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How To Style A Blazer + Jeans Look (For Less!)

One of my favorite looks of all time has been pretty well documented on this website: a blazer + jeans.

My signature style has definitely been a gradual evolution, shifting from corporate conference room to work from home. However, the one outfit that has remained constant throughout this aesthetic shift is that simple blazer + jeans. Nothing too fashion forward, nothing too fancy, just a combination that I can reach for knowing that it will always look good, no matter the season or occasion.

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Here’s The 4 Piece Fall Outfit You NEED


With our big move right around the corner, I’ve started to consider what clothes will be coming with me into interim housing while the renovations are in full swing.

Always a minimalist at heart, I want to ensure that I have all of the essentials necessary to get me through the fall. The fewer pieces, the better. This led me to start categorizing my wardrobe and pulling my absolute favorites from the top of the lists. What I realized, is that there are truly only 4 basics necessary to create my absolute, favorite fall outfit: cozy sweater, fitted pants/jeans, mid /low-heel boots and a neutral coat.

Sounds like a no brainer, huh?!

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Fall Fashion Finds Under $100

fall fashion finds under $100 header

If there’s any indication that Fall is making an early debut, let me recap the evidence:

  1. NYFW kicks off in a few days. I CANNOT wait!
  2. Cleveland has been averaging a steady high of 68 degrees.
  3. Leaves have started to drop.
  4. I’m literally sitting on my hands to keep from spending all of my money on fall clothes — in my humble opinion, the BEST clothes of all.

In order to keep some of your hard earned cash in your wallets, I’ve compiled a great collection of Fall Fashion Finds UNDER $100! Here’s your chance to get your shopping fix without the inevitable guilt, as the UPS delivery guy keeps dropping boxes at your front door… not that I know anything about that.

Well, maybe a little…

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Slip Dress


(Editor’s Note: I was recently digging through my THD Archives for some late summer/fall fashion inspiration when I came across a post from February 2016.

While fashion can be overwhelmingly trend driven, this post proves that good style is here is to stay. As cool as the slip dress was almost 2 years ago, it’s still just as fashionable today. Different season, hell, different year but still 100% on point.)

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How To Style Shorts For Fall


Summer may be on its last legs, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hide yours away!

Shorts are a fantastic style tool to help you navigate that tricky transitional weather. You know, when it’s way too warm to wear pants and you’re not quite in the mood to go full-on dress or skirt. The key to wearing shorts year-round lies in their fabrication. When crafted from the right fabrics and styled appropriately (think tights, boots, sweaters, etc.), shorts can be an incredibly chic addition to your fall wardrobe.

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Embellished Shoes


I am briefly breaking my moratorium on any Fall fashion talk to bring you this important message: this Fall, over-the-top, embellished shoes will be EVERYWHERE.

Think Cinderella’s glass slipper on a crack bender.

Based on Fall ’17 designer runways, merchandise hitting the stores and just overall fashion buzz, this season more is definitely more — at least when it comes to footwear. If you thought WHITE ANKLE BOOTS were a bit wild, buckle your seat belts you’re in for a fashion ride!

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Belted Blazer

belted blazer Banana Republic double breasted fit stripeYou might have noticed that I’ve gotten just a little bit excited about Fall ’17 fashion!

First came the BEST BLACK PANTS, followed by THE ANKLE BOOTS you’re going to be seeing everywhere. Now, we’re headed deep into blazer territory… with a twist, of course!

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Label I Love: GANNI


That sweater. AGAIN.

You know that time when you keep seeing the same piece of clothing pop up in all of your social feeds? I’m currently deep into that situation and the SWEATER causing me all of the angst is by a Copenhagen label called, GANNI.

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Mad Hatter


Fact: I am clumsy.

Fact: I spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself 20 minutes before this scheduled shoot and had to switch my outfit last minute.

Fact: A wide brim wool hat came to the rescue.

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Taupe Suede Ankle Bootie


Everyone loves a good bootie.

It’s a style that has been around now for a few years and between the comfort factor and its versatility the bootie has pretty much become a fall staple for most of us. Obviously, you have your black, you have your brown (I’ve lived in my RAG & BONE HARROW for 3+ years!)… but have you considered a taupe suede ankle bootie?

Now that I have a few ankle bootie wearing years under my sartorial belt, I can say with confidence that if you’re considering adding a new bootie to your collection, taupe is definitely the way to go. It’s versatile in color and in addition to working with both your blacks and browns, it can also add a pop of unexpected “color” (Although taupe is pretty much a non-color? But I digress…) to any outfit.

One of my favorite and most simple outfits these days is all black everything with my taupe suede bootie. Just by adding that contrasting bootie it immediately looks like more than a whole 30 seconds of thought/effort was put into getting dressed… which clearly is not the case!






Some taupe suede ankle bootie styling notes:

•  If you’re looking for the most versatile variety of taupe suede bootie, look for a small chunky heel (2 inches, or so), an almond shaped toe, and an ankle shaft that is not too high. That particular style seems to be the most visually flattering on the leg and the most physically comfortable on the feet!

•  When wearing you’re ankle bootie with jeans, try rolling up the jean cuff 1-2 times to get a small sliver of skin exposed between the bootie and your pants. That one small change can entirely change the look and give it a cool factor otherwise lacking.

•  Wear your ankle booties with low/no-show socks in a nude or matching tone. Generally, the ankle opening is slightly wider at the top allowing eyes to see inside and you don’t want your Nike gym socks exposed!

•  These booties are not just for fall! Taupe suede ankle booties can easily be transitioned year-round. The lighter neutral tone makes it the perfect pairing with some of winter’s whites and spring/summer’s floaty bright dresses!


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