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heartbreak las vegas

I had actually planned on a very light and happy post about “newsboy caps” this morning, but in light of all of the craziness I woke up to yesterday, it just didn’t feel right.

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Odds & Ends

Happy International Women’s Day



Today is rather a significant, landmark day for our country.

This is the first year (that I can remember in my 30+ years) that American citizens are gathering together en-masse to recognize International Women’s Day. A day commemorating the global struggle for equal rights and the important contributions that women are making to society.

Ladies (and a few gents), in case you were wondering — women do a whole f*cking lot!

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Second Place


Did you ever come across a personal article or story and just get completely absorbed into both the actual content, as well as the resulting feedback and commentary?

In this age of internet over-sharing, there are always new viral posts that pop up on our screens, but honestly, very few have any impact me. Generally, I give it a quick read through, chuckle if it’s satirical or funny, cry if it’s sentimental and then move on.

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