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All About The Bag Hunger Network Greater Cleveland

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Fashion and style are near and dear to my heart.

You’ve probably figured that out by now. But something has changed over the past few years…

As I’ve grown older and have added the very important role of “Mom” to my resume, my focus has definitely shifted a bit. While fashion and style still inspire, nothing — and I mean NOTHING — is more important to me than the well-being of my kids and family. I know there are thousands of moms (and dads) out there who feel the exact same way. I also know that there are thousands of parents who are not as fortunate as I am and who struggle daily to keep their family safe, warm and well fed.

When the HUNGER NETWORK OF GREATER CLEVELAND reached out to me about partnering on a post and helping them get the word out about the amazing work they do, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to help those less fortunate.

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