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Those Gucci Loafers



You know the ones I’m talking about.

I’ve practically been drooling over them since I spotted them come down the runway last year. Ok, if we’re being honest I’ve been surprisingly into ALL things Gucci from the BELTS, to the LOAFERS and to this BAG that I just can’t get out of my head.

Ok, and THIS DRESS, too. Isn’t she a beauty!?

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Designer Shoe Dupe: Single Strap Sandals

ManoloBlahnik_chaos_sandal_shoes_black_leatherGot any shoe addicts needing a fix out there!?

(Sheepishly raises hand.)

Pay attention, my footwear loving friends. You’re about to have your mind blown. Not really, but at least your shopping budget won’t be blown.

One of my favorite styles of summer heels is about as basic as you can get. Simply a single sole, single strap with an ankle wrap. I’ve had a MANOLO BLAHNIK pair in my shoe collection for close to 12 years and they’re as on trend today as they were when I fought a 75+ year old BARNEY’S DESIGNER SALE hoarder over them. Really. I almost got into a fight as she tried to steal the shoe box as I WAS STILL TRYING THE SHOES ON! There was definitely major side eye and passive aggressive behavior involved. Not one of my finest retail moments.

… but to the victor go the Manolo Blahnik spoils!!! Take that, old lady with the excessive facial augmentation!

To save you from fighting your way through the crowded (and hostile) shoe departments I thought I would share one of my favorite finds with you. When shopping for a client, I came across these fantastic  STEVE MADDEN ‘STECY’ sandals that are essentially a perfect dupe of the MANOLO BLAHNIK ‘CHAOS’. They are also a tiny fraction of the designer price.

You’re welcome.

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Do you have any must have designer dupes? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!


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