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A Good Night’s Sleep


I’m a big advocate of sleep.

Good sleep, specifically.

A “good sleep” leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning, with added benefits of skin/collagen regeneration and a metabolic boost. You look better AND you feel better — who doesn’t want that!?

Unfortunately, as we get older stress, hormones, and the general patterns of life sometimes get in the way of a good sleep — especially during the holidays. Rather than tossing and turning all night long (because there is nothing more frustrating than THAT), I recommend trying these 6 strategies to get your sleep on!

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Product Alert: It Cosmetics Superhero Liner


There is no better way to start your week than with the friendly faces and kind words of TSA employees.

Yeah, not so much.

Thankfully, I am now through the gates of JFK Airport security (Hell’s annex), settled into the lounge and enjoying a few minutes of uninterrupted free WiFi before boarding my flight back to Cleveland. My NYC visit was short and very sweet, as we got to celebrate my future sister-in-law at a bridal shower that my mom and I hosted. In addition to the ridiculously delicious pasta at L’ARTUSI, the true VIP of this weekend was definitely IT COSMETICS SUPERHERO LINER.

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Anything But Ordinary

The Ordinary Skincare Beauty Asos Summer Style

Good Morning! I’m taking a quick break from unpacking to get back into my regular posting schedule. Vacation was so awesome, but there’s just something about the comforts of home — especially once the annoying unpacking is done!

As I was putting away some toiletries this morning I realized that I haven’t given you guys a summer beauty update yet this season. I try to switch up my routine 3-4 times a year to account for changes in weather and lifestyle. Coincidentally, most skincare products only last me 3 months at most, so the timing of this beauty switcheroo is also ideal for replacing or replenishing empties! This season, I finally had an opportunity to try out a newer brand called THE ORDINARY.

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The BEST Drugstore Beauty Buys

Best Drugstore Beauty Buys Header

There is something totally zen about perusing the aisles of a drugstore. I could literally spend hours walking up and down those aisles inspecting the latest and greatest in beauty products.

Back in the day, it was my local, NYC 9th Avenue Duane Reade. These days, I’m more of a WALGREENS girl. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the TARGET beauty department! All these assorted drugstore beauty destinations have worked diligently to clear my head (and my occasional hormonal breakouts) and stock my bathroom with an arsenal of effective beauty products that could rival any high-end luxury brand.

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Borghese Eclissare Holiday Beauty


Like fashion, makeup is typically a seasonal type of thing. Summer months call for a sheer colors and a bronzed healthy glow, while the colder months generally incite deeper hues and cooler tones to match the mood of the season.

Santa arrived a bit early for me this year in a form of a lovely package from BORGHESE filled with products from their ECLISSARE product line. You might recall that this past summer I reviewed some of their SUMMER GLOW collection — and lived a bit of La Dolce Vita in the process. This time around, the luxury Italian makeup brand stayed true to the holiday season and sent me an assortment of products that would be a perfect fit for a classic holiday day or night.


Included in my collection of Borghese products:


So let’s start from the very beginning…

I’m very pale, but you probably knew that already. I’m dark haired, fair skinned and “blessed” with pink/cool undertones and freckles that have been with me since childhood. My day-to-day makeup routine is pretty minimalist and focused on great skin and a healthy glow.


The FANGO PURIFICANTE CLAY CLEANSER has been such a nice addition to my evening beauty routine. It goes on smoothly like a mask, then tingles (that’s the best way to describe it?!) as the product is activated to smooth and clear congested skin and minimize pores. My skin was left feeling soft, clean and with a true glow to it — kind of like after you get a good facial. I found that after using it, I used less coverup and BB cream and my natural skin was generally more smooth and even toned.

I could see this product not being a great fit for those with overly sensitive skin (try the FANGO DELICATO for that!), but for combination or oily skin this was perfect. As a bonus, you could also use the product as a spot treatment for the occasional breakout!

Now, onto the PRIMA VISO FACE PRIMER! I don’t think I would use a primer for regular daytime wear (remember, I’m a minimalist!), but for a night out or a special occasion, when I really want my makeup to last — this primer was super. When I applied the primer, it had a slightly sticky consistency, but blended out easily and really smoothed out my pores and winter parched skin. Other primers I’ve tried in the past made my skin feel flaky and dry, but PRIMA VISO kept my skin flawless and hydrated all day long. Love, love, love.

Now that we’ve talked skin care and primer, let’s get to the good stuff: color.


While working with Borghese, I stuck with my basics (Dr. Jart+ BLACK LABEL BB CREAM, RMS un-COVERUP and RMS LIVING LUMINIZER) and simply boosted my go-to look with the rich BORGHESE colors and textures on my eyes and lips. The SHADOW + LIGHT LUMINOUS EYE PALETTE is comprised of 12 warm and cool toned shadows in assorted finishes ranging from matte, to satin, to shimmer, to full on sparkle.

If you’re a fan of the URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE, I would say this is a close cousin. In my opinion, I prefer the texture of the Borghese shadows to the Urban Decay ones. They seem to apply more evenly with less messy flaking and definitely grip the lid better for a longer lasting finish.

Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse Shadow and Light

As you can see by the swatches, the colors are all pretty neutral overall and can be easily blended together to create a range of looks. My personal favorites were: Afterglow + Pulse — both shimmery rose gold hues that would be so pretty with a festive bright lip! Out There would make for a great smokey taupe eye in a shade that I think is softer and more flattering than the traditional charcoal smokey eye colors.

(Below is a blend of Afterglow, Pulse + Out There —  in case you were curious!)


The shades were all long lasting, easy to apply and didn’t flake or crease. Creasing is my makeup nemesis. They glided onto my lids smoothly and added a soft shimmer that didn’t fade. I’ll definitely be using this palette for many seasons to come, as I really think there’s a color combination in there for any complexion and any style of makeup you want to try. The built in mirror and double ended brush were a nice bonus!


When applying eye makeup, I’m not one to go heavy on liner. I prefer a tight line as close to my lash line as possible, filling in any spaces between lashes with eyeliner in order to create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. The ECLISSARE COLOREDGE LINER made this task relatively easy with its smooth, glide color. The liner stayed on until it was time to take it off, at which time a bit of eye makeup remover did the trick!

My final step for eyes included a few swipes of SUPERIORE STATE-OF-THE-ART MASCARA. If you’re looking for dramatically long and lush lashes, this is probably not the product for you. The SUPERIORE STATE-OF-THE-ART MASCARA was a great clump-free defining mascara, that with a few swipes gave me the density and natural looking length I like. Again, the color was intense and stayed where it belonged — on my lashes and not on my face! It will definitely be a great daily wear option that I’ll be using going forward.


I posted the image above on INSTAGRAM a few days ago when I was playing around with the Borghese products. What you see in the image is the B MOISTURE LIPCOLOR in Grappa. In the tube the lipstick almost looked like a dark magenta, but I found that when applied it takes on more of a cool, berry-hued red. I added a dab of the ECLISSARE COLORGLOSS LIPCOLOR in Spark to the center of my bottom lip for a bit of added shine.


While the lipstick was smooth, creamy and moisturizing, I found the lipgloss to be tackier than most. That being said, it was also one of the longest lasting lip glosses I’ve ever tried. I literally had to take a baby wipe and rub it off — and even then, some of the shimmer was left behind. One of the reasons I don’t use lipgloss is that it comes off so quickly, so for me the tackiness is something I could overlook in order to achieve a longer lasting application.

Overall, Borghese hit a home run with this color/product collection. When I’m looking for a more dramatic makeup look, these are the products I want to have on hand. As you can see – this collection offers options for anyone whether they are a lipstick lover, eyeshadow lover… or both.  Hello, holiday gift!? I’m quite impressed with the quality and packaging of the products themselves and I look forward to trying out more from the line.

Have you tried anything from Borghese?



(Disclaimer: I was sent these products as a gift from Borghese. Any reviews, comments, etc. with regard to these products are my own, unbiased and honest. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Heart’s Delight possible!)


12 Best Nail Colors for Fall 2015


It’s been quite a while since we talked nails. A quick look at my own reminded me that I’m probably due for some professional manicure love myself!

How awesome are all of the new formulas and colors lately? I feel like since the invention of gel light curing methods, nail care products have exploded. If you’re like me and the gel soaking removal process is a bit too much effort for you, how about those UV light and acetone soak-free weekly polishes that promise the shine and durability of a gel without the extra application and removal hassle? CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish (especially the TOPCOAT) is my favorite, by the way. You can read all about it HERE.

nail polish fall 2015

But back to the core of this post — the best nail colors for fall!

I’m definitely a “Fall/Winter” when it comes to nail colors. Give me some rich wines and deep burgundies; the darker the better! If I’m feeling a little “crazy” I might even go neutral taupe in my selection. I’m totally the annoying girl who takes 20 minutes to select a color in the nail salon. To keep you from joining my ranks, I’ve put together some of the absolute best nail colors for this season that will make your next mani/pedi color decisions a breeze.

(Scroll and click directly on image for details!)

Starting from top (clockwise):

ZOYA “Marnie” // JINsoon “Audacity” // SALLY HANSEN “Dig Fig” // BUTTER LONDON “Toff” // TOM FORD “Black Sugar”// ESSIE “Frock n’ Roll” // DEBORAH LIPPMANN “She Wolf” // ESSIE “Take It Outside” // BUTTER LONDON “Dubs” // OPI “Black Cherry Chutney” // OPI “Suzi Loves Cowboys” //  DEBORAH LIPPMANN “Miss Independent”

What are some of your go-to fall colors?

Also, if you have any tricks of the trade to making a mani last, please share in the comments section below… because there is nothing worse than a chipped manicure!



Bargain Beauty: REVLON ColorBurst Matte Balm

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

Well, we survived the freeze of “Polar Vortex” Day #1… we’re on to Day #2.  7 degrees F here we come.  Pretty, stinkin’ cold.

While cooped up in the house, I’ve been taking advantage of some quiet moments and catching up on my neglected magazine subscriptions.  In the miraculous 20 minutes of uninterrupted “Mommy Time” (thank you, ‘Sid the Science Kid’), I confirmed that the bright lip trend is going nowhere. If anything, the lip color wheel is skewing more daring.  Orange is the new red/pink.  I’ll be the first to admit, orange is not exactly my first color of choice, but give me an orangey-poppy red, and I’m fully on board (for evidence, take a peek HERE).

A few weeks ago, while wandering through the beauty aisle in TARGET, I got inspired to give the orange-red lip color a shot.  One of the best things about drug store brands like REVLON, is that you can play around with new trends and colors without a major financial commitment.  The new ColorBurst Matte Balm line of lip crayons gives you the saturated color with a soothing balm texture and no sticky, or over-the-top shine.  If you’re like me and want to dip a toe into the bold color trend, this is DEFINITELY the way to go.  The color I selected is aptly named, “Striking Spectaculaire” and I am in lipstick love.  Great for a night out, it’s just as fab for a daytime run-about-town swipe.  Easy, precise application, long-lasting color and amazing moisturizing texture- I’m telling you, FAB!

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

Hey, it’s 2014… New year, New you.  Remember?! It’s time to switch things up a little.




Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

Davines OI/OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I’m pretty impressed to say that most of my “to-dos” were tackled.  Woo-hoo!

  • Spin class attended.
  • Stocking stuffers purchased.
  • Holiday cards out.
  • COSTCO shopping list conquered.
  • Sunday dinner hosted.
  • Unfortunate grey hairs camouflaged.

If only I had 4 more hours in each day, I’d be the most productive person! I think back to what I did before I had 2 kids and how I spent my time… one adjective can describe it.  LEISURELY.  As with any life change, you adjust and a new normal falls into place.  Part of the adjustments made revolve around my hair and beauty regimen.  Keep in mind the term “regimen,” is used loosely! Essentially, I try to cram in as much as I can, in as little time as possible.  For the past year, the cornerstone of my brief hair regimen has been Davines OI/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion .

If you haven’t heard of Davines , let me get you acquainted ASAP! Founded 30 years ago in Parma, Italy, Davines was originally a family owned research laboratory for new and innovative hair-care products used by high-end cosmetics companies world wide.  Over time, they expanded their business and began selling their products under their own name.  Today, Davines is a boutique brand focused on providing natural and sustainable beauty products.  From material sourcing, to production, to packaging and of course, the end product, Davines ensures beauty remains every step of the way.

So now, let’s get back to the topic of the post- my hair! My stylist introduced me to Davines when I asked her if she could recommend something “natural” that would tame my thick, wavy strands.  I wanted to be able to hop out of the shower, apply a few squeezes of product and walk out the door.  On the days when I had more time and could actually heat style my hair, I wanted a product to give me some finishing shine and smooth out any flyaways.  I’ve been hooked on OI ever since.  The two main ingredients- protective silicone and antioxidant-rich Roucou oil, combined, provide a ridiculous amount of shine without weighing my hair down or making it feel greasy.  I’ve also noticed that over time, my actual strands are stronger, healthier and less frizzy.  Oh, and the oil smells fabulous (*Full-Disclosure: I rub my lubed up OI hands all over my body post-hair application). Winner!

While Davines products are not available in drugstores, you can purchase from a few online retailers, like Amazon or Birchbox.  Whether you need a last minute holiday gift for someone, or want to treat yourself, I cannot recommend this product enough!  Your hair will thank you.




Tips to Toes: CND VINYLUX Nailpolish System

Tips to Toes: CND VINYLUX header

Since I started polishing my fingers and toes (yes, a LONG time ago!), I’ve been on a quest for the mani/pedi holy grail- polish that lasts for a week without major dulling, fading, chipping or damage to the underlying nail.  While the new gel polish craze is a great alternative for some, I find the damage to my nails and the time consuming removal process reason enough to try to avoid it outside of special events and/or before a vacation.

While I was checking out at my salon post-haircut, I noticed some new CND bottles lining the shelves.  I looked at the CND VINYLUX information and figured that a potential week+ of pristine polish combined with the claim that it dries to a hard finish with no UV light required, was reason enough for me to make the $20 splurge and buy a polish color and top-coat.  I got home and secured a total of 20 minutes of child-free uninterrupted time to give it a go.  Overall, I was not disappointed!

Here is the breakdown:


The great news about this product is that it does not require any base coat and limited prep work (my kind of mani!!!).  Apparently, the formula adheres best to a clean dry nail.  That being said, if you suffer from ridged or peeling nails (or any sort of small imperfection) you will not have the luxury of a base coat to smooth out your surface which could result from a less than perfect color application.


The color (I used 160 Night Glimmer- a metallic brown/gunmetal hybrid) went on super smooth, if not a little thin/sheer.  With a quick second coat, I had perfectly opaque tips and was ready to move on to the top coat.  The top coat also went on with a quick and smooth application and as a bonus, was probably the quickest drying top coat product I have found to date.  We’re talking “dig-your-hand-in-your purse-to-get-your-keys” dry after less than 10 minutes.


As the product promised, my nails dried to a rock hard finish.  Apparently, the surface only gets harder and more durable the longer you keep the polish on (and provide exposure to natural light).  After 5 days of cleaning, cooking, scrubbing and typing I am pleased to report that there were no noticeable chips.  If anything, just a little wear around the edges of my nail.  When I went to my nail salon to get a proper manicure, the nail technician literally had to scrub the VINYLUX polish off my tips using an acetone based remover.  It required some elbow grease, but nothing compared to the soak, strip and file-down gel nails get.


While not perfect, CND VINYLUX is definitely a product I will have on hand for the times where I’m in need of a manicure, but can’t get to a nail salon.   Although definitely lacking that high gloss luster or perfect finish that gel gets raves for, the upsides to this product far outweigh any negatives I may have exposed.


I’m curious, do you guys have any at-home nail products that you swear by!? If so, please share!