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As with everything else on this planet, fashion evolves.

Trends build over time and spill over into the next biggest, brightest thing in the retail world.

How’d you guys feel about the lace-up trend??

For quite a few seasons, that criss-crossed detail covered everything from top to bottom giving even the simplest of pieces a serious dose of wearable style. Well, prepare yourselves because the lace-up has now evolved into… the ruche!

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Black Midi Dress


Let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a far away land called, Cleveland. One day, the gods above decided to punish the people of Cleveland with oppressive heat and humidity that just wouldn’t quit. The girl decided to fight back with the only weapon she could muster: style. This came in the form of a billowing and lightweight, black midi dress. Nothing could stop her — not even the weather gods.

The End.

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Everything is Coming Up Roses


This is the time of year when getting dressed can become more of a chore than a pleasure.

It’s still way to cold to wear anything remotely new or interesting and the long winter has taken it’s toll on your cold weather wardrobe inspiration. Everything old totally feels old and I actually heard myself sigh out loud this morning while getting dressed in what has become (in my head) the most boring outfit ever — jeans, a fitted sweater, leather jacket and booties.


It was only while I was browsing my style feed over coffee that I came across this image of Sara Escudero of COLLAGE VINTAGE and realized that with a few small tweaks, the same old thing is not necessarily such a bad thing.


Jacket — Reiss (I love this SUEDE version, too!)
Jeans — Levi’s (My favorite 501’s are currently on sale at SHOPBOP for an additional 25% off!)
Sweater — Theory
Mules — Reiss

Maybe it was the soft rosewood color, but it gave a very straightforward, no frills, anyone-can-put-this-together outfit that oomph it needed to become inspirational. All of a sudden, I was back in my closet and feeling so much happier with my choices. A quick swap of my trademark black leather for a lighter, brighter, blush version and I was out the door.


Moral of the story — classics are never boring. Sometimes we just need to see them through a fresh rose colored lens to appreciate a look that never goes out of style.



(all images via)


How To Build A Killer Outfit (When You’re Running Late!)

how to build a killer outfit when you're running late

One thing that unifies us all as women is our ability to go from “ahead of schedule” to “running late” in a blink of an eye — just ask my (very patient) husband!

Whether you got held up at the office, got distracted by the kids, or just savored those last few minutes of morning sleep a little TOO much (that daylight-savings time change is a killer!), we’ve all had moments of panic when we’ve stood and stared at our closet hoping that the Fairy Style Godmother would come to our rescue and drop the perfect outfit in our lap. Unless you’re a modern day Cinderella, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

To help you get you back on track and on schedule, I’ve created a guide of foolproof tips to make getting dressed the speediest and least stressful part of your day.

how to build a killer outfit when running late inspiration board

•  Keep An Inspiration Board

Have you joined PINTEREST yet? Well, what are you waiting for?!

I find that Pinterest is the easiest way to keep your look inspired and your fashion on point. Whenever you see a look that catches your eye, just go ahead and pin away for future reference! Next time you think, “I have no idea what to wear!” make sure to check out your Pinterest page.  I guarantee it will become one of your most utilized resources when it comes to coming up with fresh and flattering ensembles.


•  Keep Things Organized

If your closet is a mess, finding a cohesive outfit becomes all the more time consuming and challenging. An overstuffed, unorganized and disheveled closet will lead to wasted time and energy searching for the right pieces — and definitely some ironing. (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) It’s important to be able to actually see what you own so that you can maximize your wardrobe’s potential and visually create cohesive looks. Not to mention, keeping your closet organized is  a great way to save money and prevent overbuying and overspending on items you may already own.

Some of the tools I use to keep my closet in good form are surprisingly inexpensive and can be easily installed in most spaces, no matter how big or small — see for yourself:



•  Know What Works

Helping people uncover their STYLE IDENTITY is a big part of what I do as a stylist. Once you have that style identity on lock down, you’ll be able to focus in on your standout outfits and silhouettes that make you look and feel amazing.


•  Start From The Bottom

Just like Drake says, we started from the bottom. In this case, the bottom refers to your shoes! Make a quick mental note of your daily schedule and determine which lucky pair of shoes will make the cut based on activities, dress code, weather, etc. Your shoes will become the basic foundation used to inspire and create the rest of your outfit.

Here are 5 of my go-to shoe basics that every woman should have in their rotation:


•  Take Selfies

Take a cue from the Kardashians (ughh… it pained me to say/type that!) and document your looks on your camera phone. Keep a digital file of successful outfits on hand so that you can reference back to it when you are in a fashion slump or need a quick dose of inspiration. Simple, yet effective!


•  Call Me!

Now, this is perhaps the easiest way to solve your “I have nothing to wear!” woes. If you haven’t already, take a peek at my SERVICES and find the package that works best for you! A spring Closet Style-In is a no brainer if you’re looking to curate your closet, pinpoint your personal style needs and create a fashion template and style guide to use in the future. Oh, and we get to hang out too!

Appointments are starting to fill up quickly, so let’s chat if you’re interested in booking your session or finding out more about the process or services I offer. You can reach me HERE!

Now, stop procrastinating and go get dressed!



What To Wear Today

what to wear today february header

We all have our days when we can stare at our closets for hours and nothing appeals to us… at all.

It’s these times when a few inspirational images is all it takes to get those creative styling juices flowing. Find a color way, a place or a special thing that strikes your fancy and then just sit back let it happen…

(Click on the images for product detail!)

Coat — H&M (hurry… this style was selling out online!)
Jacket — Topshop
Dress — River Island (only $30 + available in a number of colors!)
Booties — Chloé (my dream bootie, but THESE are an almost identical dupe at $139 — unreal!)
Handbag — Mansur Gavriel
Scarf — Alexander McQueen
Sunglasses — Illesteva (the bicolor frames are so cool…)

That apartment could inspire even an inanimate object. How stunning! Just like the outfit, the interior decor is a blend of striking bold pieces, softened with texture and natural fibers.

You might have noticed my love of the necktie scarf — it’s not going away anytime soon. I adore how this little accessory can completely change up the look of an outfit. Fold your scarf and knot around your neck for a bit of lady-like flair, or wear it true bandanna style for more of a downtown-edge — the choice is yours!




Weekend #OOTD Inspiration

This morning as I was scrolling through my INSTAGRAM feed, an image of one of my favorite style bloggers — SINCERELY JULES, popped up.

sincerely jules

The outfit she was wearing in her street style shot wasn’t anything especially groundbreaking or trendy… perhaps that’s why I liked it so much? I just though that Julie totally nailed the off-duty, casual look that could be re-interpreted so easily using items most of us already have hanging in our closets.

Aren’t those the best kinds of outfits?

From the warm wool coat, to the oversized scarf and comfy sneakers, this is a weekend #ootd (outfit of the day… for those of you curious!) I will definitely be wearing in the near future.

(click on the image below for product details!)

Coat– Mango Double Breasted Coat
Jeans– Current//Elliott Boyfriend Jeans
Sweater– Enza Costa U-Neck Sweater
Scarf– Zara Soft Check Scarf
Hat– Keds Wool Baseball Hat
Sunglasses– Ray Ban Original Aviator
Bag– Celiné Tie Tote (SIMILAR look for less!)
Shoes– New Balance ‘696’ Sneaker

One last note — I chucked when I saw the bag Julie was carrying… it’s totally my November rental from BAG BORROW or STEAL! I hope she loves it as much as I did.



Fringe Sweater

Do you have a certain special something in your wardrobe that stands out from the rest?

fringe sweater

What I’m Wearing:

•  Thakoon Addition Fringe Sweater (no longer available; THIS or THIS is a good alternative!)
•  Equipment Slim Signature Silk Blouse
•  J Brand Legging Jean
•  Tania Spinelli Nude Patent Classic Pump
•  Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag
•  J.Crew Rhinestone Necklace (no longer available; THIS is similar)

The kind of statement making piece that you build the rest of your outfit around? Sort of like that STATEMENT NECKLACE we spoke about, but on a different scale. Sometimes, this statement item is such a departure from your usual style that you’re actually shocked that you love it to begin with… which is exactly the case when it comes to this fringe sweater.


It’s not exactly a low key, minimalist look by any means. This is a sweater that basically announces to a room: “I’m here… B*tches.”

(Obviously, in a very nice, pleasant, non-offensive way — or not.)

When I saw this sweater make its appearance on THE OUTNET (one of my favorite online resources for unique designer pieces at a major discount!) last year, it immediately went into my shopping cart. Unfortunately, its since sold out, but you can find a very similar alternative HERE or HERE (this season’s Thakoon style).

Thakoon Addition fringe sweater

Than Addition fringe sweater

Some styling notes for you:

The key to pulling off a large, oversized topper like this is to keep the rest of the look streamlined and minimal. Skinny jeans balance out the oversized proportions of the cardigan, while a white silk blouse keeps the look sleek. Nude pointed toe pumps elongate the silhouette completing the look!

Now, here’s a unique styling twist on the traditional blouse: try buttoning the shirt to the top (collar included) and add a short statement necklace under the collar. It changes the look of the blouse completely and gives it a fun and modern update. It’s a bit edgy and a bit ingenue all in one.




(All images via Shannon Ahlstrand Phototography)



Jumpsuit, jumper, romper, onesie… whatever you want to call it — I’m a big fan. Big.

However, if we’re going to be honest with each other you should know that my love affair with the jumpsuit was not always this strong. It’s become a deep relationship cultivated over time and many epic fails in the dressing rooms of my favorite stores.


What I’m Wearing:

Banana Republic JUMPSUIT (Currently 40% OFF with CODE: TREAT) // Gap BELT (Old; Love THIS one!) // Zara SANDALS (no longer available; THESE or THESE are similar!) // CLUTCH (Old; THIS splurge or THIS steal are similar!) // Loft SCARF (Currently on sale!)

As simple as a jumpsuit may seem, these all-in-one wonders leave a lot of room for error. Whether it was a too-long crotch, unfortunate camel-toe situation, waistline that lined up with my chest, room for a second person to join me, or a perma-wedgie there have been plenty of reasons why jumpsuits haven’t worked out for me in the past. Seriously, there were some serious swings and misses in the jumpsuit department. That is, until I discovered this BANANA REPUBLIC number.



Roomy and light, this jumpsuit is the ideal day-to-night solution. With a quick swap of accessories you’ll be able to transform a casual weekend look to one that is date night worthy. I actually removed the fabric belt/tie that came with this jumpsuit and swapped it out for a more structured belt which I cinched at my waist for slimming definition and an hourglass shape.



The lace-up heels further elongate the silhouette and make this look totally party ready, while the patterned and tasseled scarf gives the basic black outfit a bit more visual interest and texture. A good combo, if I say so myself.

Now, onto more important things — cocktails, anyone?