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Satin Ankle Boots

satin ankle boots sock fall trend street style

No matter how classic your style, it’s always fun to add a few trend-driven pieces into the mix.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked a few separate times about trend predictions for the coming season. My short answer to the question: hang onto your STATEMENT TOPS, ditch the bombers for more tailored blazers, stick with your embellished/frayed/split hem denim and definitely add a pair of fitted satin ankle boots!

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Find Of The Week: Refined Kick Crop Flare


If you’re looking for a great pair of fun pants to dress up or down this holiday season, look no further my friends! I’ve found them… in the most unexpected of places: ANN TAYLOR!

Oh, and the best part? They’re on sale through Monday for $59.99 PLUS an EXTRA 50% off.

So yeah, $30.  Pretty sweet, huh?!

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Velvet Booties


Every so often a style comes along that can accomplish the impossible — provide a high quality dupe at a fraction of the designer price.

Velvet booties are perhaps the best of example of this rare fashion feat this season. With hundreds of styles to choose from and virtually no visible difference between the high-end, designer versions and the fast-fashion bargains, this is the fall trend to jump on… or jump into?!

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