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2 Fresh Ways To Style Your Coziest Off-The-Shoulder Sweater


As you might have noticed, the off-the-shoulder trend has some serious longevity to it. My first post about the trend was way back in 2015!! You can see it HERE.

Over the past year, I think most women I know have invested in some sort of “off-the-shoulder” style to add to their regular fashion rotation. More recently, you’ve probably seen an abundance of off-the-shoulder knitwear more appropriate for the fall and winter ahead.

(All hail, sweater weather!)

Some trends can be “one + done” — meaning you wear that style one specific way and that’s pretty much it. However, the longer the off-the-shoulder trend is going strong, the more I recognize its fashion possibilities.

Here are 2 fresh ways to style the off-the-shoulder sweater that you might not have considered before — at least, I didn’t!

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Summer Brunch

gingham off the shoulder top distressed levis jeans street style summer fashion 1

I think patio dining/drinking might be one of my top 3 things about summer.

Now that I have children, my time al fresco is definitely much more limited than it used to be back in the day. Kids and long, boozy brunches just don’t seem to mix very well. So when I have an opportunity to head downtown and sit outside sans the menagerie, I’m all over it!

You know what else I’m all over?! Gingham… and distressed denim (in no particular order).

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The instant I saw this top online, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Originally, I spotted it on Amber of BAREFOOT BLONDE in an INSTAGRAM capture from the beaches of Hawaii. The rich, saturated colors reminded me of a tropical sunset — and who doesn’t like that!? When I discovered that same FREE PEOPLE CANDYLAND SWEATER in my local store, I knew it was meant to be.

The under $60 price tag might have sealed the deal.

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An Off-The-Shoulder Style You Should Wear NOW


I come to you this Thursday with very good news in hand.

If you’re anything like me and have been longing for the day Spring weather finally arrives to bust out all of your new off-the-shoulder and more skin-exposing clothes, wait no more. There exists an off-the-shoulder style top that is perfectly appropriate for this late winter freeze.

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Dress Your Shape: Inverted Triangle

dress your shape inverted triangle dress forms mannequins

It’s a landmark Monday for me: I’m dressed, organized for the day, fully caffeinated and ready to go at 7am. I blame the delicious La Colombe iced coffee for the extra pep.

Before the caffeine crash hits hard, you guys ready to dive right in?

We’ve already tackled the HOURGLASS and the APPLE, and today we’re moving right along to a body type that while in theory sounds fantastic, creates many style dilemmas as a result: the Inverted Triangle!

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The One Dress You’ll Wear All Summer


It seems like of strange to be writing about summer fashion as snow is still on the ground outside. Cleveland got hit with 4-6 inches of the wettest, heaviest snow on Saturday night and while it was beautiful, talk about a kick in the face by Mother Nature!

My B12 and Vitamin D supplements must be kicking in, because rather than dwell on the unfortunate state of spring in these parts, I’ve decided to simply plow ahead with my warm weather style planning and inspiration.

Everyone loves an easy summer dress, right?

Well, I found the best budget friendly (although looks way more expensive!) dress that you’ll want to wear all summer long. ASOS OFF THE SHOULDER SUNDRESS WITH ROPE TIE, how do I love thee?

Let’s count the ways…

1. The 100% cotton fabrication is generally reserved for much more $$$ price points, so this is a true treat in a $65 dress.

2. The rope tie cinch at the waist is a great style detail, as well as an ideal way to define a waist. Most off the shoulder styles tend to have a tunic silhouette (loose, boxy, etc.) — this is far more flattering.

3. The casual, off-the shoulder design is totally on trend for the season — you can see some more of my cold shoulder picks RIGHT THIS WAY.

4. The midi length is a much more practical option for daily wear. While I love a good short shift or tunic, I’ve been known to flash my bum when raising my arms to reach for something or adjust my hair. I love that this longer length is a bit more appropriate for everyday activity — not just special occasions. If you’re on the more petite end of the scale, consider having this dress shortened by a few inches to best fit your proportions — it’s an easy fix that will cost you less than $20 at the tailor.

5. If you’re pregnant, this is an awesome maternity-appropriate style that will work well with a bump. Simply, adjust the bodice and rope tie to sit above your baby bump vs. your natural waist.

Have I convinced you yet?

As with most ASOS style gems, I guarantee that sizes will start to sell out shortly. A quick note on sizing: ASOS runs notoriously small. I personally size up 1 and occasionally, even 2 full sizes on all my purchases for the best fit.

For some more ASOS dresses that are currently catching my eye, check out my picks below!




Cold Shoulder


We’re baaaaaaack!!

How was your Spring Break?

I’m desperately clinging on to whatever (minimal) tan I managed to pick up during my Gulf Coast getaway. As someone who doesn’t really tan, I appreciate any semblance of color I can hang on to as a friendly reminder that yes, my body actually saw sunlight a few days ago!

One of things I’m bringing back from the beach in addition to some stray sand — that stuff gets into every crevice! — is a renown appreciation for the off-the-shoulder styles we’re seeing everywhere. Warm weather dressing generally calls for the shedding of layers and the baring of skin. Needless to say, this exposure might make some of you uncomfortable or feeling less than confident. Fortunately, the shoulder and collar bones are some of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body, so regardless of age, size and paleness — go ahead, give them all the cold shoulder!


1 (only $26!) // 2 // 3 // 4 (get an additional 25% off with CODE: FRIENDS) // 5 // 6 //

7 (get an additional 25% off with CODE: FRIENDS) // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

Some styling notes for your favorite off-the-shoulder-styles:

•  Many off-the-shoulder dresses tend to fall on the shorter side — don’t be afraid to treat them as a tunic and layer over slim fitting jeans for a more casual take on the look.

 Forego a necklace and instead, style an off-the-shoulder top or dress with statement earrings to keep the neckline from looking too busy. Oversized earrings with further draw attention to your face and décolletage area and provide a fun spin on the cold shoulder style.

•  Warm weather trends are some of the most fun and require the smallest commitment when it comes to budget. You can find great on-trend styles for pennies, well, not literally pennies, but you get the idea. While I always recommend buying the best quality for more substantial fall and winter clothes, summer lightweight fabrications are almost indistinguishable regardless of price point. So go ahead, have fun with your summer look!

Also, you might have noticed that a few of the styles I selected are currently 25% off — hooray! BLOOMINGDALE’S is currently running their Friends + Family Sale now through 4/10. To take advantage of the sale selection, make sure you check it out sooner vs. later as the best styles tend to get snatched up pretty quickly. Personally, I couldn’t resist and just added THIS DRESS to my collection!


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What I Want To Wear: Off-The-Shoulder Top


As you know, I’m no bohemian-beach maven.

I love the look, but crave the clean lines and structure of a more modern, minimalist aesthetic. (Get to know your STYLE IDENTITY, y’all!) I think I’ve found a compromise that lets me embrace the boho-flow while still staying true to my personal style: the off-the-shoulder-top.

This traditionally romantic style can get quickly modernized with the right coordinating pieces. The off-the-shoulder trend knows no age boundaries either — this is a look that women of all ages (and sizes!) can embrace.

See for yourself…

Street Style Off The Shoulder White Top


2 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look Blogger Krystal Schlegel Tibi Top Nude Bag Jeans photo 2-Le-Fashion-31-Stylish-Ways-To-Wear-An-Off-The-Shoulder-Look-Blogger-Krystal-Schlegel-Tibi-Top-Nude-Bag-Jeans.jpg

22 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look Striped Top Shorts Lace Up Sandals Via Fashion Me Now

10 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look White Tibi Top Striped Skirt Aimee Song Of Style

Now, shop the look below:

Will you be wearing the off-the-shoulder trend this season?