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Embellished Shoes


I am briefly breaking my moratorium on any Fall fashion talk to bring you this important message: this Fall, over-the-top, embellished shoes will be EVERYWHERE.

Think Cinderella’s glass slipper on a crack bender.

Based on Fall ’17 designer runways, merchandise hitting the stores and just overall fashion buzz, this season more is definitely more — at least when it comes to footwear. If you thought WHITE ANKLE BOOTS were a bit wild, buckle your seat belts you’re in for a fashion ride!

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Fishnet Stockings

fishnet stockings street style tights cute winter outfit

Don’t get your hopes up, folks.

This post is not quite as racy as the title sounds, although it’s definitely right up your alley. Last week, I realized that one of my most read posts OF. ALL. TIME. is THIS.

What can I say!?

Ladies and gentlemen, you clearly enjoy your hose, tights and stockings!

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The 10 Best Handbags of 2017 (For Every Budget!)

10 best handbags 2017 header1

I think any woman can be definitively placed into one of three categories — a handbag girl, a shoe girl or a jewelry girl.

(Which one are YOU?)

I’m most definitely a handbag girl, with shoes coming in a very close second place. Jewelry… eh. Take it or leave it… although if you’re handing it out, I’ll definitely take it.

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Fur Pom Hat

fur pom hat winter accessory west coast blu

Welcome, friends! Hope you all stayed cozy and warm this weekend!

The last few days have been a cold shock to the system (to say the least). After what’s been a pretty mild Autumn, Cleveland got the full-on, polar vortex treatment, lake effect snow and all. Most tragically, I think I lost my favorite hat.

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Gift Guide

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Guys


We’re back! THIS time, Santa’s sleigh is full of gifts for the guys in your life!

Buying for the gents can be tricky, but I think I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite go-tos, as well as some out-of-the-box ideas. Again, I grouped the gift options into 4 themes — The Boss, The Traveler, The Homebody and The Entertainer to make your selection process as efficient and easy as possible.

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Velvet Booties


Every so often a style comes along that can accomplish the impossible — provide a high quality dupe at a fraction of the designer price.

Velvet booties are perhaps the best of example of this rare fashion feat this season. With hundreds of styles to choose from and virtually no visible difference between the high-end, designer versions and the fast-fashion bargains, this is the fall trend to jump on… or jump into?!

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Mad Hatter


Fact: I am clumsy.

Fact: I spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself 20 minutes before this scheduled shoot and had to switch my outfit last minute.

Fact: A wide brim wool hat came to the rescue.

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Pom Pom Sandal


Predictably, there is usually one standout new summer trend that takes the shoe world by storm. Last year, it was the gladiator sandal.

This year is the year of the pom pom sandal.

While I will just lay it out there and say, this is not exactly my “cup-of-tea” when it comes to my own personal style and aesthetic, I can fully appreciate a colorful and fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The bold colors and textural details add zip to any basic look — it’s basically a party on your feet — and will be a perfect compliment to a hot summer night.

Margaritas optional.

(Click on the images below for product details!)

one (custom designed via Etsy!)// two // three // four // five // six (only $70 + also come in leopard print for $50!) // seven (the designer OG version!) // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen ($60 + in stock in all sizes!) // fourteen

Three cheers for the pom-pom!

Does this colorful shoe trend get your stamp of approval? Yea or nay?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

pom pom sandal

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Breakdown: The Espadrille Shoe

espadrille shoe chanel street style soho spring 2016

One of the major perks of a new season is new shoes.

(I mean c’mon?! Are you in the least bit surprised with that answer?)

espadrille shoe with jeans street style

After months of wearing heavy boots, booties and sneakers it’s nice to let your feet have some fun in the way of light and colorful shoe options. The espadrille is one of the most classic warm weather shoe styles and while it’s taken me a while to grow my appreciation for the woven soled shoe, I’m totally on board now.

espadrille shoe jean shorts 501s summer street style

espadrille shoe street style 1970 sweater parisian style

Here’s a little secret: I don’t own any espadrilles just yet! Shhhhh….

My sudden urge to add a pair of these summer beauties started where most good things start — the internet! I saw so many street style photos of women looking absolutely chic and lovely in their espadrilles that I was tempted to finally try on a pair. So I did. These VINCE ESPADRILLE WEDGES, in fact… and they felt like butter on my feet. The leather was so soft and the woven platform added so much cushion to my step that I resisted taking them off.

espadrille shoes chanel street style

From trendier platform styles, to the more traditional slip on there is an espadrille style for everyone out there regardless of age or lifestyle. Even CHANEL got into the espadrille game last summer with their classic take on the style! A word of advice: if you’re considering purchasing the CHANEL version of the espadrille style GET THEM NOW. They sold out so fast last year that they were practically an impossible score once June rolled around.

But alas, not all of us can stomach the Chanel designer price tag — and we don’t have to! Check out my favorite espadrilles that ring in at prices that are a bit more eh, palatable for the summer shoe staple.

Is an espadrille shoe a style you would wear or DO wear once the spring/summer comes around? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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A Budget Friendly Guide To Spring Accessories

budget friendly guide to spring accessories

The end-of-winter apparel rut is hitting hard.

This is when even your favorite, cozy sweaters and those boots you couldn’t wait to wear in November just aren’t cutting it anymore. Stores have started to stock their shelves for the spring, but mentally and physically — hello, it’s still freezing outside! — you’re not quite there yet.

Once again, accessories are the budget friendly heroes that save the day. Punchy accessories in spring tones make a statement and give those winter duds an easy update to gradually ease your way into the next season. Better yet, some strategically selected accessories will help you incorporate some of spring’s major trends without busting your budget, or filling your closet with unnecessary clutter.

So without further adieu, here is my consolidated list of spring’s best budget friendly accessories!



We touched on one of spring’s breakout jewelry trends a few weeks ago and I’m happy to see that retailers are also gung-ho on the CHOKERS + COLLARS I was raving about! This little 90’s reboot is making big waves in the accessory world and I’m on board.

(scroll through for all of my top picks!)


small silk scarf tie neck street style

It all started with the emergence of the BANDANA, but based on the editorials I’ve been seeing it’s definitely time to put away our oversized blanket scarves. Small, silk scarves are everywhere and they look just as fabulous whether tightly wrapped and knotted, or tied loosely around the neck.

(scroll through for all of my top picks!)


Celine Box Bag Minimalist Handbag Accessory

One of the best ways to fake high-end luxury is through minimalist design. The simpler and less embellished the handbag, the more expensive it looks — a la CELINE. Luckily for us, this modern spin on classic handbag design is growing in popularity and now can be accessible at all price points.

(scroll through for all of my top picks!)



The shape of the season is definitely oversized and/or round!

(scroll through for all of my top picks!)



It seems as though after all of these years of high stiletto heels, women are finally getting a podiatrist approved footwear reward in the form of mid-heel leather mules and slingbacks. After being seen all over the runways last September, these lady-like shoe styles are finally hitting the stores in time for our spring wardrobe refresh!

Coco Chanel would be so proud.

(scroll through for all of my top picks!)

What accessories will YOU be adding to your collection this season?