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H&M Shopping List

H&M Shopping List

Building a functional (and FUN) wardrobe is all about mixing and matching — colors, prints, style and price points.

If your entire wardrobe is designer — what fun is that?

The items that make any wardrobe or outfit most special are those unexpected pieces that bring it all together. These are the pieces that will attract attention and compliments. Fortunately for you, these things don’t have to be expensive. Actually, the most stylish women in the world are the ones who can take a $10 top and make it look like a million bucks.

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Denim Skirt


This post is coming to you direct from Newport, RI!

I’ve been having quite the whirlwind getaway! If you haven’t been to Newport, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a beautiful harbor front town with delicious food, scenic views, great New England history and beautiful accommodations. I’ll be doing a full getaway guide in a few days, but in the meantime let’s get back to style!

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Find Of The Week: Black Satin Slip On Mules

black satin slip on mules header

Nothing like a it’s-too-good-to-be-true shopping find to get your week started.

Let me give you a small spoiler alert: they’re satin yet casual enough for everyday wear, they’re one of this season’s most sought after styles (mules, for those of you curious!) and they’re under $30.


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How To Shop A Fast Fashion Store Like A Pro

fast fashion shopping tips header

If you’re a client of mine or read this blog frequently, you’ll agree that my general style mantra is: fewer, better things.

Most of the time that means investing in the best quality one can afford — for the best fit and best fabrication. If you want a wardrobe with some longevity, this strategy is a MUST when it comes to closet staples (cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, blazers, classic denim, pumps, etc.). However, it’s often hard to resist the lure of fast fashion when it comes to seasonal trends and those fun, whimsical pieces that keep your look current and fresh.

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Fall Style On A Budget


With all of the runway inspiration during Fashion Month, sometimes we need a good dose of reality to get our minds out of designer heaven and back to earth.

While those frocks you see on the runway can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, it’s just fashion. Fashion is nothing without style — and you’ve got style.

Trust me, you do.

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Striped Knit Dress


Did I ever tell you how much I love September?

Aside from the fact that it’s my birth month (shout out to my fellow Libras!), I love the month and all of the fresh and new things that come with it: new season, new school year, new sports (hooray for the return of football!), new activities (apple picking, anyone!?)… and yes, new clothing, too.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.41

Friday Link LoveGood morning + happy Friday!

School is out for summer and let’s just say there is a bit of an adjustment going on in my household. My goal today is to prevent any major injuries and/or bloodshed, as the kids get “reacquainted” with each other and inevitably find something to fight about. I’m keeping the parenting bar pretty low — small victories are still victories right?

I’m totally crushing this motherhood thing right now.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 74

Friday Link Love Header

1. With warmer months ahead and the unfortunate humidity that comes along with them, there could not be a more perfect time to study up on the PROPER METHOD TO AIR DRY YOUR HAIR for all hair lengths and textures. (

2. Global fashionistas, brace yourselves… I have some bad news. Chanel prices are going up. AGAIN. Get the scoop on the CHANEL BAG PRICE INCREASE and why women in Asia are rejoicing. (

3. I really like L.A. A lot. I do. But I could never see myself living there… because STEREOTYPICAL CHARACTERS LIKE THIS actually exist. File this under the category: it’s funny because it’s true. (

4. Interior trends may come and go, so it’s nice to know that you can get the look for way less. These 10 AFFORDABLE HACKS FOR THE HOTTEST INTERIOR TRENDS should be bookmarked immediately. (

5. Remember MTV SPRING BREAK programming of the 90’s? Where you were whisked away from your domestic reality to the most horribly over-the-top Spring Break mecca (i.e. Cancun, Daytona, Panama Beach, etc.) to spend your days and nights with the rowdy, sweaty, half-naked (and most likely totally trashed) crowds. I’m pretty sure that Jerry Springer was there too and it was awesome. (

6. Perhaps some of those aforementioned MTV Spring Breakers are now parents. Scary thought. While eventually we all grow up, it’s nice to know that as parents some of us can still keep our sense of humor… sometimes. These 24 PEOPLE ARE REALLY NAILING THIS PARENTING THING! (

7. I may have discovered the PERFECT ZIP HOODIE. It’s not too short, it’s not too wide, it’s not too fitted, and it’s not too thick/thin. It’s also surprisingly under $25 and was sitting right in front of me all of these years… in the men’s department! Duh. (

Well, it’s been quite the week!

Some highlights:

  • Getting my article on family friendly “STAYcation” ideas published on CBS’ website– You can check it out HERE!

Some lowlights:

  • One case of pink eye and one case of croup
  • 5 loads of laundry
  • Having to change all of the bedding/bath linens in the house
  • 3 separate doctors visits
  • No sleep last night

The change in season is wreaking havoc on my family! Thank goodness our warm weather getaway is right around the corner. I think we could all use a vacation.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

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