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Forever 21 August Haul

Forever 21 August Haul Header

Yes, I know, I’m far from 21.

I’m also unlikely to step foot into an actual brick and mortar FOREVER 21 store anytime soon. It’s generally too loud, too messy and too chaotic for me. Clearly, another sign of being “old-er.” However, when I quietly browse the FOREVER 21 website from the comfort of home, with coffee in hand I can’t help but click “add-to-cart”… probably more times than I should.

If you’re looking to incorporate a few inexpensive new additions into your Fall wardrobe, these are definitely hard to resist!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.83

Friday Link Love
If you’re anywhere near Lake Erie right now — WTF!?

Is this lake-effect weather situation some sort of cruel and unusual punishment? I woke up to gusty (gale-force) winds, freezing temperatures and snow, people. YES, SNOW. On April 7th. Coincidentally, the forecast calls for sunshine and 70 degree weather in less than 48 hours. Um, ok… that’s 100% weird but I’ll go with it.

Spring Break cannot come fast enough. 

Nothing better than a good Friday Link Love distraction to keep yourself in a happy place! Just read on for all of my favorite reads of the week and some good shopping finds, too.

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Summer Fresh

White Dress and Black Boots, Outside Creatures of the Wind SS2015

Anyone notice anything a little different around here?

How do you like the new look?!

I like to think of it as “website botox” — when it’s done right a website looks more awake, refreshed and rejuvenated. People can’t seem to figure out exactly what’s different, but something has definitely changed for the better…

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.34

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday, friends!

After a pretty busy week, this weekend is shaping up to be strangely low key and uneventful — which is generally how the best weekends start off, dont’cha think? Best of all, the forecast is for weather in the 60’s and sunshine!!

Dare I say it… it just might be bare leg weather!? The fashion nerd in me is rejoicing because a whole level of outfit potential has just been unlocked — kind of like a video game. I’ve had skirts and dresses hibernating since last summer that I can’t wait to insert back into the daily rotation.

While I’m busy mentally reorganizing my closet, here are a few links for your perusal that caught my eye this week…


What I’m Reading:

•  THIS is what happens when you eat like Gwyneth… you just might need a few extra breath mints!  (

•  Some of the Sex & The City boyfriends may not have lasted very long, but their acting careers have — see WHERE THEY ARE NOW! (

•  As we enter into sandal season there is no better time for this simple BLISTER PREVENTION HACK. Your feet will thank you. (


What I’m Making:

•  Here’s an easy one-pan dish to make next time your craving Indian food: SHEET PAN CHICKEN TIKKA! (

•  Going out to eat for Mother’s Day brunch is signing yourself up for crowded, overpriced chaos. Why not stay in and try one of these MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH RECIPES instead? (


What I’m Buying:

•  If you’ve had a fear of commitment when it comes to wallpaper, this link is for you! Here are 63 TEMPORARY WALLPAPERS that are perfect for a long-term (or short-term!) relationship. (

•  I’ve had a few people ask about the TIE-WAIST SHIRTDRESS in the image above… Can you believe it’s from FOREVER 21 (and on sale for $15)?! I’ve worn it layered over denim, but I can’t wait to style it bare legged with sandals this summer! It’s a bit sheer, so be prepared to layer it over a nude slip if you’re going to wear it on its own.

Some of the other pieces I’ve picked up recently include:


•  This STRIPED OFF THE SHOULDER TUNIC DRESS. It’s almost sold out, but THIS dress is a great alternative!

•  A really soft HOODED SWEATSHIRT.

•  This TIE NECK PEASANT DRESS which I wore as a pool/beach coverup, but would be fantastic as a casual dress with a pair of fun sandals.

Have a happy, relaxed and fun filled weekend! 


Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.30

Friday Link Love

Hello from the other side… a.k.a. the weekend!

Well, not exactly weekend, but close enough. Although I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, the gorgeous spring-like temps have definitely helped improve my mood — along with everyone else’s. People are just nicer when the sun is shining! Except for the dude that unabashedly stole my parking spot yesterday– that was not nice, but quickly forgotten. Ah, the drama of parking politics…

Now without further delay, here are my favorite Friday Link Love finds of the week — Enjoy!


What I’m Reading:

•  I guess this doesn’t exactly qualify as reading, more like watching… but I cannot get enough of these easy hip-hop workout routines courtesy of the THE FITNESS MARSHALL. Yes, my 5 year old has already told me, “Please stop dancing, mama…” (

•  If you’re curious about all-natural beauty but hate shelling out the big bucks, here are some BUDGET FRIENDLY ALL NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS that anyone can afford. (

•  Here are a few really creative TARGET HACKS to spruce up your space for spring! (


What I’m Making:

•  If you’re curious WHAT MODELS EAT FOR BREAKFAST, this is it! Yes, models eat… sometimes. How amazing does that chia + oat pudding with rhubarb compote look, by the way!? (

•  A THD reader sent me this recipe with rave reviews and I just knew it had to be posted — DUCK SCALOPPINE WITH DRIED CHERRIES + GRAPPA. When can I come over?! (

•  Warm weather means the official return of iced coffee — 3 caffeinated cheers! Here are some ICED COFFEE HACKS  to indulge your icy beverage cravings and save money at the same time. (


What I’m Buying:

•  I took my own SPRING BREAK STEALS advice and got down with some swimwear this week. Lest it be known that I haven’t tried on any of my purchase yet and may be horrified once the suits are actually on my body! Isn’t bathing suit shopping the WORST? The one thing that makes it better — actually 2 things: vodka and these great FOREVER21 finds:

•  I am obsessed with this metallic high neck bikini TOP & matching BOTTOM! It’s beyond cool, but just sporty/sturdy enough that I can get away with playtime in the pool with 2 kids.

•  This MESH BRALETTE BIKINI TOP and coordinating HIGH WAIST BOTTOMS were calling to me (especially at that price!). I’m a sucker for anything blush.

•  I’ve been meaning to add more one-piece swimwear options to my rotation and this PLUNGING HALTER ONE-PIECE was the perfect not-too-skimpy, not-too-matronly compromise.

•  Last but not least, although this is definitely not a steal, I cannot stop thinking about the ONIA CHOKER BANDEAU bikini from INTERMIX. Does’t it remind you of Kate Hudson’s OSCAR GOWN?

Have a great weekend!



Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.22

Friday Link Love
I’ve been doing some thinking this morning…

I wanted to see how you felt about switching up the format of Friday Link Love. This weekly feature has pretty much been a constant since the very beginning of THD, so I thought a mini-facelift could be a welcome change. Don’t worry, this is not a major overhaul — just a more organized layout with more concise links to all of those good reads, recipes and deals you guys love!


What I’m Reading

  • Cold blooded ladies UNITE! Here are 30 THINGS GIRLS WHO ARE ALWAYS COLD UNDERSTAND. (
  • I’m always looking to improve my focus and stay on track — productivity does not come easy at times. Now I have an app to help! Say hello to NOISLI. (
  • What I’m reading!? More like oogling THIS GORGEOUS HOME. (


What I’m Making

  • I think I’ve finally found a reasonable solution to my lemon bar addiction. Why deprive yourself of lemony deliciousness when you can try these 130 CALORIE GREEK YOGURT LEMON BARS! They’re practically a health food. (
  • The diet-buster yin to the lemon bar yang: Trader Joe’s now carries MINI CINNAMON SUGAR CHURROS in the freezer section! (


What I’m Buying

  • Always wondered how you can master the art of street style dressing? Now you can — on a budget, thanks to the upcoming TARGETxWHOWHATWEAR collection debuting February 16! (
  • I just took a look at FOREVER 21‘s site in the first time in a few months and my cart currently overfloweth with great finds from their CONTEMPORARY collection:
    • I can think of at least 5 ways to style this chic HEATHERED SWEATSHIRT DRESS
    • A REAL SUEDE SKIRT for under $40!
    • I could wear this UTILITY JACKET now under a fitted leather moto jacket, or later as a spring-worthy lightweight layer.
    • This SHIRT DRESS falls into the category of wishful thinking, but I’ll be so glad to have it in a few months!
    • Ok, and here’s my personal favorite: this MARLED KNIT TOP and matching FLARE PANT set… definitely a bit more editorial, but how comfortable does this look?! Totally Scandinavian-chic.

So what do you think?

Are you liking this new format? Think about it and let me know your thoughts! I always love to hear from you guys in comments and e-mails, so GIVE ME A SHOUT!

Hope you have a relaxing few days ahead, especially those of you with a 3-day weekend to look forward to! See you back here bright and early on Monday.





Forever 21 For When You’re Not 21

Generally, I love shopping. It’s relaxing for me… and most definitely less expensive than therapy.


However, there are a few stores that I avoid like the plague. From their overpowering cheap perfume stink, to their blasting music and worst of all, catastrophic mess of displays, I see stores like that and I just keep walking.

Nope. No, thanks.

No relaxing going on over there… just a reminder that I’m officially old. As if my newly developed sprinkling of random grey hairs wasn’t enough!


FOREVER 21 has always been one of those stores on my DO NOT ENTER list… probably since I’ve been 22! Occasionally, I would find some great stand-out pieces online for myself or for clients, but I always approached that retailer with the lowest of expectations and rarely in-person. However, after reading up on some changes going on over at F21 HQ (via THE WALL STREET JOURNAL), I might be giving my retail nemesis another shot.

Here’s the scoop: the fast fashion powerhouse is now looking to shift its target marketing from the tween-set, to the more sophisticated and grown-up late-millennials.

What does that mean for us old-fogies?


You’ll be seeing a lot more better-fitting, better-quality, grown-up attire, in addition to some higher end brands mixed in with F21 merchandise. You’ll also probably be seeing a lot more F21 on celebrity sightings in your latest issue of US Weekly… because there ain’t no culotte party until we see J.Lo’s infamous booty in them!


I’ve scoured the digital racks and here are my favorite pieces currently available at FOREVER 21:

(click on the image for shopping details!)

Fast fashion is a tricky business and one that I’m not totally sold on (both for quality, as well as ethical reasons). As you know, I always advocate buying the best quality within your budget. I do understand that everyone’s budget differs and with all of the options out there there is no reason a $100 shopping budget can’t be as stylish as a $10,000 shopping budget. Sometimes, when all you want is a simple striped t-shirt or a trendy pair of pants, nothing is better than fast fashion. That’s where stores like F21 come in.

So, will you be giving F21 a shot? What are some of your favorite fast fashion finds?