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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.98

Friday Link LoveThis post is being created rather slowly, as I can barely lift my arms up to type.

My summer workout schedule has been all over the place lately. With so much activity going on and routines constantly shifting, it’s been a real challenge to maintain a consistent groove.

(Do you guys have a harder time keeping up your regular workouts in the summer, too?)

This week, I made a promise to myself that I would make time for 3 workouts before the weekend. Today, I just happen to be paying the price. I’m so sore, sore, sore! Well, at least the hardest part is behind me and hopefully I’ll be back in my regular routine soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m happy to just sit back (gingerly) and share with you this week’s Friday Link Love finds!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.97

Friday Link Love…and just like that, it’s August.

With only a few weeks left of school free summer, I’ve been thinking about how I want to spend these last glorious no-lunch packing, no homework monitoring, no school sports/activities shuttling days. As much as the kids and I have been spending a lot of time together and occasionally grating on each other’s last nerve — more specifically, they’re grating on mine! — I am going to miss this low-key time together.  I think about how many more summers I’ll have left before my 8 yo little guy doesn’t want to hold my hand anymore, or if I’m under-appreciating those small moments when my daughter finally declares domination over the playground monkey bars. To be honest, all of this sappy stuff might be the result of monthly hormones. Just in case it’s not, the next 2 1/2 weeks I’ve decided to attack our summer fun bucket list with a vengeance. Which means I actually need to create one… So moms, local NE Ohio/Cleveland residents and all-around creative people — please help a sista’ out!

What’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

Perhaps find all the inspiration you need in these Friday Link Love reads below.

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.92

Friday Link LoveCan you believe it’s Friday Link Love time already?!

This was recital week for my 6 year old and after what seems like a prolonged Ground Hog Day experience, it’s nice to wake up to a Friday! Last night was the final performance and we couldn’t be more proud of how our little girl rocked her dances. Dancing aside, the joy we witnessed as she came off the stage was enough to convince me that my dance mom days are far from over. Although, I can’t lie: I’m beyond thankful I have 2 months to recover before all that starts up again!

While I slowly sip my coffee and enjoy the quiet of my house, here are this week’s Link Love reads to get YOUR weekend started right!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.91

Friday Link LoveWell, I wanted summer and I got it.

This week has been a scorcher! The highlight of my week was the official start of summer camp — a.k.a a parent’s summer savior. I drop them off in the morning and at the end of the day I get happy, sweaty and exhausted kids. Just the way I like them. They’re also wild, ravenous beasts. I can’t keep up with their appetites! They literally eat non-stop between the hours of 4:30-8pm and don’t even think about making them wait even a minute. You might lose an appendage. Ah, to be young again with a burning metabolism. Must be nice!

Now, for the good stuff! Let’s get to this week’s edition of Friday Link Love!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.89

Friday Link LoveHow are you doin’ over there? Still with me this morning?

My Friday has not quite started off on the right foot, so I’m resetting and attempting a do-over. To make a long story short, I was trying to help the kids get ready for school and absolutely no one was listening to me. Pretty infuriating, I know. I was “this close” to throwing out the classic parenting line — “Do you know how much I do for you!?” and instead decided to walk away from the situation.

Eventually, everyone got their sh*t together, but it left me with a bad taste — if you know what I mean. Rather than stew in my frustration, I am making the decision to stop overanalyzing (What could I have done differently? Am I a bad parent? Why don’t my kids respect me?!) and let it go. In the grand scheme of parenting, I’m usually a moderately decent parent (like, 80% of the time) and they’re usually really good kids… and in this case, it’s OK to be good enough.

Good thing I have a 3-day weekend and this week’s Friday Link Love to quickly distract me from all of this mayhem!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.87

Friday Link LoveIs it just me or did this week zoom by at hyper-speed?!

I blinked and here we are at Friday. Don’cha just love when that happens?

Now, hopefully time will come to a screeching halt so I can actually relax and enjoy the weekend. If things go according to plan we may just be able to set up our patio and perhaps finally get our little vegetable garden underway. For the past 4 years, we’ve grown assorted fruits, vegetables and herbs in a tiny corner of our backyard. We’ve battled late-May frost, hungry deer, rabbits and even a hedgehog — at least I think that’s what it was!? At this point, we’re hardened gardeners — ain’t nobody fcking with my snap peas, btch! All of the effort is definitely worth it when the “harvest” finally comes in. Really, is there anything better than a homegrown, heirloom tomato?! Yum.

Well, now that I’m totally hungry and craving a tomato caprese salad, let’s get to this week’s Friday Link Love picks!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.84

Friday Link LoveWe made it! Hooray for Spring Break!

I might be as excited as my kids at this point. Mama needs a vacation. I also need a tan. Both situations will be resolved in a matter of hours. The last few weeks have been a mad dash towards the vacation finish line and I couldn’t be more relieved that it’s finally here. Sunshine and sand, here I come.

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.83

Friday Link Love
If you’re anywhere near Lake Erie right now — WTF!?

Is this lake-effect weather situation some sort of cruel and unusual punishment? I woke up to gusty (gale-force) winds, freezing temperatures and snow, people. YES, SNOW. On April 7th. Coincidentally, the forecast calls for sunshine and 70 degree weather in less than 48 hours. Um, ok… that’s 100% weird but I’ll go with it.

Spring Break cannot come fast enough. 

Nothing better than a good Friday Link Love distraction to keep yourself in a happy place! Just read on for all of my favorite reads of the week and some good shopping finds, too.

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.82

Friday Link LoveMy motto for the past week is, “better late than never.”

All week, I seemed to be struggling with squeezing in all of my responsibilities and tasks into what seemed like a shorter day. I can’t decide if I’m excited it’s Friday, or if I’m more anxious that it’s Friday and I still have so much left to get done before my weekend can begin.

Ha, the struggle!

Nothing a cocktail (I’ve been craving tequila all week!) and a bit of fun internet browsing won’t cure. In that vain, here are this week’s (slightly late) Friday Link Love reads for your enjoyment — whether you’re still at work, or if your weekend has already officially begun!

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