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A Bold Handbag Trend Prediction For 2018

handbag trends 2018 rainbow bucket bag
I’m very excited to be talking about one of my absolute favorite things: HANDBAGS!!!

I’m an accessory girl through and through and this season is no exception. When it comes to bang for your style buck, nothing comes in as strong as a quality handbag.

Think about it — you use this one item countless times, often over the course of YEARS. This little accessory can punctuate any look with polish and style. Quality should be of upmost importance and the thriving luxury market has built a solid performance record based on this fact!

So what are the big handbag trends of 2018?
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Box Bag

box bag street style fall winter style fashion accessory handbag 2

Given that I’m a “few” years past my lunch box era, I thought it was interesting that a this new bag style unexpectedly caught my eye.

It’s small, it’s sharp, and of course, it’s boxy. Sounds a whole lot like that lunch box I used to tote around back in the day. (Mine was “Strawberry Shortcake” — you know, in case you were curious!) However, this new box bag is perhaps the chicest little accessory I’ve seen in a while.

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The Under $100 Handbag All The Fashionistas Are Buying


No need for intros or small talk, this Monday I’m all business and ready to deep dive into style.

As you’ve probably noticed, the holidays are barreling towards us. In case you haven’t noticed, just turn on your live TV for a few minutes and you’ll see at least 3-4 Christmas themed commercials reminding you to start getting your gifting act together.

Yes, already.

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The Next “It Bag”


Accessories seem to be taking a cue from fashion’s latest “it girls” and their new…ahem, ahem, piercings.

These are not the typical ear piercings we’re all familiar with. THESE piercings are a tad bit more risqué and a whole lot more painful! Ouch.

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Coach Saddle Bag


I’m not one to be a brand snob. If I like it, I buy it — or at least, want to buy it!

When it comes to handbags, I especially like to fly under the radar with the types of bags I select. I’m generally partial to lesser known designers, no flashy logos or hardware and simple, clean lines which give a feel of luxury and timelessness, even if the bag was a total bargain. So let me be completely honest when I tell you the last bag I thought I would ever want to add to my collection would be made by COACH.

You know, that classic American heritage brand that’s been around for 75+ years and has probably been a part of every woman’s wardrobe at least once in their lifetime!?


Over the years, COACH has veered in many directions (some, ahem… better than others) when it comes to their collections, but I’m so happy to see their handbag designs head back into the classic territory we all originally fell in love with. I originally noticed the COACH SADDLE BAG 23 while watching the Spring 2016 runway show way back in September. There was something both a bit retro (it was a redesign of the COACH 1972 Classic Pouch Bag!) and modern (the pop of color along the edges!) about it that I liked. Months later, I still like love it and find myself stalking the style online in all of its iterations and colors. It has that minimalist (almost Celiné-ish) feel to it that totally appeals to me and a price point that can’t be beat.

It finally dawned on me this morning that if I’m still thinking about this bag months later, then this is a style and product that I should be sharing with YOU!

So here we are…

(click on product images for detail!)

What do YOU think?

Is COACH a brand you’ve stuck with over the years? If not, would you consider a return? I love hearing about brand and consumer psychology — yes, I’m a self admitted nerd — so please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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ShopBop Classic Bag Sale!


Sale-alert! Sale-alert! Sale-alert!

Sales come and go all of the time, but this one is worthy of its own post simply for the fact that classic (and reasonably priced) bag ranges rarely go one sale, if ever.

Get your fall handbag game on point with the SHOPBOP Classic Bag Sale and score brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Madewell, Foley & Carina, Elizabeth & James and See by Chloe at 20% off with code: INTHEBAG. Yes, I know 20% off doesn’t sound like much, but many of these styles are new season wares AND as I mentioned, they are rarely discounted– period.

The moral of the story is: you must take a peek. The ShopBop Classic Bag Sale officially ends tonight at 11:59 PT! The end.

Here are some of my favorite styles currently on sale:

(Click on the images below for shopping details!)

I’ve been eyeing that MADEWELL TRANSPORT TOTE for quite a while — it’s the perfect carry-all in the perfect neutral shade. With its zipper top, it’s a great option for travel.

I also can’t rave enough about the LOEFFLER RANDALL RIDER BAG! I own it in a black + white color block pattern and it’s probably one of the most comfortable and functional bags I have. Miraculously, it seems to fit everything, yet is sleek enough to wear out at night with a dressier look.

The CLARE V. STRIPED TOTE might just be my next splurge… the epitome of simple and chic.

Happy sale shopping!


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Spring’s Bright Bags

bright spring handbags 2015

I was doing a bit of closet inventory last night in preparation for a style presentation I’m giving later this week, when I realized that there was a serious issue with my accessory game: I had a sad lack of color.

Greys, taupes, black, brown… no problem there. However, anything brighter than that and I’m S.O.L. Life is full of lessons and I’m sharing two of them in this post:

1) If you can’t see it, you don’t know you have it… or don’t have it, in my case.

2) Every girl needs one of spring’s bright bags.

First, let’s tackle the more difficult lesson #1…

While my closet is generally a well oiled and organized machine, I don’t have a good display area for my bags. For the past few years, I’ve been storing them in their dust bags in assorted bins lining my top shelf. Not terrible, but not quite an effective way to see what I’ve got and make the most of it.

In order to actually make use of your wardrobe (and the money you’ve invested in building it!) you need to be able to see what you have. Make sure that all of your accessories are just as organized and cared for as your clothes. I’m not quite sure what the best solution for my personal closet is (yet), but if you have the space I highly recommend THIS ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM. It makes simple work of getting all of your handbags in order, keeping them in great condition (not scrunched in the bottom of a bin) and visible/accessible for everyday use.

Now onto lesson #2… Let’s get shopping for some bright, fun bags!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //10

Out of curiosity, how do you guys store your handbags? Hopefully, you can offer up some creative storage solutions that can keep all your bags looking pristine and in view in a tight closet space!

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P.S. For those of you ready to get shopping, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE‘s Friends & Family sale is going on now! You can receive up to an additional 30% merchandise (including some of spring’s bright bags!) with code FRNFAM!



The Best Carry-On Bag For Any Budget


Holiday travel.

Not exactly a pleasurable experience for most people. Unless you’re Beyonce, of course, and have a private jet, team of hired help and are enrobed in only the finest of luxury cashmeres from head-to-toe, while sippin’ on your perfectly chilled glass of champagne and poppin’ Nobu-prepared sushi in your mouth, as you fade off into the clouds. Bey, you do you, girl. But back to us, regular folk…

Currently, my travel experience consists of hauling a stuffed-to-the-brims carry-on tote filled with assorted snacks (and bribery tools), first aid remedies, toys, books, and the mandatory iPhones/iPads for all! I feel like Oprah when we finally get into our seats and I start handing out the assorted technology- “YOU get an iPad, and YOU get an iPad, and YOU get an iPad!”  Hey, travelling with young children is survival of the fittest time: no judgement.

This bag I speak of must be large, must be lightweight, must be functional, and obviously, must be stylish. I also encourage purchasing pieces that you can use in-flight and beyond. For example, once emptied of the 30 lbs of supplies, my tote then doubles as my daytime handbag for the rest of my trip. Bonus.

If totes and convertible bags are not exactly your thing, I cannot recommend a backpack enough. After years of mocking my husband’s obsession of travelling with a backpack, I’m eating my words and full-on endorsing the trend. You can check out my best backpack picks HERE.

Wishing you all safe (and stress free) travels!

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