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Friday Link Love, 1.80

Friday Link LoveHappy St. Patrick’s Day Friday! 

I have kids home from school today, so my wild and crazy St. Patty’s day debauchery will be at a minimum. We’re starting off the day at a fun, kid friendly brunch at a friend’s home.  I currently have this OVERNIGHT FRENCH TOAST baking away in my oven. It’s beyond delicious and pretty much a dessert that’s masquerading as a breakfast/brunch dish. Sneaky, sneaky. Whether you’re Irish or not (I’m 100% not, but my kids have an 1/8 of the Irish green in them), I love holidays that are just plain fun. So go grab a green beer — no one will judge if it’s before 5pm, and sláinte!

Oh, but first make sure you catch up on this week’s edition of Friday Link Love!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.37

Friday Link LoveCommence the weekend!

Well, almost… still a few hours left to go. Let me tell ‘ya, I’m ready.

In the meantime, I think I have a serious problem. Some may call it a desire to live a healthy, balanced life. Others may call it a booty obsession. For the past few months I’ve been infatuated with everything derrière related. As we age, I’ve noticed there are many (many, many, many…) things that are beyond our control — i.e. grey hairs, smile lines, desire to fall asleep at 8:30pm. One of the few things that CAN be controlled is our ass — to put it mildly.

Basically, I’d like to whip mine into shape. Whip it into a perky, bubble butt, perfect peach-like shape — a reasonable request, no!? So, what’s the logical next step? Consult with a professional! By consult I mean stalk the social media of Instagram butt guru, Jen Selter. I’m now educated, motivated and ready to rumble. Anyone else want to tackle a BOOTY CHALLENGE with me? It’s on!

Now, onto all of the other cool (non-booty related) Friday Link Love articles I’ve been stalking on the internet!


What I’m Reading:

•  Apparently, we’ve all been trying to cure our hangovers wrong. This is THE RIGHT WAY according to science. (

•  Love, love, love this quick tip to help us all determine WHAT’S NOT OUR STYLE. (

•  I’ve had a few of you ask me about some of the “never-heard-of-before” online retailers and the quality of their products. My response has always been, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. THIS ARTICLE speaks for itself. (

•  Our beloved nail polish brand, ESSIE IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO A HUGE MAKEOVER and I think you’re going to like it! (


What I’m Making:

•  Well, for starters, I’ll be making an attempt to recreate this BRAIDED LOOK FOR LONGER DARK HAIR! (

•  Once my hair is perfectly coiffed, I’ll take on this list of 18 RECIPES FROM THIS YEAR’S MOST RECENT JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNERS! (


What I’m Buying:

•  Do you guys ever shop at LORD & TAYLOR?

It’s not really one of my “go-to” retail destinations, but I get such nostalgia whenever of I think of that store. When I was a kid, my mom used to work in the office building across the street from the Lord & Taylor NYC flagship.  As you can imagine, we used to spend a lot of time in the department store browsing around and pretending to be “Ladies Who Lunch” in the café upstairs. It makes me smile whenever I think about it… it’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

LORD & TAYLOR is having a great sale that involves 50% OFF discounts, an additional 20% OFF (sale and regular priced) purchases with the code: FASHION… aaaaaand, wait for it — an additional $20 off any purchase over $150 with code: BONUS!

Some of the items I am picking up include:

·  These LOAFERS — possibly in black AND brown. What can I say? When it’s good, it’s good!
·  These STRIPED WIDE LEG PANTS — how cute are they for summer?
·  This LACE UP TOP is so versatile — and goes perfectly with those pants!
·  If you haven’t purchased an off-the-shoulder-top yet, start with this DENIM TOP.
·  I love this KNIT WRAP TOP (under $20!) for throwing over shorts and a tank top on lazy days!

Wishing all of you a happy Mother’s Day this weekend! Give all of the moms in your life a hug and tell them how much they mean to you — that is a true gift better than any flowers or brunches you can buy her.

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