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Find Of The Week: Refined Kick Crop Flare


If you’re looking for a great pair of fun pants to dress up or down this holiday season, look no further my friends! I’ve found them… in the most unexpected of places: ANN TAYLOR!

Oh, and the best part? They’re on sale through Monday for $59.99 PLUS an EXTRA 50% off.

So yeah, $30.  Pretty sweet, huh?!

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The Best Leather Leggings For Any Budget

the best leather leggings for any budget

One of my best investments and a true VIP in my day-to-day wardrobe has been my pair of leather leggings. Granted, I am not rockin’ the leather on my way to early morning preschool drop-off (although that would be pretty badass if I did!?), I have been styling my leather skinnies with everything from oversized sweaters, to crisp white button-downs and even structured blazers and tees. If there is ever a notable occasion in my social calendar, I can pretty much guarantee you that leather pants were considered.

Did I mention that leather pants are:

1) Comfortable!!!

2) Warm!!!

When it comes to adding a leather legging option to your wardrobe, you have a few options and decisions to make. First off, let’s consider budget. I won’t lie, real leather pants are definitely an investment. Ranging from $250 (on sale)-$1000+, a pair of well-cut leather pants can set you back a significant amount. On the plus side, if cared for properly those pants will last a lifetime.

So what do you do if you’re just not into spending a pretty-penny? Well, you consider faux leather pants as an ideal alternative. Some of today’s faux leather alternatives are so good, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish them from the real thing. On the downside, “pleather” has a tendency to stretch out a bit more than leather and over time, will begin to show some noteable wear and tear. Essentially, in the case of leather pants you definitely get what you pay for.

Next, it’s important to consider sizing and cut. What you want is a non-flashy, non-embellished simple pair of black leather/faux-leather pants. A slim fit, with a medium rise is ideal. In this case, err on the side of just slightly too-tight. As I mentioned, leather and especially faux leather will give over time and you don’t want to be left with a saggy seat. Definitely NOT a good look.

Here are a few inspirational street style images, to get you deeper into the leather mood!





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