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suede-ankle-wrap-block-heel-sandal-gianvito-rossiThey say that you can learn a lot about a person by their shoes.

Perhaps, that’s why as women we have this thing with shoes?! Maybe, we’re just fulfilling our anthropological duties to study each other and learn more about our species – ha!

The more likely case: we simply admire a good pair of shoes.

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Gladiator Sandal

gladiator sandal summer style 2015  header

It’s incredible what a little sunshine can do to improve a mood.

Yesterday was the first inkling that spring just may happen this year. Bright sunshine, temperatures in the mid-40’s and melting snow (finally!) made the whole area come alive and emerge from their winter hibernation. It was nice to actually come out of the house in non-snow boots and not have to do a full strip down of coats, hats, scarves, etc. when coming back in. It’s the little things, folks.

I’m thinking now may be the right time to bring up a very passionate topic for many people, myself included: shoes. More specifically, this summer’s biggest footwear trend, the gladiator sandal.

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What do you guys think about the gladiator?

Truthfully, for the past 2 summers I’ve been wavering in opinion on the lace-up, ancient-Greek inspired throwback. I thought they were kind of cool, but sort of impractical, you know!? Like who really wants leather or suede encasing their entire lower leg during the hottest, sweatiest months of the year? You know what… I think I might. While my general personal style falls into the category of minimalist and modern, my summer style is just a slight bit more bohemian and feminine, which is a perfect compliment to a gladiator sandal.

With Spring Break around the corner, I’m envisioning white gauzy tunics, cut offs and a flat laced gladiator for day and loose, flowy dresses with heeled gladiators at night. Decisions, decisions…

In case you’re like me and trying to decide if the gladiator look is for you, here are some important style notes to keep in mind:

1) Select the right height

Not everyone is as genetically blessed at Gisele Bundchen with legs miles long. If you happen to fall into the camp of more petite (a.k.a. short), or have fuller/muscular legs and ankles, stick to a shorter length shaft. Also, a tan or nude color (try to match your skin tone) will further trick the eye to elongate your legs. Finally, a heel (stacked for day and stiletto for night) can give you that much needed boost to visually slim and lengthen.

If you are blessed with long, slim legs any color/length/height works. It’s just a matter of narrowing down a style that you like best which based on my initial shopping research is easier said than done!

2) Not all sandal straps are created equal

Finding the perfect gladiator sandal is all about proportion. If you’re a woman with thin ankles and narrow feet, try to look for sandals with thinner straps. Anything wide or heavy can overwhelm your foot/leg and make it look like you’re swimming in shoes that are too big.

The reverse is true for those with thicker ankles and a wider foot: look for thicker straps and a chunkier heel to balance out your natural body proportions. The more of the story is: you gotta work what’cha mama gave ‘ya.

3) Keep it simple

This is clearly a style note that applies to many fashion trends and styles, but in terms of the gladiator sandal you want to keep the rest of your look as un-fussy as possible. Gladiators, whether high or low make a statement on their own, so there’s no need for many style extras or embellishments. In this case, simple really is best.

Here are some great street style images of gladiator sandals in action. A picture is worth a 100 words, right?

The polls are officially open and I’m inviting you to cast your vote.

Tell me, the gladiator sandal: yea or nay?

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The Perfect Summer Sandal

Birkenstock Gizeh Black Perfect Summer Sandal The Hearts Delight

Monday, Monday… are you guys recovering?  A bout of the kiddie summer cold kept me home tending to my littlest patient most of the weekend.  We did A LOT of book reading which was good, although I think I may scream if I ever have to read another book from the “Pinkalicious” series again.  Pure. Parental. TORTURE.  Why can’t there be a good preschool book about Chanel!? Seriously… that may be my next project.  A sample excerpt:

10 quilted Chanel bags all in a row, the black one is missing.

Now, where did it go?!”

During all of this quiet time, aside from my book deal aspirations, I did start thinking about my annual NYC summer migration with the kids and packing us for the 2 weeks away. My list making has officially kicked off and my top priority is making sure that I have a great summer sandal that can take me from beach to city without any blisters or ouches, and WITH a whole lot of style.  Sunday morning while browsing the Nordstrom shoe department, I found it.  THE perfect summer sandal.  Ironically, it’s the perfect summer sandal that I might have owned almost 20 years ago… a Birkenstock Gizeh in black leather.  Now before you get all huffy and remind me about my recent rant on “The Ugly Shoe,” let me explain.  The Gizeh style, is a little less common than the typical wide two-strap Birk that you’re probably used to seeing.  It’s a little more narrow, more feminine and more modern.  It also pairs perfectly with dresses, shorts and basically anything in your closet.  Most importantly, it might be the most comfortable sandal I have ever put on my foot.  Minimalist perfection.

Being the good friend that I am, I’ve pulled some great photo inspiration highlighting the awesomeness that is the Gizeh.






My feet could not be more excited about my selection.  What do YOU think? Am I just another fashion victim to “the ugly shoe”?