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Teddy Bear Coat

teddy bear coat winter street style

First, an apology…

Sorry for the radio silence last Thursday/Friday. It was finally the day(s) the moving trucks arrived. I thought I would be more emotional, but between the manual labor and the psychological relief of having the most difficult portion of this move/transition complete, I think I was simply too tired to be sad. Now that we’ve settled into our temporary housing scenario (thank goodness for extremely kind + generous in-laws!), I’m more exited than ever to move onto and INTO the next chapter.

So where were we?! Ahhhh, fashion + lifestyle. It feels good to be back.

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The 5 Piece Outerwear Wardrobe Every Woman Needs

The 5 piece outerwear wardrobe header

Wednesday, already?!

Man, this week is rockin’ and rollin. I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words and encouraging comments on the new house and renovation — especially THE KITCHEN! I’ll be sharing more room-by-room renovation details over the new few weeks and hope you’ll help with some of the design choices — next up: the kids’/guest bathroom!

In the meantime, let’s talk a bit of seasonal fashion — namely, outerwear.

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Spring Trench Coat

spring trench coat street style header

April showers bring May flowers… and trench coats.

For decades, the spring trench coat has been a closet staple for the most stylish women all over the world. However, over time this functional piece has taken on much more stylish persona. In addition to the typical khaki colored trench (you know THE ONE!), women now have a rainbow of colors, cuts and fabrications to pick from.

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Cold Weather Style

cold weather style header Brooklyn Blonde Helena street style fashion winter 2017

I came across this image of Helena from BROOKLYN BLONDE yesterday and had a bit of an epiphany.

While I was lamenting the ankle deep slush and ice, I realized that we’ve spent a lot of time together talking about how to use outerwear layers to keep us warm — remember THIS post?

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A Coat For All Seasons


Baby, it’s cold outside and I know it’s not going to get any warmer… at least for the next 3-4 months.

(Yeah, sorry about that.)

Bring on the wool, the down, the cashmere, the shearling and really, anything fluffy and warm.
This time of year, layering can only get you so far, so I think it’s due time we bust out the big outerwear guns.

This season, MILITARY STYLE has taken a front seat when it comes to style trends, so it should be no surprise that double-breasted outerwear is everywhere. From short pea coats, to full-length dusters, the sharp, structured, tailoring of a double-breasted wool coat is a flattering option for any woman.

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Lust List: Acne Studios Velocite


My lust list is never short.

With each season, I tag a new lust to join in on the fun and replace the occasional lust that actually makes it off the list into my physical closet.

Keeping a lust list is something I started doing about 8 years ago and it’s really helped curb my spontaneous purchases and keep me focused on those items I truly love. After 8 years, I’ve learned that some of the lusts that I thought I really loved have gone by the wayside. One which has not, is the ACNE STUDIOS VELOCITE shearling motorcycle jacket.

Acne Studios Velocite Street Style Jenna Lyons

So, let’s start at the beginning…

I’m always cold. Literally, ALWAYS cold. We all laugh about it, but it honestly sucks. The worst feeling in the world is having those deep down chills that don’t go away… except maybe having feet and hands that feel like ice cubes. Regardless, it ain’t good. When winter rolls around, I do my best to layer up (t-shirt + sweater + coat + scarf = ALWAYS), but that lake effect wind/snow always wins.

If you’re not familiar with shearling, it’s essentially tanned leather/suede with the sheared wool left on one side and it may just be the warmest, lightest thing you could wear to stay incredibly warm. Faux shearling is aesthetically a really good dupe if you’d prefer to avoid the natural material — it’s also much less expensive!


Now, combine this ultra-warm and wooly material with a motorcycle jacket silhouette and you have yourself a dream coat. At least MY dream coat. This style is not new — I think ACNE STUDIOS released their first version of the VELOCITE in 2012, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Ringing in at almost $3000… yes, you read that right… it still manages to sell out each season.


Man, I love that jacket.

Luckily, my lust doesn’t have to remain a lust forever! Over the past 3 years, the original VELOCITE oversized biker silhouette has been interpreted by a number of designers both in shearling and its less expensive faux-shearling, good-lookin’ cousin.

Just take a peek for yourself…


Acne Studios Velocite

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

While not a perfect match, the COACH BOY BIKER (#2) jacket is a pretty close dupe at a significant discount (almost a $2000 discount!) to the Acne Studios original.  The MUUBAA light tan version (#5) can’t be beat when it comes to it’s price and likeness — I’m bummed my size is already gone, gone, gone!

Goes to show, there are probably lots of really cold (and fashionable) people out there.


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Party Coat


Getting dressed up this time of year can be challenging– even for the most stylish.

Once you actually get motivated to leave your house when it’s pitch black outside at 5pm, you just might have to get out of your softest, elastic-waisted (#obviously) loungewear and dress up. Oh, and the makeup… why is it that I can always get one eye perfectly shadowed and lined, while the other looks like my 4-year-old did it for me?!

The struggle is real.

Given these “challenges” I try to make getting party ready as easy and stress free as possible. One of the best solutions to the I-hate-everything-in-my-closet-and-I-have-no-desire-to-leave-my-couch dilemma is to have a secret party-style weapon ready and waiting in the wings: a coat.

No, not that black puffer coat you wore to the grocery store… this coat I’m talking about is truly special. It can take a hum-drum jeans and a sweater outfit and make it festive, visually interesting, flattering and chic! From fuzzy, to gilded, to patterned and bold, there is a party coat that fits every personality, body and style.

It is of my professional opinion that every woman should own a party coat — do YOU?!

If not, keep reading/scrolling for my favorite party-ready outerwear inspiration– the perfect piece to dress up an otherwise laid back look!







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Best Cold Weather Coats UNDER $100!

coats_under_$100_rack_headerThe falling leaves, longer nights and the occasional frost on the lawn is a good indication that winter is creeping in slowly.

Are you ready?

Lord knows, I’m not. Although the “experts” are predicting a milder than usual winter, I’m not holding my breath and getting myself mentally and physically prepared for the long, cold, season ahead. First things first, though: Have you sorted out your outerwear situation, yet?

If not, GET. ON. IT.


Winter coats and cold weather accessories are not always the most “fun” items on your shopping list, but the sooner you take care of it, the happier (warmer) you’ll be… especially when you can get great cold-weather coats for UNDER $100!

Yes, people. Coats under $100. It can be done.

1 (A wool statement piece for under $60!) // 2 //
3 (TJ MAXX‘s website is one of the best online hidden gems!) // 4 // 5 //
6 (Almost sold out in this camel color, but a similar grey version can be found HERE!) // 7  //
8 (A fun topper for a night out!)// 9 // 10 (Looks way more expensive than the price tag!) //
11 // 12 // 13

Have you found your perfect cold weather coat?

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

Classic Camel


There is just something about classic camel that rings sophisticated and chic…

There is no question that a luxurious camel coat is something all women should own in their lifetime. Especially, because the classic camel color is like a versatile chameleon when it comes to working with the rest of your wardrobe. It goes with anything and everything and suits most styles from ladylike to sporty, or minimalist.

(image via)

Get The Look:

Here are a few more classic camel coat options for all budgets and body types:

One last word of note:

As I’ve said in the past, when it comes to winter coats and cold weather accessories, don’t wait! All of the best looking (and fitting) styles sell out before the first freeze and the coat you were drooling over just a few weeks back will be a distant memory… Been there, done that!

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

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Leather Vest


The prospect of a full week of sunshine and warm temperatures ahead has me feeling practically giddy! It’s amazing what a little Vitamin D will do to a mood. In addition to the little weather inspired perk in my step, I’ve also been on a creative streak with new ideas that I’ve been trying to keep as organized as possible for future post use down the line.

Lately, it seems as though inspiration is everywhere.

Colors of the new floral buds, the blooming trees, bright blue skies… the soft leather vest I saw this past weekend while styling at THE A LIST POP UP. Unfortunately for me, the leather vest was not for sale, but the woman wearing it (who coincidentally can make anything look good) inspired me to do a bit of vest research myself. I think I need a leather vest. Yeah, yeah… want vs. need. I actually think I need this vest.

Here’s why:

1) It just looks cool.

2) It’s a great topper for those days when it’s too warm to wear a full sleeved jacket, but you need a little something.

3) It adds interest and dimension to any basic outfit. Remember we spoke about THE THIRD PIECE?





So, who’s with me?! Here’s another little vest sweetener… given the change of seasons, many really classic and great quality leather vests are currently on major sale! It’s seriously time to get after it.

Shop the look below:

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