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The Modern Way To Style A Tweed Jacket

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Since Coco Chanel introduced the little, tweed jacket in 1954, it’s practically become a hallmark of classic style.

The boxy, cropped silhouette lends itself well to the conservative, ladylike fashion our mothers and grandmothers would most certainly approve of. However, this versatile piece is a great investment for any kind of woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going for a polished, country club look, or simply downtown cool, a tweed jacket should definitely be involved.

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Bookworm

2013 Holiday Gift Guide Header

There are all sorts of people out there, but I think that for the most part, people can be categorized into two main categories.  Those who plan ahead and well, those who don’t!  I am definitely a planner.  I like things organized (nothing better than a good list!), I like to feel prepared and most of all I like things to get DONE.

As you can imagine, being a planner during the holidays is generally a good thing.  I am proud to say that most of my holiday shopping is usually done by the end of November.  This brings me to the topic of this post: holiday gifts.  For the next 5 weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be presenting a different gift guide for every type of recipient on your list. For you planners reading along, I hope this sparks some great gift ideas to add to your meticulously formatted spreadsheet.  For you non-planners, you owe me… big time.

This week’s focus is becoming an endangered species these days.  With Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Nooks, etc taking over all of print media, I actually value a beautifully bound hardcover book more and more.  Not only is a book a practical gift, but it’s also a great interior design detail to be stacked and displayed throughout the home.  Best of all, it gives visitors to your home a personal glimpse into your interests, loves and hobbies.  Something truly to be treasured for years to come.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Bookworm

Clockwise, from top left:  Kelly Wearstler Hue / The Smitten Kitchen  / The 20th Century Artbook / Jay Z Decoded / Craft Cocktails  / I.M. Pei: Complete Works / New York: A Portrait of a City / Coco Chanel: A Life

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The Girly Girl!




Dressed to Impress

Dressed to Impress

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

-Coco Chanel

A few days ago, at my daughter’s pre-school orientation, another mom in class complimented me on my outfit (which by the way, was totally sweet and much appreciated).  The conversation went like this:

Mom: I LOVE your outfit!

Me: Thanks so much!

Mom: Do you work, or do you just dress up like that every day?

That very brief exchange got me thinking about how my style as a stay-at-home mom has evolved over the last 2 years and how I’ve evolved with it.  No doubt, I’ve worn my share of stereotypical black leggings and work-out attire, especially on those days that I’m under the weather, exhausted, or just plain lazy.  After a few months of the “stretchy black pants phase,” as I like to refer to it, I realized that my attitude as a mom, a woman, a person- in general, changes when I feel good about myself and how I look.  If I feel good, I tend to smile more, work harder, be more enthusiastic and hopefully, be a better mother and wife.  It was almost as if a switch went off and I suddenly realized that fashion allows me to not only dress for what I am currently doing, but dress for what I WANT to be doing and the type of person I WANT to be.

So now, instead of saying, “Nah, I can’t pull that off! Where would I wear it?” in reference to something I love, I make it a point to surround myself with things that make me happy and make me, ME… only better.  Whether it’s a printed silk top, a fitted jacket, or flouncy skirt (I am in LOVE with my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target skirt, by the way) there is no “wrong” place to wear these things as long as you stay true to yourself, stay classy, and stay fabulous.

Coco definitely knew what she was talking about.



(P.S.- I would love to hear how fashion has helped YOU evolve over time!  Feel free to share you own thoughts and personal anecdotes in the comment section below.)