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Embellished Shoes


I am briefly breaking my moratorium on any Fall fashion talk to bring you this important message: this Fall, over-the-top, embellished shoes will be EVERYWHERE.

Think Cinderella’s glass slipper on a crack bender.

Based on Fall ’17 designer runways, merchandise hitting the stores and just overall fashion buzz, this season more is definitely more — at least when it comes to footwear. If you thought WHITE ANKLE BOOTS were a bit wild, buckle your seat belts you’re in for a fashion ride!

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Those Gucci Loafers



You know the ones I’m talking about.

I’ve practically been drooling over them since I spotted them come down the runway last year. Ok, if we’re being honest I’ve been surprisingly into ALL things Gucci from the BELTS, to the LOAFERS and to this BAG that I just can’t get out of my head.

Ok, and THIS DRESS, too. Isn’t she a beauty!?

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Gucci Loafer


There’s nothing quite like a good designer shoe to put a spring in a my step.


Each season an “it” shoe appears that dominates the street style circuit and successfully makes the crossover from runway to real life. This season is no exception — hello, Gucci loafer! With the 90’s slowly creeping back into fashion (have you purchased your CHOKER, LEVI’S JEANS or SLIP DRESS yet?), it was only a matter of time before these unisex footwear staples made their big comeback.



Ranging from traditional loafer, to a “loafer-slide” or slingback (the fur lined ones were all the rage among the fashion set this past winter!), these horse bit embellished shoes give casual outfits a luxe dose of comfort, with a classic minimalist edge. Best worn with ankle length or rolled-up denim, the small sliver of exposed skin is all you need to put your best style foot forward this spring!


As we all can’t splurge on these Gucci loafer designer originals, I’ve put together a round up of some of my favorite spring loafer styles for all budgets — you can shop my picks below!

I’ll be honest, for a quick shoe fix I’m definitely intrigued by the tan suede SEYCHELLES LOAFER — the color would be a perfect extension of natural skin tone and a nice way to keep a silhouette looking long and lean — all for about $100!

Nothing beats the designer original, though… sigh… I guess it’s time to start saving!

Which is YOUR favorite loafer style?


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