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Summer Brunch

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I think patio dining/drinking might be one of my top 3 things about summer.

Now that I have children, my time al fresco is definitely much more limited than it used to be back in the day. Kids and long, boozy brunches just don’t seem to mix very well. So when I have an opportunity to head downtown and sit outside sans the menagerie, I’m all over it!

You know what else I’m all over?! Gingham… and distressed denim (in no particular order).

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Gingham Dress


I’ll be honest — I never considered gingham 100% my thing.

Too preppy. Too young. Too much.

Then I came across this blown-out, large-scale, gingham dress online — at TJ MAXX of all places! I immediately loved the oversized graphic pattern, the unusual neckline, the drop waist and yes, the monochromatic color way. I figured for under $30 and free shipping, I had nothing to lose.

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Check, Please.

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Did you ever have a strong opinion and/or dislike for something and then one day, wake up and decide that you were wrong all along!?

A girl can change her mind, you know… AND in case you were wondering, no, I haven’t changed my opinion on THIS.

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5 Must Have Items for 2015

Top 5 Trends 2015 Header

… and we’re back!

Are you well-rested and fresh off your holiday break? While this week between Christmas and New Year is pretty much a productivity black hole for many (myself included) I do think it’s the perfect time to start planning out all of our style resolutions for the bright, shiny New Year.

1. Marsala:

Yes, I gabbed about this PANTONE 2015 COLOR OF THE YEAR a few weeks back, but I want you to know I mean it! Marsala will be cropping up everywhere and it just may be the perfect, most unexpected color to ground your Winter/Spring 2015 wardrobe.
Top 5 Trends of 2015: Marsala

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2. Wearable (Fashionable) Tech:

Who ever thought that the future of technology would be in the manicured hands of the fashion set? With designers like Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff and Opening Ceremony entering the tech space this year, this is going to be the year where fashion meets function- literally.
Top 5 Trends of 2015: wearable tech

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3. Gingham/Plaid:

While plaid may be the most obvious choice for Winter snuggles by the fire, gingham is going to be THE print come Spring. To keep the “sweetness” in check (yes, that pun was fully intended) designers played up the pattern in varying scales, with assorted embellishments (Cutouts, studs and sequins? Yes, please!), and in modern, edgy silhouettes.
Top 5 Trends 2015: Gingham/Plaid

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4. Suede (Is The New Leather):

The Spring/Summer 2015 runways were pretty much a suede parade. Over the past 3 years, leather has transitioned into year round textile and now it’s suede’s turn to shine. In a dazzling rainbow of colors, leather’s softer cousin can be manipulated into the swingiest of party dresses and trenches. Just like leather, suede ain’t goin’ nowhere, so it’s due time we gave it some respect.
Top 5 Trends of 2015: Suede

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5. One Shoulder:

From casual wear, to more sophisticated evening styles, it’s going to be the year of the shoulder! Sometimes less is more and in this case, the one shoulder becomes the perfect amount of skin exposure to highlight one of women’s best assets regardless of size, or age.
Top 5 Trends of 2015: One Shoulder

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What are some of YOUR must have items for 2015?

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