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White Ankle Boots


Did you ever fall madly in love with a piece in your closet only to completely forget about it a few months later?

When you’re finally reunited with your long-lost fashion love, a rainbow appears, birds start singing and all is good in the world again. That’s a slightly dramatized version of what happened when I came across my favorite white ankle boots a few days ago.

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Ring Bags

ring bags street style paris fashion week spring accessory trend header

Thursday greetings, from a very tired old lady.

Last night, Maroon 5 came to the Q in Cleveland and while my brain thinks I still have “Moves Like Jagger,” my sore and tired body begs to differ. I know… wild, crazy and out late on a school night! Don’t you worry, I’ll be paying the price all day today.

Bring on the coffee.

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The Next “It Bag”


Accessories seem to be taking a cue from fashion’s latest “it girls” and their new…ahem, ahem, piercings.

These are not the typical ear piercings we’re all familiar with. THESE piercings are a tad bit more risqué and a whole lot more painful! Ouch.

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Lariat Necklace


Statement necklaces move over, there’s a new jewelry sheriff in town — the lariat.

Once the temperature rises, the last thing we need is an accessory that weighs us down. The lariat necklace manages to be that statement making piece that’s just delicate enough for the hottest days of the year.

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