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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.05

Friday Link LoveOur Indian Summer has called it quits and this Friday, it certainly feels like Fall.

Trees are starting the change colors, the sky is grey and cool rain is in the forecast. I. LOVE. IT. Our new home is surrounded by mature trees and I’m excited to see all of the colorful changes as the days go on. Now, cleaning up all those leaves… eh, not so much.

This weekend, I’ll be up to more of the same: packing, purging + organizing. Not the most exciting of weekend activities, but it’s nice to see an end in sight. I also foresee some fall-inspired cocktails in my future (keep reading for one of my favorites!). Hey, if I’m gonna be home packing, might as well make it fun!

Here are a few of my favorite internet reads, recipes and sales (a.k.a. Friday Link Love!) to inject a bit more fun into YOUR weekend!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.71

Friday Link Love

Mayday, Mayday…. we’ve been hit!!!

After being spared from that nasty virus that’s been making the rounds since before the holidays, we’re now ankle deep in Clorox wipes here at Casa Heart’s Delight. My little one woke up this morning at 4:20am and it’s been a touch and go situation ever since. Actually, I’m trying to touch as little as possible! I’m currently writing this post at the foot of her bed (she didn’t want to be left alone), dousing myself with hand sanitizer. It’s going to be a LONG day.

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