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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.14

Friday Link Love Black FridayHere we are again… Friday!

The last few weeks before the holidays always speed by in a blur of happy hours, parties, dinners and concerts. Last night was my son’s holiday band concert and he was beyond excited to show off his percussion skills! Yes, he’s an actual little drummer boy.  Little known fact about me — I took 12 years of piano lessons as a kid/teen and would love for my child(ren) to pick up a musical instrument. I was feeling nostalgic this week and looked into professionally transporting my childhood piano from my parent’s home in NY to our new home in Cleveland. It costs a small fortune. At this point, it’s a grudge match between practical Stella and sentimental Stella.

I’ll let you know who wins.

As for now, let’s indulge in a little Friday Link Love reading!

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Pajama Party

Xhiliration Pajamas Bed Stock Photo

Even the best laid plans get foiled…

That’s my motto for this past week.

Remember, I had a cold… and then STREP THROAT? Oh, and remember that little overnight to GERVASI VINEYARD we had planned as a winter treat to ourselves?! Yeah, well… that didn’t quite happen. Influenza got in the way… HARD. Mr. THD and I, along with both our kids’ grandparents (the planned weekend babysitters) went down in quick succession starting Friday morning. Canceling that non-refundable trip was pretty tragic, as was how we felt for most of Friday + Saturday. It’s Monday, and I think I’m finally back with the living, enjoying my first cup of hot coffee since Friday.

So, it’s not ALL bad news.

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Odds & Ends

Things I’m Loving Lately

loving lately header

Happy Humpday, folks!

First off, I wanted to say thank you to those of you who submitted your official votes for THE GREAT COFFEE TABLE CHALLENGE! Based on the comments thus far, this is going to be an extremely tight race to the end. Don’t worry if you haven’t voted yet, as I’ll be leaving the official polls open until Sunday. Honestly, I could use all the help I can get, so take a moment and weigh in!

Aside from hearing from you all, here are a few other things I’ve been loving lately…

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.12

Friday Link Love OK, it’s confirmed.

Winter is here.

Maybe not technically, but between the Christmas/Holiday frenzy, the assorted coughs, colds and flus going around and the layer of ice on my car this morning, it’s pretty much a done deal. I’ve been batting an annoying head cold since Sunday. Today is the first day I finally have my voice back. Try reprimanding your children when you can barely croak out an audible word! The kids practically laughed in my face, and I don’t blame them. Hopefully, the worst of the bug will pass by the end of the weekend and I can start my new week fresh and post-nasal dripless.

Hope you guys are all staying healthy! Here are a few of my favorite Friday Link Love reads and shopping finds to kick off this chilly first day of December:

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Girls’ Night Out

Girls Night Out The Sis Kiss Marshall's 1Good morning, folks!

I’ve been meaning to post this batch of photos for a few days now, but with all of the holiday (a.k.a SALE!!!) madness they took a back burner. I’m happy now to finally share with you a fun shoot (and girls night out) with some fabulous ladies and obviously, some overdue fashion tips, too!

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Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Health + Wellness Junkie

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Health Wellness-2

We’ve all got our vices…

THIS individual’s list of vices just happen to include green juice and boutique fitness classes.

If you know someone who’s constantly on the hunt for their next endorphin high (exercise related, of course) and whose idea of “dressing up” includes their very favorite pair of LULULEMON LEGGINGS and DESIGNER SNEAKERS, then this guide is a MUST READ.

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The Unexpected Color Combination I Can’t Get Enough Of

black blue color combination winter street style header

I interrupt your Cyber Monday shopping bonanza for this very important message:

Black + Blue = Winter Style Perfection

Yes, you read that right. The color pair that you’ve long avoided has now been upgraded to “super-chic status” (that’s an entire level above “chic status,” in case you were wondering). Everywhere I turn, I come across this unexpected color combination and I’m not mad about it.

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Cozy Chic Sweaters For $50 OR LESS!

cozy chic sweaters $50 or less header
Dressing well for cold weather is no walk in the park… more like a sludge through wind, rain and frozen pellets of snow/ice.

Especially if you live anyplace like Cleveland!

This weekend was especially raw, cold and disgusting and it made me want to go and layer on the thickest, softest sweater I own. My favorite sweaters are those luxe, cashmere knits in classic neutrals that never go out of style and can look perfect (no pilling!) for season after season. However, sometimes when I’m craving something a little bit more fashion forward it’s nice to have cute and inexpensive alternatives.

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Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

Christmas day outfit ideas style inspiration holiday fashion

Well, the day is almost here. Your tree and pile of gifts may be ready (or not), but how about you? Are you ready for the big day?

With the holiday mad dash, sometimes we manage to get everything sorted for Christmas (and/or Hanukkah) but forget to consider one important detail: what to wear! The holidays can be stressful enough — don’t let a wardrobe dilemma derail your day.

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