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The Complete Handbag Wardrobe

complete handbag wardrobe capsule collection

I had the idea to write this post while standing in the room that perhaps sparks my best creativity: a client’s walk-in closet.

Surrounded by clothes, bags and shoes galore, I realized that as I stylist I preach a lot about what constitutes a functional wardrobe. You know, all those classic and timeless goodies we should all own? However, one aspect of a well-balanced wardrobe that’s often not given its due credit is the handbag.

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Round + Round (Sunglasses)


Sunnies, shades, sunglasses… whatever you want to call them, are having their moment.

Not only is it summer and they serve an extremely practical purpose, but sunglasses have become a powerhouse fashion accessory in their own right — year round.

Wait, did someone say, round!?

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