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1) Wedding season is now in full force and I think we all need a video like this to keep those brides/grooms/bridal parties from taking themselves too seriously.  I’m fully enamoured with the rogue bridesmaid who refuses to go down with the bridal party ship! #yougogirl… Literally… GO! Get the H*** off that dock.  (

2) Another Link Love, another amazing IKEA hack job.  This one is probably one of my favorites and seems like a project even a novice like me can tackle successfully. How sweet would that dresser be in a little (or big) girl’s room?! (

3) If you’re all set with your indoor furniture and outdoor furnishings are what you’re after, check out these 10 sources for good, cheap outdoor furniture! (

4) Yes, I will drop everything to sit and watch a re-run of Sex & The City for the gad-zillionth time.  Yes, my early 20’s were shaped by the Sex & The City culture sweeping NY.  Yes, I have eaten cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (honestly, they’re not that good).  All that being said, I have no problems admitting that I have a love/hate relationship with the fictional Carrie Bradshaw.  Apparently, there are 21 reasons why Carrie Bradshaw is actually really annoying.  Feel free to add to this list. (

5) Zara is one of those retail brands/establishments known for fast fashion- providing masses with a lower cost interpretation of high end runway styles.  Coincidentally, this fast fashion is stylistically on point, cut well and available at a great price.  No wonder Zara has become THE retailer where fashion insiders flock. (

6) Summer grilling doesn’t have to mean gut busting burgers and hot dogs.  Why not try out these delicious and light teriyaki shrimp burgers this weekend? Your bikini will thank you. (

7) I purchased THIS DRESS on a whim thinking that between two summer weddings, wedding related parties/showers and an upcoming trip to NYC, I’ll definitely get some wear out of it.  I love it- even more so now that it’s on sale (under $65)!  The color in person is a little more lime and a little less lemon.  A perfect match to the margarita I’ll most likely be drinking while wearing it. (

So what are you guys up to this weekend?  My kids are both officially on summer break and a few days without anything scheduled will be a nice change of pace.  I’m hoping to get a headstart on some house cleaning, blog posting, and reorganizing.  I know, exciting stuff.  Don’t get too jealous.

See you back here on Monday!