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Eye Spy: Belted Scarves

belted scarves burberry prorsum 2015 The Heart's Delight

Chances are if we ever run into each other on the street you’ll see at least one of 3 things:

1) My face sans makeup. Yikes! According to my 3 year old, “Mommy needs to wear makeup because she may scare someone.” Words of wisdom, my sweet little-one…

2) A thermal coffee cup in my hand. Because, obviously.

3) A scarf wrapped around my neck.

Over the past 10 years, I have styled a scarf in every possible variation ranging from billowing bow (CHECK IT OUT– pretty cool, right?) to the classic infinity loop. I believe for my 24th birthday, I may have even worn a Hermés scarf styled as a SHIRT!? Crazy, right? With all of this scarf styling, one variation must have slipped through my fashion radar. At least, until now.

Ever since New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I’ve been seeing belted scarves make their way from runway to reality.

Here they are at the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Show:


And here is the belted scarf runway trend translated to real life:

Woman with her scarf beltedhow to style a plaid blanket scarfparis2london:</p><br /> <p>(via Spotted: Belted Scarves)<br /><br />

(Images via: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Are you as obsessed as I am? Thick or thin, long or short, when you belt a scarf you immediately draw the gaze to the most narrow part of your body, you bring color/pattern/texture to your look AND you stay warm(er). So what are you waiting for?!

How will YOU be wearing your scarf this season? More importantly, have YOU spied any great trends that you can share? I always love to hear what’s going on in different cities/regions/countries!

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5 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots


Clearly, I must have shoes on the brain this week! First, we spoke about my favorite over-the-knee boots and now, we head down low to the ankle. In my styling work, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is about how to wear ankle boots.

“Should I be wearing my booties with long jeans? Skinny jeans? Cuffed jeans? Scrunched? With socks? Without?”

Lots of questions, people… lots of questions! Fortunately, today I have the answers! Actually, 5 of them.

1. Ankle boots with skinny, ankle-length jeans.

Like peanut butter and jelly, these two were just MADE for each other. If you’re a tall girl like me, by default, most skinny jeans probably fall into the ankle-length category. If you happen to be on the more petite side, most retailers and denim designers offer jeans in an official ankle-length. That small sliver of skin makes the whole look appear in proportion and visually interesting.


2. Ankle boots with cuffed, skinny jeans.

So you’re next question is probably, “Well, what do I do with my FULL-LENGTH skinny jeans?” No worries, you can wear them too. Give them a little cuff at the bottom and they’ll look fantastic with any ankle boot.


3. Ankle boots with boyfriend jeans.

Speaking of cuffs, boyfriend jeans are a perfect choice if you’re looking for another more casual, cuffed alternative. The slouchier the better.


4. Ankle boots with socks.

No joke. Really, this works. Pick a pair of your coziest, marled cotton, or wool socks and scrunch them over a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for that “Fall/Winter by a roaring fire with hot cocoa” look.


5. Ankle boots with skirts.

Fall is the time to trade in those heels for a more comfortable, fuller-coverage option. Whether straight or flared, ankle booties work well with most skirt/dress silhouettes. If you’re on the more petite side, try to stay away from longer skirt lengths to avoid any dowdy Little House on The Prairie ensembles. Oh, and tights are definitely a DO for all once the winter chill sets in!

Have you guys seen these FLEECE LINED TIGHTS?! Winter game changer.


Shop the look:

How do YOU wear your ankle boots?
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How to Layer Like a Fashion Pro: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Layer Like a Fashion Pro: A Step By Step Guide

As soon as the Starbucks cups turn red, there is a holiday buzz in the air. Wait?! Maybe, it’s actually a caffeine buzz?! Whatever it is, the red cups are here which means the turkey needs to get brined and stuffed, the holiday decor needs to make its way out of the basement and some lengthy letters to Santa need to be written. The red cup is also a pretty good indication that sweater weather is here to stay and running out without appropriate outerwear is just a bad idea.

So, about layering… Personally, I love it! It really lets you get creative with how you wear your clothes. Standalone shirts make their way under others and what was once outerwear can technically become part of an inside outfit if styled correctly. Now add a bright scarf and some luxe accessories to the equation and you look like you just stepped out of a street style photo captured in the streets of Soho. Did I mention that layering keeps you warm?! Trust me, after surviving last winter’s Polar Vortex, it DOES.


A striped shirt, a pair of great jeans and some killer black pumps. Every woman should own these already. If you don’t, here’s a friendly reminder to add these items to your Santa list!



Whether it’s a sweater or a button down, this next layer should add visual interest but not necessarily bulk. It should be fitted and cut close to the body to maintain your streamlined silhouette. In my case, I decided on one of my favorite layering V.I.P.s- the chambray shirt. I rolled up the sleeves to allow some of the graphic stripes to peek out. Lookin’ pretty good, right?




Here is where fall/spring outerwear becomes part of your “inner”wear. I LOVE a thin, fitted military anorak. It’s the perfect neutral that goes with everything and with its nipped in waist, it helps preserve that hourglass shape we all love. Technically, I could walk out the door just like this, but it’s a little ho-hum, boring for even my neutral loving taste.




As that really annoying commercial goes, “I don’t wear belts often, but when I do…” it’s usually to add interest to an otherwise pretty basic outfit and/or define my waist. On most women, their natural waist is the thinnest part of their bodies. A belt draws the eye to that perfect spot and creates the illusion of hourglass proportions. Short waisted and big busted women of the world- ditch the wide belts!!! Those suckers just make your torso look even shorter and in some cases, make your chest look like it’s resting on your hips with no torso in between. Essentially, wide belts are not your style friend. A well crafted skinny belt is my recommendation!



Now that you’re outfit is shaping up, it’s time to add some personality and color! In the winter, a bright scarf can be the perfect solution. I’m constantly on the hunt for bright and graphic scarves that I wear year-round. This time of year, a good scarf keeps the chill away and brings some much needed color to my very pale face.


What I’m Wearing:

Old Navy ANORAK // J.Crew CHAMBRAY SHIRT // T by Alexander Wang STRIPED SHIRT // Paige Premium Denim JEANS // Jimmy Choo PUMPS // J.Crew BELT (SIMILAR)// T.J.Maxx SCARF (SIMILAR) // Halston Heritage BAG (SIMILAR & ON SALE under $150!)

Boom. Outfit complete.

How to do YOU layer?

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Odds & Ends

5 Must Read Fall Books

5 must read fall books the hearts delight stella compisenoIf you’re anything like me, you get on reading kicks where you tear through books with serious voracity. That “to-read” list gets crushed in a matter of weeks (or days in my case). After this manic reading phase is over a literary dormancy begins. That dormant phase lasts typically 3-6 months until the next “kick” actually kicks in, or until I feel like my brain is total mush from reading one too many US Weekly issues.

Currently, I’m at the tail end of a reading kick that started while on vacation.  Long distance flights are seriously the best for just unplugging and turning your attention away from life and into a great book. As I wrapped up my second book on the flight home, I started planning out what my next reads would be- something I thought you guys may be interested in hearing about.  With so many great books out there it can get a bit overwhelming and difficult to choose, so I always like to rely on recommendations to find my next “favorite” book. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite below.

What I’ve Read:

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits

What can I say, I’m a total xenophile when it comes to the French! This was such a quick and fun read.  I loved the “life” insights from four very different accomplished and successful Parisian women who definitely don’t candy coat anything! Good or bad, apparently “Parisiennes” tell it like it is. They also make a mean roast chicken.

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

This book is based on an 1960’s personal essay “Goodbye To All That” written by award winning writer, Joan Didion. It’s a compilation of 28 writers’ experiences of loving and leaving New York City. Can you tell why this appealed to me? Like an old fashioned love story, each essay begins with flirtation and trepidation and escalates into full blown, red-hot romance. Like true life, this romance doesn’t always come with a happy ending. Although, sometimes it does. You’ll just have to read the book and find out for yourself!

What I’m Reading:

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

Part memoir, part medical mystery and mostly an insightful look into the dark and unpredictable world of mental illness, I cannot wait to get through this book. The author has such a strong narrative which is especially amazing, considering she really had no recollection of her “Month of Madness.” Through her own detailed research and her parents’ journals she was able to piece together an amazing survival story. Don’t worry, this one has a happy ending.

What I’m Planning to Read:

Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's

Lena Dunham cracks me up. That’s basically why I want to read this… well, that and the fact that she is an amazing storyteller. She has the ability to make even the most mundane of things abnormally entertaining. Hello, “Girls?!”

Yes Please

Speaking of funny ladies, Amy Poehler is a woman at the top of her league. I think Amy would be the kind of friend that even if you have a giant piece of spinach stuck in your teeth as you gave an important presentation in front of a room of senior executives, she’d make you laugh so hard at yourself and the situation, that the dental faux-pas would be long forgotten. Everyone needs a friend like that.

It’s no Oprah’s Book Club, but I think this list is perfect for some cold weather, get under a blanket with a glass of red wine, quality “me” time!

What are some of YOUR favorite reads lately?

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Nailed It: The Fall 2014 Edition

nail polish wallLike most things in my life, if I discover something great that works well for me, I tend to stick with it. The same philosophy applies to my nails. When getting a manicure, that wall of nailpolish bottles sucks me in and next thing you know, 10 minutes have passed and I’m no closer to choosing my color (and starting to tick off the nail aesthetician). I end up grabbing one of my four “go-to” polishes (Essie in BALLET SLIPPER, MARSHMALLOW & GERANIUM, or OPI LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK), and call it a day.

This season, I’m much more prepared.  I’ve spend some time (that’s what airport WiFi is for, right?) and put together the perfect fall collection of color that would suit any skin type and any occasion. Best of all, the colors all stay true to my modern, yet classic aesthetic. So no more nail color conundrums for me. I’m all set, thank you.

The range of nudes, greyed-out blues, deep bordeauxs and purples will be perfect for those days when I’m snuggled in my cashmere, oversize sweater with a hot toddy in hand.  You know, the ideal fall Instagram visual.

What are YOUR fall go-to nail colors?
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The Basic Black Blazer

Capsule 1.1 BlazerHeader BCBG blazer Halston Heritage bag 7 for All Mankind Josefine jeans Kenneth Cole slip on sneakers Project333 The Heart's Delight

As I progress through my journey of living with a capsule collection wardrobe, I’d like to pause every now and again and take a step back to focus on the “WHY” of each piece I’ve selected. With only 33 items to choose from, it really forces you to hone in on those important essentials that can transform any outfit, on any body type and across all lifestyles. In this case, the essential is obviously a black blazer.

Whether you’re working in a professional environment, or spending your days in school or at home, every woman should own a black blazer. I say that with some serious intensity. It’s a seasonless piece that can add instant polish and sophistication to anything you wear- a dress, a blouse or in this case, my most lived in and distressed pair of boyfriend jeans.

Capsule 1.1 Blazer3

What I’m Wearing:
BCBG Max Azria Blazer (no longer available, SIMILAR) // James Perse T-SHIRT // 7 for All Mankind BOYFRIEND JEANS // Kenneth Cole SLIP-ON SNEAKERS // Halston Heritage Crossbody Bag (no longer available, SIMILAR) // ZARA SCARF// Robert Lee Morris Cuff (no longer available, SIMILAR)


Capsule 1.1 Blazer BCBG Black Project333 Halston Heritage Crossbody 7 For All Mankind Josefine jeans Kenneth Cole black slip ons James Pearse t-shirt The Hearts Delight Stella Compiseno

Capsule 1.1 Blazer2

Capsule 1.1 Blazer4

How do YOU wear your black blazer?

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How To Style A Boyfriend Cardigan 3 Ways

How To Style A Boyfriend Cardigan 3-Ways The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

One of my favorite parts of the cooler seasons is getting to fully engulf myself in the warmest knitted layers. While the thought of wrapping myself in only the softest oversized sweaters and scarves is definitely VERY appealing, there are definitely a few guidelines to follow to keep from looking like a shapeless marshmallow puff. Speaking of (edible) marshmallows, I’m probably the only person on earth who actually dislikes those things. Meh.

The main takeaway from this little lesson in styling is that proportion is key. While the sweater should look like something that you borrowed from one of the boys, the end result should look ALL girl: refined, tailored and slimming.

LOOK #1:


Take your favorite little dress (in the case above, a fitted shirt-dress) and layer it up with a cozy cardigan and fall ready boots.  This look works because while the sweater may be oversized, the smaller scale of the dress and your long, lean legs, keep the outfit balanced.

Now, here is my version:

Cardigan: BB Dakota // Shirt-Dress: Current/Elliott // Boots: Stuart Weitzman // Bracelet: Nine West // Bucket Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


LOOK #2:


Get creative with your accessories and create an hourglass silhouette using a great belt! A little cinch at the waist is all you need to give yourself a great shape and highlight your waistline when layering a cardigan.

Check out my look below:

Cardigan: Titty Peggy // Turtleneck: J.Crew // Leather Pants: Rag & Bone // Sunglasses: Karen Walker // Belt: Charles & Keith // Clutch: Clare Vivier // Flats: Joan & David (sold out, THIS is similar)

LOOK #3:


An oversized cardigan can go from casual to office appropriate when paired with a structured pencil skirt and lady-like top. Again, it’s all about proportion, so to balance out a bulky sweater, keep the rest of the look streamlined and fitted. A pointy toe pump is also a great way to elongate your legs and give you the illusion of a few extra inches of height.

My take on this feminine style:

Lace Blouse: Ungaro // Pencil Skirt: Reiss // Cardigan: J.Crew (currently 25% OFF with code SHOPASAP) // Sunglasses: Vince Camuto // Bag: Karen Millen // Belt: H&M // Shoes: Schutz

Now, onto some housekeeping… I’m currently deep into a total website overhaul and way over my head when it comes to HTML coding and CSS… Ummm, yeah, no I idea what those stand for, either! I must apologize in advance for any “under construction” technical difficulties you may experience over the course of the next few days. Hopefully, I’ll get my tech savvy act together and we can return to our happy, special place. Except this special website place will totally blow your mind with it’s beauty and you’ll never want to leave. Kind of like the shoe department at Bergdorf Goodman.



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Uniquely You.

ModCloth Uniquely You The Hearts Delight Red White & Cute Stella Compiseno

Have you guys ever shopped at ModCloth? Its an exclusively-online retailer that has such a unique business model and philosophy. The best way to describe it is a “Democracy of Fashion.” You’re probably asking,”What does THAT mean?!” Well, it means that it’s a company devoted to its clientele, allowing them to dictate the buying choices, the styles carried and even the designs themselves. It also means that whether you’re a size 0 or plus-size, retro-hipster, or corporate professional, chances are you’re going to find that perfect something to complement your personal style- at a great price.

Now, let’s get back to style.  When ModCloth reached out and asked me to participate in their “Uniquely You” campaign, I was totally excited for a good fashion challenge. Since we’re in a full-blown transitional season, I thought I would give you guys an easy way to get a few more wears out of those fun dresses that are so flattering and easy to throw on. The perfect choice for those mornings when you just NEED to get that one extra alarm snooze in! Trust me, those extra 7 minutes of R.E.M. bliss make a world of difference. So does all of the coffee.

Here’s how it goes down:

1) Alarm goes off. Curse, roll over and slam the snooze button immediately.

2) Roll out of bed 7 minutes later with eyes half shut and hair a hot mess.

3) Shower and try to wrestle hair into somewhat presentable form.

4) Take favorite go-to summer dress and add a few strategic layers.

5) Cinch it all up with a belt – because we don’t have to sacrifice our waistline for cozy warmth.

6) Throw on some fall inspired accessories (ummm, I may be obsessed with hats lately?!) and you’re ready to go.

ModCloth Uniquely YOU: A dress for all seasons

Dress // Chambray Shirt // Buffalo Check Cardigan // Belt // Bag (currently on SALE 30% off!) // Boots // Hat // Earrings

What’s YOUR favorite transitional style that’s “Uniquely You”?



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Fall/Winter 2014 Coat Guide: Save vs. Splurge

fall winter 2014 coat guide The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

Ok, so here’s how the past three winters have gone. I find a coat I fall in love with. I hem and haw about spending the money to purchase the coat in September.  It’s not THAT cold yet, right? I start shivering around early November, and finally decide to pull the trigger and buy the aforementioned coat. It’s inevitably sold out. Everywhere. I shed a single tear.

I’m putting my foot down this season. I’m done with this “sold out” bullsh*t (can you tell I’m bitter?). I started scouring the style forecasts in AUGUST this year and have decidedly narrowed down the top style contenders for this season. You’re going to want to pay attention to this. You definitely don’t want to be left out in the cold… Get it?! Left out in the cold!? I crack myself up.


save // splurge

Move over boyfriend jeans and brogues- there is a new menswear inspired trend in town. This time in the form of an extra long and tailored topper.


save // splurge

Like the softest, plushest hotel bathrobe, this coat engulfs you in it’s warmth. This season the robe is all about oversized collars and a loose, slouchy fit nipped in at the waist.


save // splurge

This is not for the meek! Be bold and show off your style with these fuzzy coats and jackets. While bright candy colored versions are super fun, beware entering into Muppet territory! I recommend selecting a toned-down neutral that will instantly kick up any outfit you put on.

It may not be frigid just yet… but trust me! After the deep freeze of Polar Vortex 2013-14, you don’t want to be taking any chances this year! If you’re going to be wearing a coat for 5 months straight, it may as well be one that you absolutely love!





1 Dress, 3 Ways

hangers One Dress Three Ways The Hearts Delight Stella Compiseno Ann Taylor Sleeveless Trench

Did you ever have a dress, shoes or a (“fill in the blank”) catch your eye and that was all you could think about for the next few days!? Maybe it’s just me.  Ever since I saw THIS dress online, I’ve been mentally and virtually styling it to justify the price ($149).  Well, now it’s 25% off (for a limited time only w/ code ANNWELCOME11) and obviously that makes me even more excited.  Come to Mama.

In case you were wondering, here are the 3 ways I would wear this most perfect fall closet addition.  I love that you can transform it from a standalone dress, to a key fall layering piece for both work appropriate and casual looks!

LOOK #1: Earrings // Bracelet (the Chloe version sold out, but THIS or THIS are similar and much less $$$) // Eyeliner // Lipstick // Shoes // Handbag

LOOK #2: Skirt (currently 25% off, with code SHOPFORFALL)// Sweater // Satchel // Boots

LOOK #3: Hat // Sneakers // Jeans (under $30!!! WHhhaaaat?!)// Tote // Shirt

How many ways would YOU wear this dress?