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Belted Blazer

belted blazer Banana Republic double breasted fit stripeYou might have noticed that I’ve gotten just a little bit excited about Fall ’17 fashion!

First came the BEST BLACK PANTS, followed by THE ANKLE BOOTS you’re going to be seeing everywhere. Now, we’re headed deep into blazer territory… with a twist, of course!

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The Best Black Pants


If you ask any woman, “What’s the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe?”, there is a a pretty solid chance her answer will be black pants.

This very scientifically gathered survey information is the result of 4 years of deep digging in the trenches of women’s closets across the greater NYC and Cleveland regions.

Aside from a favorite pair of jeans, black pants are a ride-or-die piece of clothing that anchors the rest of our wardrobe. From long days at work, to wild nights out, where would we be without our butt-lifting, thigh slimming, pair of black pants!?

Now, finding the BEST black pants… therein lies the challenge!

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Black Midi Dress


Let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a far away land called, Cleveland. One day, the gods above decided to punish the people of Cleveland with oppressive heat and humidity that just wouldn’t quit. The girl decided to fight back with the only weapon she could muster: style. This came in the form of a billowing and lightweight, black midi dress. Nothing could stop her — not even the weather gods.

The End.

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The Perfect Chunky Turtleneck (For A STEAL!)


Today’s post is not going to be some deep style advice — just the sharing of wealth (a.k.a. letting you know about a sale you must get involved in). That’s what friends do, right? Well, that and let you know when you have something green stuck in your teeth.

Ugh, isn’t that the worst!? …but I digress. Back to sale talk!

Yesterday, I popped into BANANA REPUBLIC for a few final holiday gifts for some family/friends. I always seem to find the best menswear basics there for the guys in my life! As most women do, I walk into the store with an agenda and walk out 30 minutes later with 2 giant shopping bags.

A total case of #YOLO. (Is that even a thing anymore — sooooo 2014?!)

Aside from some great gifts, I also scored perhaps the best CHUNKY TURTLENECK SWEATER for a true steal–  there is currently a 40% off promotion and free shipping with CODE: BRNICK. It’s a chunky blend of Italian alpaca, wool and acrylic and is super soft against the skin — crucial when it comes to sweaters. I bought it in Blue, but it comes in a dozen colors (the Tigers Eye Green was especially pretty!)

I’m looking forward to styling it with both casual jeans, as well as party skirts this season. Don’t think it can be done? Just check out some of my inspiration below:



best-chunky-turtleneck- sweater-street-style-12


Also, keep scrolling for some more of my favorite BANANA REPUBLIC sale picks — I seriously could have walked out of there with a few more shopping bags…





Jumpsuit, jumper, romper, onesie… whatever you want to call it — I’m a big fan. Big.

However, if we’re going to be honest with each other you should know that my love affair with the jumpsuit was not always this strong. It’s become a deep relationship cultivated over time and many epic fails in the dressing rooms of my favorite stores.


What I’m Wearing:

Banana Republic JUMPSUIT (Currently 40% OFF with CODE: TREAT) // Gap BELT (Old; Love THIS one!) // Zara SANDALS (no longer available; THESE or THESE are similar!) // CLUTCH (Old; THIS splurge or THIS steal are similar!) // Loft SCARF (Currently on sale!)

As simple as a jumpsuit may seem, these all-in-one wonders leave a lot of room for error. Whether it was a too-long crotch, unfortunate camel-toe situation, waistline that lined up with my chest, room for a second person to join me, or a perma-wedgie there have been plenty of reasons why jumpsuits haven’t worked out for me in the past. Seriously, there were some serious swings and misses in the jumpsuit department. That is, until I discovered this BANANA REPUBLIC number.



Roomy and light, this jumpsuit is the ideal day-to-night solution. With a quick swap of accessories you’ll be able to transform a casual weekend look to one that is date night worthy. I actually removed the fabric belt/tie that came with this jumpsuit and swapped it out for a more structured belt which I cinched at my waist for slimming definition and an hourglass shape.



The lace-up heels further elongate the silhouette and make this look totally party ready, while the patterned and tasseled scarf gives the basic black outfit a bit more visual interest and texture. A good combo, if I say so myself.

Now, onto more important things — cocktails, anyone?




Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.3

Friday Link Love Header

1) The button down has long been considered a wardrobe basic for any woman of any age. Here are 7 FRESH NEW WAYS TO WEAR IT! That’s practically like finding 7 new shirts in your closet without spending a dime, which is totally winning. (

2) With back-to-school season in full swing and my kids’ first day back less than a week away (YIKES!) I obviously have school lunches on the brain. Here’s a SUPER-SIMPLE, PRACTICAL AND FUN WAY TO MAKE PACKING LUNCHES EASY. Yes, I said it: easy. Don’t worry, there is no ridiculous bento box or food origami involved. (

3) You’ll definitely have an Oprah approved, “a-ha moment” when you hear this totally common sense TECHNIQUE TO PREVENT OVEREATING. (

4) Now, put that new technique to good use when you make these ROASTED TOMATOES WITH GOAT CHEESE POLENTA! (P.S. — it’s a great way to make sure that none of those late-summer, veggie-garden tomatoes go uneaten!) (

5) Here’s something to get excited about: the upcoming ADAM LIPPES x TARGET COLLABORATION! Get a sneak peak and make sure to bookmark all of your favorites — I have a good feeling that come September 27th all of the best pieces will go FAST. (

6) In this age of personal technology, we’re all a little guilty of becoming overly dependent on our phones and devices. This list of WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I DON’T TAKE OUT MY PHONE RIGHT NOW made me laugh, then made me realize I relate to this list just a bit too much! (

7) O.K., so I know we’ve spoken about the new creative force behind BANANA REPUBLIC — her name is Marissa Web, in case you’ve forgotten. Anyway, she’s totally killing it. Her latest FALL COLLECTION is all about basics reinvented and I sort of want it all… starting with this SHIRTDRESS (can you believe it’s non-iron!? Genius.), this BAG and this edgy TANK TOP. (

Well, hello, hello! It’s been quite a while since we last caught up!

The past two weeks have been a total blur. Family, friends, beach, food and shopping… basically, all of my absolute favorite things squeezed into 14 days and topped with some much missed New York sass. If you’re not familiar with New York sass, it’s most certainly an acquired taste and best in small doses. Kind of like “everything” bagels and lox. Mmmmmmm.

Some highlights:

    • Getting seated next to RHONY Countess LuAnn de Lesseps at a impromptu, post-SOUL CYCLE breakfast at THE STRAND and quite possibly grossing her out in my sweaty state. Money can’t buy you class, or a clean shirt in my case. It will buy you a very delicious breakfast, though.
    • Celebrating my dad’s birthday with close friends/family and a notable playlist of 1980’s greatest hits DJ’d by my brother. Ace of Base was played, dancing ensued.
    • Catching up with my besties — rehashing our glory days and embracing how far we’ve come.
    • “Working” poolside at the rooftop bar (JIMMY) of my hotel (THE JAMES) on one of the most gorgeous summer days.
    • Enjoying some mother-daughter quality time! No matter how old you are, every girl still needs her mom, sometimes.

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead. Get ready for lots of great ideas and style inspiration that I can’t wait to share!



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Friday Link Love, Vol. 86

Friday Link Love Header

1. I may be addicted to dry shampoo. The smell, the beachy, roughed-up texture and the fact that I can extend a good blowout for a good 3-4 days (#dontjudge) make that little can of magical spray my go-to hair product. Learn all about the BEST DRY SHAMPOOS ON THE MARKET according to the top professional stylists who use them. (

2. Think you’re addicted to shopping? Well, hate to break it to you but you’ve got nothing on this SAUDI PRINCESS. (

3. I’ve always been intrigued by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and all of their unfortunate “enhancements.” After reading THIS ARTICLE about the plastic surgery culture in L.A., I sort of have a better grasp of how they got that way. Almost. (

4. Ever wonder how those glorious fishtail braids you see on Instagram and Pinterest take shape? Long, loose and perfectly disheveled- basically, an impossible #hairgoal. Well, good news… if you’ve got layers like me, you can finally partake in the fishtail fun! Just check out this FAUX FISHTAIL TUTORIAL! (

5. Marissa Webb’s debut collection as Creative Director of BANANA REPUBLIC has hit the racks and let me tell you, it’s a breath of fresh air! This BOYFRIEND SHIRT, these JEANS and these SANDALS are already on my wish list. Oh, did I mention the entire site is 40% off (through 4/6) with code BRGOOD?!(

6. Ditch the sodium-laden, processed pack of taco seasoning for your next Taco Tuesday dinner and try this yummy and HOMEMADE TACO SEASONING instead! (

7. File this story under the category, “You GO, girl!” Find out how this former finance exec at Goldman Sachs found her passion and turned it into a nationally distributed natural beauty line called, BRIOGEO! (

Whew, Friday… I thought you’d never get here! So glad you could make it. Now, let’s get this Easter/Passover/Spring Break party staaaaarted!

My pale and Vitamin D deficient derriere is headed to warmer, sandier pastures (a.k.a. Siesta Key, FL) for a desperately needed vacation. While my blog is off its regular posting schedule next week, make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER to find out what’s delighting my heart while on the road and on the beach! Hint: there might be some cocktails involved.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend and Happy Easter/Passover!

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