciated (and generally underutilized) ability to just go for it and swing for the fashion fences.

These days, whenever I see a strong fashion trend come into play there’s a bit more research and analysis involved as I consider whether it is (or isn’t) appropriate for this working mom of 2. Over time, I’ve realized that there are very few fashion trends I wouldn’t be willing to try — WITH some modifications, of course.

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The New Romantics

The New Romantics Street Style Spring Trend Header

If you’d ask me to come up with a phrase to best describe this spring/summer’s most prevalent trend, I’d probably say: The New Romantics.

Yes, that IS in fact a TAYLOR SWIFT SONG… BUT it’s just so appropriate, I can’t help myself. Sorry, Tay-Tay.

The New Romantics fashion is a blend of feminine, flowy, ruffled and occasionally floral style with edgy, modern cuts and unique silhouettes. It’s as if our girl Taylor and Lady Gaga merged their fashion aesthetics and had a love child.

If you’re curious as to whether this trend is for you, here are the 4 pieces you need to achieve this New Romantics look:

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The Best Place To Score Your Favorite Denim Shorts

american eagle boyfriend midi short street style header

Here’s a little known fact about me: I worked my way through my junior & senior years of college in retail.

Yes, yours truly was folding, hanging, stacking and ringing at the AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS at the local Ithaca mall just outside the Cornell University campus. While my career in fashion retail did not last that long, my love for impeccably organized closets and the perfect denim shorts did.

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Shop The WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET Summer ’17 Collection!

who what wear target summer 2017 header

As a stylist and fashion-a-holic, it’s always an exciting time when a new collection drops into stores and online!

Have you had a chance to shop the WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET collection yet? When it comes to the seasonal collections, I wouldn’t dilly dally. Summer is the season for fun, inexpensive fashion and this collection of casual dresses and separates is exactly the on-trend filler I want need to bring my basics into 2017.

Just take a peek at some of my favorite pieces below and you’ll agree!

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East Coast vs. West Coast Style


For years, the East and West Coast of the United States have been at odds.

You’ll see East vs. West duking it out over national matters as serious as political ideology and human rights, to more trivial issues like the epic rap battles of the 90’s — I’m totally team East Coast, by the way. In Cleveland, don’t even ask an East or West-sider which part of town is best! Let’s just say, their answer will be slightly biased. In NYC a matter of blocks can completely change your outlook on life, death and the best bagel store in between.

No matter the physical distance, there always seems to be a difference of opinion between the two groups — fashion sense, included.  In the case of style, I’d be hard pressed to say one is better than the other. In this case, I think we can call it a truce and draw inspiration from both!

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