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The Complete Handbag Wardrobe

complete handbag wardrobe capsule collection

I had the idea to write this post while standing in the room that perhaps sparks my best creativity: a client’s walk-in closet.

Surrounded by clothes, bags and shoes galore, I realized that as I stylist I preach a lot about what constitutes a functional wardrobe. You know, all those classic and timeless goodies we should all own? However, one aspect of a well-balanced wardrobe that’s often not given its due credit is the handbag.

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Ring Bags

ring bags street style paris fashion week spring accessory trend header

Thursday greetings, from a very tired old lady.

Last night, Maroon 5 came to the Q in Cleveland and while my brain thinks I still have “Moves Like Jagger,” my sore and tired body begs to differ. I know… wild, crazy and out late on a school night! Don’t you worry, I’ll be paying the price all day today.

Bring on the coffee.

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The 10 Best Handbags of 2017 (For Every Budget!)

10 best handbags 2017 header1

I think any woman can be definitively placed into one of three categories — a handbag girl, a shoe girl or a jewelry girl.

(Which one are YOU?)

I’m most definitely a handbag girl, with shoes coming in a very close second place. Jewelry… eh. Take it or leave it… although if you’re handing it out, I’ll definitely take it.

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5 Style Strategies To Look Your Best During The Holidays

holiday style strategies

It seems like every year when December rolls around, my social calendar goes from crickets and tumbleweeds to hyperdrive. The next 3-4 weeks is always a flurry of activity and dress codes, which is both fun and exhausting at the same time.

When it’s grey and cold outside and you know you’re going to be on the run for the next 12+ hours, it’s really hard to will yourself to put on anything restrictive or uncomfortable. For those days, we’ve talked about a SIGNATURE LOOK to help us out — something tried and true that you know will make you look and feel your best. But what about those times when you just need a little extra “zhuzsh” (not quite a technical term!) to amp up your look?

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The Bag Designer You Probably Haven’t Heard Of But NEED In Your Life!


Every time I make my quarterly NYC trips one of the first questions people ask me upon my return is:

“Did you find anything good?”

My answer is always:

“OMG, yeeeeeesssss!”


This latest NYC trip was no exception. Wandering around the streets of SoHo and NoLita, it’s hard NOT to find something you love. As I walked to my SoulCycle class (SOHO location) early morning, I passed this understated shop simply marked with the name JEROME DREYFUSS and the most supple looking leather handbags in the storefront window.


My handbag life is a battle between casual slouchiness and organized structure — I like the more casual look of softer bags, but I desperately need the structure to keep the contents easily within reach. These bags were THAT balance, but with a major dose of luxury — I’m still obsessing over the mini-flashlight attached to the inside of my bag. Pure G.E.N.I.U.S.

Needless to say, I was lucky it was early enough that the store was still closed, or I may have sacrificed my exercise. (#shoppingismycardio) I did however, make a point to stop in later that afternoon and walk away with a bag of my own — The ALBERT, in case you’re interested!

However new to my handbag collection, JEROME DREYFUSS is far from new to the collective apparel and accessory design scene. The French-born designer has won numerous design awards, designed costumes for The King of Pop, himself and even launched his own men’s line MONSIEUR DREYFUSS. Lest that be all, my newest favorite handbag designer, just happens to be married to my other favorite French women’s designer, ISABEL MARANT!

Talk about a match made in perfect wardrobe heaven.


If you’re not in the NYC area, no worries, you can get your hand on one of these amazing bags too. Sold at high end department stores (BARNEYS + SAKS), as well as some of my favorite online boutiques (SHOPBOP, SCOOP, INTERMIX, etc.), you can score a bag of your own. The JEROME DREYFRUSS website is pretty fun, too! Although not all styles are available for shipment here in the US, the selection is pretty incredible and I can’t get enough of the little French boy yelling out the names of each bag as you hover across. Trust me on this one!


(click on the images below for shopping details!)