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You’re Only 5 Items Away From A Fresh Spring Wardrobe

fresh spring wardrobe header

Regardless of the generally mild season we’ve had, Winter is not leaving without a fight… and a few Winter Storm Warnings.

Honestly, this bi-polar weather is really cramping my Spring style. Luckily, these few “bonus days” in heavy knits and boots has given me a chance to fine tune my Spring wardrobe. I’ve curated a tight collection of 5 versatile pieces that will give your wardrobe that fresh feeling — once all this snow melts!

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Lakeside Header The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno Lake Erie

Well, my tour of the Lake Erie waterfront continues with yet another gorgeously sunny (and blustery!) day.  While the lake is definitely pretty to look at, I haven’t mustered the courage to actually dip my toes in the water.  Totally irrational, but I’ve been spoiled my whole life growing up so close to a gorgeous ocean beach.  The fact that salt water is known to have antiseptic properties is also a big bonus for this germaphobe.

I purchased this graphic tee and navy skirt at J.Crew a few weeks back during one of their “additional 40% off sale” promotions and have been wearing both together, as well as mixed and matched with other wardrobe staples.  This exact ensemble may have also made an appearance in Florida a few weeks back (#repeatoffender)!  I’m loving the fluted hem skirt and its perfect length- a structured mini, with a little more substance.  Extra credit to the skirt for not billowing up every time a breeze blew by.

The Heart's Delight J.Crew fluted skirt graphic Cheri t-shirt Marc Jacobs tobacco tote La Mer wrap watch Stella & Dot pendant

What I’m Wearing:

Gap denim jacket / J.Crew “Cheri” graphic t-shirt / J.Crew fluted hem skirt / Marc Jacobs tote (get the look for less with THIS) / Niccolo Vicari ankle strap sandals (old, THESE or THESE are similar) / La Mer wrap watch (c/o) / Stella & Dot pendant necklace

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

DSC_4003 The Hearts Delight Stella Compiseno J.Crew Cheri graphic t-shirt fluted hem skirt Marc Jacobs tote Stella & Dot pendant necklace La Mer wrap watch

For those of you interested, J.Crew’s summer sale is still in effect, now with 200 new items added and up to an extra 50% sale prices with code TREAT. You may want to get on that!  In addition to the pieces I purchased, I also have my eye on THESE awesome flats and THIS dress which I can totally see transitioning into fall with a few added layers.

Any outfits on repeat in YOUR wardrobe?




How to Style a Graphic T-Shirt (Without Looking Like a Teeny-Bopper)

How to Style a Graphic T-Shirt The Heart's Delight

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably picked up on my love for graphic t-shirts- or just t-shirts in general.  I’m not huge on bold prints or patterns, but hand me a soft graphic t-shirt and I will wear that thing to death.  Literally.  It will have holes in it.  Now that I am a slightly more “mature and sophisticated” lady (cough, cough… #OLD), I’m always a bit concerned if my attachment to those tees is a little juvenile.  The look I’m going for is a bit more “edgy” and “street style” and a little less “ironic” and “Justin Bieber concert style.” (Don’t you just want to beat that kid up!? Smack him around a little?)

Dressing for your age is one rule of fashion that I live and die by.  Don’t worry guys, no style intervention needed here (yet).  I’ve got it all figured out. After you check out the images below, you will too.

Sydne Style graphic tee trend how to wear graphic shirts celebrity style january jones kate hudson erin wasson.jpg




Sydne Style how to wear a graphic shirt j crew bisou kisu ball gown skirt leopard jeans


What are 5 jackets everyone should own? according to @EmilyandMeritt: 1. Army 2. Blazer 3. Lady 4. Jean 5. Biker


Love her look!


Atlantic-Pacific: a graphic mix


So what are the takeaways from today’s post?

1) I’m old.

2) I love graphic t-shirts.

3) I want to beat Justin Bieber up.  Possibly give him a wedgie.

4) Graphic t-shirts are an essential staple in your wardrobe regardless of age.

5) The key to styling a graphic t-shirt successfully is keeping the shirt relatively fitted, while pairing your top with more sophisticated and timeless pieces- feminine skirts, well cut jackets, simple single-sole heels. A little sparkle never hurt, either.

Got it? Got it. Good.

How do YOU style your graphic tees?