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A Fresh Color Perspective in 2018

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Hello, 2018!

After the past 2 weeks of relaxed holiday fun, family time, elastic waistbands and no makeup — it’s SO nice to be back. Over the (very, very cold) holiday break, I took some time to think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2018. The year has only just started and already I feel as though it’s going to be one of those crazy years full of landmark events and hopefully, great things ahead.

It only makes sense to set the tone for this New Year with something that impacts every facet of our lives: color. Color sets the mood in our homes (and our closets) and after what has been a trend towards a minimal aesthetic, I feel like the black and white world is waking up and leaning more technicolor.

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3 Chic Color Combinations To Try NOW

Fall 2016 Pantone Color Combos

There may be a lot of changes that come with each season, but one thing we can reliably turn to when everything else seems to be in flux in good ‘ole, reliable PANTONE.

The color wizards are about six months ahead of the seasonal game and give us that much appreciated heads up with each release of their most anticipated, seasonal, TOP 10 COLOR MUST HAVES. One of my favorite styling tricks to keep a wardrobe fresh and repurpose old favorites, is to create new color combinations that are both flattering and unexpected.

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2016 Pantone Color of The Year


After the wild ride that was 2015, it’s nice to ease into 2016 with a bit of calm and tranquility… or how about some Rose and Serenity!?

For the first time ever, the foremost authority on color, Pantone selected TWO shades on which to bestow the honor: 2016 Pantone Color Of The Year. Rose Quartz (a muted shade of pink) and Serenity (an almost periwinkle blue) are the big winners and in 2016 you’ll be seeing the color duo run their victory lap through fashion, beauty and interior design.


The colors are a slight departure from the bold hues Pantone has been favoriting lately — remember Marsala in 2015 or 2014’s Radiant Orchid? Both 2016 colors are soft and pretty on their own, but perfectly complimentary when melded together.

They just might be the easy injection of color a neutral-heavy winter wardrobe needs!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 (under $40!!!) // 9 // 10 (I am obsessed with this dress — it’s such a cool cut!) // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 (a subtle shot of pink in an otherwise classic pair of shades) // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 (currently 25% OFF with code: EXTRA)

When styling pastel washes of color you have a few options to play with:

  1. Monochromatic
    We’ve talked about going monochrome a few times now and the same rules apply when working with pastels as neutrals. The key to pulling off a monochrome look is texture. From chunky knits, to suedes and leathers, an assortment of textures keeps the outfit from looking like one big blob of color and keeps the visual interest strong.

  2. Compliment with neutrals
    If head-to-toe rose or serenity is not in the cards for you, a soft camel, cream or grey is a great compliment to the muted pastel tones. As long as the textures are cold weather appropriate, this is a great way to break out of your dark winter rut and get some color into your wardrobe.

  3. Be bold with contrasting hues
    Not for the faint of heart, but absolutely beautiful and eye catching when done correctly. Pair your rose quartz with a deep burgundy or army green — it sounds strange but looks stunning! If you’re more of a blue gal, an electric yellow or bright melon looks amazing against the muted serenity. Trust me on this one…

What do YOU think about Pantone’s color picks?




Did you hear the buzz about the new 2015 Pantone Color of The Year?!

Move over Radiant Orchid, Marsala is the new color VIP in town. While this color announcement is just a blip on the screen of life for most people, you SHOULD get excited. C’mon, get excited, people. This is going to be THE color that influences fashion, art and design for the ensuing 12 months. Essentially, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot of it.

Is it brown? Is it red? Is it the color of the murky marsala mushroom sauce served with my chicken cutlet? An absolutely delicious entree, by the way. My impression of the hue is that it’s a rich, warm, raisin tone that’s ideal for the colder months, but will pair up in sartorial harmony with some unique pastels come spring/summer. BEYONCE is on board. We should be, too.

Prettier than expected, right? I’m just full of good surprises today.

What do YOU think about Pantone’s pick for 2015 Color of The Year?

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Eye Spy: Tangerine & Gray

I’m always on the hunt for new color combinations and ways to mix and match my existing wardrobe, so I was undeniably excited when I saw various shades of gray (no, not 50 shades!) paired up with a peppy tangerine.  I loved how the gray helped transition the bright orange hue into fall-appropriate territory.  It also had a bit of a casual, sporty vibe to it, which is totally my speed. Hello!?! An outfit that encourages sneakers?! Yes, please.

Look #1:

Moto Jacket (such an amazing price for a luxury piece) // Cropped Sweater // Pleated A-Line Skirt (currently 70% off!) // Cutout Booties // Chain Link Necklace

Look #2:

Chambray Shirt // Draped Wool Pants (comfy & cute!) // Polka-Dot Sweatshirt // Sneakers (love the bright colorblock!)

Have YOU discovered any great color combos for next season?



P.S. If you’re looking for more color inspiration, definitely check THIS and THIS out… Some oldies, but goodies!

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7)  Pantone announced their new 2014 color of the year… drum roll please… RADIANT ORCHID!  Before you discount this color as too bright, too girly, too pink, etc., here’s a glimpse of how this purply-pink hue can be put to work in your home.  Not too shabby, right? (

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kick off my weekend. Mama has got some serious holiday decorating/shopping to do!  Hopefully, with a nap (or two) squeezed in there somewhere.