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My Next Big Splurge: A Waist Belt

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Building a functional wardrobe that you love is a game of balance.

It’s all about maintaining a good ratio of trend to classic, high end designer to fast fashion styles. When this delicate ratio goes off kilter,  you’ll find that you’re stuck in a wardrobe rut with nothing to wear — ahem… ahem…  we touched on that a little LAST WEEK.

This Spring season, I decided that my fashion goal would be to save enough money to splurge on a designer waist belt. It’s hard to afford all of the pretty things — no matter what your budget! — so I find it helpful to set a goal for myself (and my clients) and work towards that special piece or accessory. When it finally comes time to make the splurge, it’s so fulfilling and lacking any of that guilt you may otherwise experience when you treat yourself.

A waist belt is something that I’ve always loved as a styling tool. It freshens up older styles in your closet, gives go-to outfits new life and best of all, accentuates the smallest part of most women’s bodies.

Yaaaaaaaasss, to the hour-glass silhouette!

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