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How To Wear A Mini Skirt At Any Age!

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I’m a big believer that most fashion rules are outdated, unnecessary and simply should be ignored.

You want to wear white after Labor Day!? DO IT, girl.

Thinking about pairing black with navy? Yaaaaaaaaaaassssss.

Sneakers with a dress?? Get after it.

It seems the older we get, the more of these archaic fashion rules apply. For example, who decided that once we are a certain age, mini skirts are no longer appropriate?! I’d like to meet this individual and have a serious sit down.

Navigating fashion trends and changing styles definitely becomes a bit trickier with age, but with the right know-how you can proudly rock that mini skirt and take back the hemline. #FreeTheLegs — I think I’m onto the next big social media trending movement!

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How To Make This Your BEST January Ever!

Your best January Ever

January is a month of mixed emotions.

We’re all excited for what the future holds and all of those resolutions we’re trying to hold ourselves accountable for (step away from the cookies!), yet anxious for the same reasons. We’re happy that the chaos of the holidays is behind us, yet bummed that we’ve returned to the regular grind. Worst of all, if you live in my part of the country it’s freezing, overcast and wet. Like everyday. Really. Kiss those beautiful SATIN ANKLE WRAP FLATS goodbye for the next 3 months.

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Dress Like A French Woman


It’s Monday and time to be brutally honest with ourselves: this cold and dark, fall morning our personal style is probably not our best.

Hey, it’s tough to motivate sometimes!

What if I told you there was simple method to the always stylish madness that comes directly from our #fashiongoals cousins from across the pond? There is a reason why the fashion set holds those always-chic, Parisian women high on the style pedestal of life. Fortunately for us, we don’t need to parlez vous franςais in order to steal their sartorial secrets. We can all dress like a French woman this season using their five-piece French wardrobe method. Continue Reading

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5 Things To Quit

5 things to quit

When it comes to living a healthy, balanced life there are always people telling us what to do.

The barrage of new diets, workout plans, fashion, products and general things to do and try can get beyond overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s just all too much.

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The One Thing I Do To Remedy Anxiety

easy anxiety remedy

Seems like anxiety is a fitting topic to wax poetic about on a Monday.

With school starting later this week and our normal schedule of lessons, practices, work and social commitments on overdrive, it’s no surprise that my anxiety is slowly rearing its ugly head.

The worst part?!

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Romper Room


I love turning real-life problems into stylish solutions.

I mean, these are not rock-the-universe, societal-altering issues we’re talking about here, but important quandaries to address, nonetheless!

Today’s fashion dilemma involves a piece that I’ve written about and styled numerous times over the years: the romper! (In case you’re new to these parts, you can catch yourself up HERE.)

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How To Find The Perfect Grey T-Shirt

how to find the perfect grey t-shirt The Heart's Delight Stella CompisenoI see you walking past store displays, giving that t-shirt with the high 2-digit price tag the major side eye.  I see you quickly scroll past and ignore that drapey-soft goodness on your internet searches. I hear you mutter under your breath, “Who would spend that on a dumb t-shirt!?”

Well, I am that person. I’ve been made a convert by a super soft, simple, cotton blend that stands up to my constant wearings, countless washes and years of overall abuse. I can now readily admit, I’ve been made a luxury t-shirt junkie and it’s a habit I will never quit. #cantstopwontstop

T-shirts have become huge part of my own everyday wardrobe and recently I’ve noticed how often I use them when styling others. If you’re new to THD (I kinda dig The Heart’s Delight’s new abbreviation! What do you think?) you can get all caught up on my t-shirt fetish HERE. Even if you work in a professional environment with a corporate dress code, I guarantee that you can still get some great looks out of t-shirts on the weekends and nights out. So why cheap out on something that works for every lifestyle, every body type and every aesthetic? Bohemian, ladylike, preppy or androgynous, a well-made t-shirt in a high-end cotton blend will serve you well.

As simple as they may be, t-shirts seem to constantly pop up in questions I get from women all of the time! Where do you get your t-shirts? What kind of neckline is most flattering? How do you care for your t-shirts? What can I wear them with? You get the point…

So in that vain, I want to address some of these questions and focus specifically on my most favorite t-shirt of all time. One that literally goes with everything in your closet. One that can transition from weekend sports bleachers to a girls’ night out. One that requires no fancy dry-cleaning. One that can be acquired for less than two week’s worth of grande lattes (those bad boys sure add up QUICKLY!).

The grey t-shirt.

Why grey?! Well, let me tell you:

1. It 100%, really, truly goes with EVERYTHING.

2. It’s a softer tone than white and universally flattering against any skin.

3. It doesn’t show stains as easily. (That unfortunate deodorant yellowing in the armpits drives me nuts!)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

So which grey t-shirt is for you?

Let’s start with the most important piece: FIT.

  1. You want a body skimming fit, that is not painted on tight. T-shirts are most flattering when they skim the curves of your body and create a draped, lean silhouette.

  2. The length of the perfect tee should hit at the hip, perhaps even a little longer; definitely not shorter… unless you’re going the cropped route, which is a whole separate post!

  3. If you’re blessed with a bust and/or a curvier body, a v-neck or deep scoop is most flattering. It will give you a longer line and highlight your décolletage and face! A higher crew neck is a little more tomboyish in nature, and perfect if you’re looking for a boxier fit to pair with a contrasting feminine bottom (i.e. midi skirt).

Now, let’s chat about COMPOSITION.

My favorite t-shirts are rarely 100% cotton- those tend to be too stiff, lose their shape, and suffer from unfortunate shrinkage over time. Generally, the tees I pick up are a cotton-modal blend (50%/50%) or include a dash of rayon, or polyester. If you’re looking for full on luxury, a cotton-silk blended tee will give you a beautiful shape, but may be a little more high maintenance when it comes to care.

Finally, it’s time to talk CARE.

I’m anti-dry clean as much as I can help it. Even if the rare t-shirt recommends dry cleaning, I take the risk and run my shirt on the delicate cycle of my washing machine. Actually, I try to wash most of my t-shirts the same way: no bleach, machine wash delicate cycle followed by flat drying, or the occasional air dry on the hanger. So far, I’ve experienced no casualties and all of my shirts look as good as new!

So after reading this diatribe on designer t-shirts, I want you to know that I’m in no way discounting the less expensive brands or t-shirt options. My takeaway is simple: based on my experiences, a little investment in the way of a great fitting (and feeling) t-shirt can go a very long way.

What is your favorite t-shirt?

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