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The Pajama Game


WARNING: This style is not for the timid or fashion risk averse.

The pajama trend has been creeping its way out of the bedroom and into the closets of stylish women globally over the past few years. Occasionally, a trend goes down a runway for a few seasons before it becomes casually interpreted for real life wear. This happens to be one of those slow-adoption trends that proved slightly more difficult for fashionistas to figure out and make their own.

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How To Wear Metallics For Day


Most women can’t resist the pretty, sparkly things.

While diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, there are more wallet friendly ways to incorporate a little flash into our daily wardrobes — yes, even for daytime!

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The 10 Pieces From ASOS You Need To Shop NOW

10_pieces_from_asos_you_need_to_shop_nowLet me tell you a sad shopping story…

Last week, I found impeccable GUCCI LOAFER DUPES that were perfect in every way: style, price, reviews, etc. I quickly ordered a pair and have been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Four days post order, I received a notification of refund, followed by an e-mail explaining that my order had been cancelled due to “limited stock availability.”

Really!? C’mon…

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The Stylist Approved Way To Wear Track Pants


Athleisure is going nowhere.

Love it or hate it, the infiltration of athletic inspired clothes into our non-athletic lives is inevitable. A far cry from the Juicy Couture velour sweatpants you wore circa 2002, track pants can in fact, be sophisticated.

Still doubting me?!

Right this way, please…

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Shopbop Fall 2016 Sale Picks!


Got your online shopping fingers limbered up and ready?

(You’re going to need them…)

SHOPBOP has started stocking it’s fall SALE department and there are some fashion finds that are just too good not to share. We here at THD (and by “we”, I mean ME!) love a good online sale and this one is ideal for filling in those fall style gaps. You know, those final pieces to complete your look for the season?

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Fall Style On A Budget


With all of the runway inspiration during Fashion Month, sometimes we need a good dose of reality to get our minds out of designer heaven and back to earth.

While those frocks you see on the runway can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, it’s just fashion. Fashion is nothing without style — and you’ve got style.

Trust me, you do.

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3 Chic Color Combinations To Try NOW

Fall 2016 Pantone Color Combos

There may be a lot of changes that come with each season, but one thing we can reliably turn to when everything else seems to be in flux in good ‘ole, reliable PANTONE.

The color wizards are about six months ahead of the seasonal game and give us that much appreciated heads up with each release of their most anticipated, seasonal, TOP 10 COLOR MUST HAVES. One of my favorite styling tricks to keep a wardrobe fresh and repurpose old favorites, is to create new color combinations that are both flattering and unexpected.

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