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The One Top Every Woman Should Own

white collared shirt street style The Heart's Delight

As I go about styling my clients — young, old(er), corporate career, work-from-home, etc., I begin to see patterns in the style issues women have and the items that seem to pose the greatest challenges.

These consistent patterns span generations and budgets and after 4 years of doing this type of work, are practically expected. Out of the countless closets I’ve worked with, you might be wondering what the #1 missing item is… you ARE wondering that, right?

Wonder no more: it’s a basic white collared shirt.

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Here’s How To Wear Your Favorite Silk Blouse This Season


For years, you’ve heard me signing the praises of the classic white silk blouse.

You totally might have ignored me — no worries, we’re still cool — or you might have taken my advice and gone out and purchased a white silk blouse to add to your collection. Regardless, I wanted to put together a fun post to show you exactly why I love this piece so much and give you a few new ideas on how to style yours.

Who are we kidding!?

This is my last ditch effort to convert you white silk blouse holdouts! I don’t give up easily.

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