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White Ankle Boots


Did you ever fall madly in love with a piece in your closet only to completely forget about it a few months later?

When you’re finally reunited with your long-lost fashion love, a rainbow appears, birds start singing and all is good in the world again. That’s a slightly dramatized version of what happened when I came across my favorite white ankle boots a few days ago.

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The Art Of Fun


There is nothing like a good street mural to get me excited about heading outdoors again.

As I might have mentioned over the past few years, Cleveland can be challenging when it comes to styling and physically shooting outdoors 60% of the year. The rain, sleet, snow, grey skies and sub-zero temperatures are far from inspiring. Needless to say, the moment Spring rolls around Cleveland slowly reawakens, it’s always a fun surprise to see how much has changed in the neighborhood.

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Why You Need A Pair Of Red Sandals


Apologies for interrupting your daily reading, but I’ve got an important P.S.A. to share with you:

You NEED a pair of red sandals this season.

Oh, wait… did you know that already!? I have a feeling red sandals were probably not on your Spring/Summer ’17 shopping list — but they should be and here’s why.

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Bows On Toes

bows on toes header

It’s only fitting that on #TuesdayShoesday we spend a little time chatting about the “other” love of my life — shoes!

In particular, a shoe with a bit of extra flare. Some sass. Definitely a bunch of personality, too. Kind of like that silly best friend who can crack you up without saying a word. We could all use one of those… and in the case of shoes, perhaps a few!

Just sayin’.

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Velvet Booties


Every so often a style comes along that can accomplish the impossible — provide a high quality dupe at a fraction of the designer price.

Velvet booties are perhaps the best of example of this rare fashion feat this season. With hundreds of styles to choose from and virtually no visible difference between the high-end, designer versions and the fast-fashion bargains, this is the fall trend to jump on… or jump into?!

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Pom Pom Sandal


Predictably, there is usually one standout new summer trend that takes the shoe world by storm. Last year, it was the gladiator sandal.

This year is the year of the pom pom sandal.

While I will just lay it out there and say, this is not exactly my “cup-of-tea” when it comes to my own personal style and aesthetic, I can fully appreciate a colorful and fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The bold colors and textural details add zip to any basic look — it’s basically a party on your feet — and will be a perfect compliment to a hot summer night.

Margaritas optional.

(Click on the images below for product details!)

one (custom designed via Etsy!)// two // three // four // five // six (only $70 + also come in leopard print for $50!) // seven (the designer OG version!) // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen ($60 + in stock in all sizes!) // fourteen

Three cheers for the pom-pom!

Does this colorful shoe trend get your stamp of approval? Yea or nay?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

pom pom sandal

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Breakdown: The Espadrille Shoe

espadrille shoe chanel street style soho spring 2016

One of the major perks of a new season is new shoes.

(I mean c’mon?! Are you in the least bit surprised with that answer?)

espadrille shoe with jeans street style

After months of wearing heavy boots, booties and sneakers it’s nice to let your feet have some fun in the way of light and colorful shoe options. The espadrille is one of the most classic warm weather shoe styles and while it’s taken me a while to grow my appreciation for the woven soled shoe, I’m totally on board now.

espadrille shoe jean shorts 501s summer street style

espadrille shoe street style 1970 sweater parisian style

Here’s a little secret: I don’t own any espadrilles just yet! Shhhhh….

My sudden urge to add a pair of these summer beauties started where most good things start — the internet! I saw so many street style photos of women looking absolutely chic and lovely in their espadrilles that I was tempted to finally try on a pair. So I did. These VINCE ESPADRILLE WEDGES, in fact… and they felt like butter on my feet. The leather was so soft and the woven platform added so much cushion to my step that I resisted taking them off.

espadrille shoes chanel street style

From trendier platform styles, to the more traditional slip on there is an espadrille style for everyone out there regardless of age or lifestyle. Even CHANEL got into the espadrille game last summer with their classic take on the style! A word of advice: if you’re considering purchasing the CHANEL version of the espadrille style GET THEM NOW. They sold out so fast last year that they were practically an impossible score once June rolled around.

But alas, not all of us can stomach the Chanel designer price tag — and we don’t have to! Check out my favorite espadrilles that ring in at prices that are a bit more eh, palatable for the summer shoe staple.

Is an espadrille shoe a style you would wear or DO wear once the spring/summer comes around? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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White Pointed Toe Pumps

white pointed toe pumps header

When you get dressed, do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had (fill in the blank)…“?

As I try to navigate a more minimalist approach to style, I find myself easily zoning in on those missing items and recognizing any gaps I have in my wardrobe. It’s kind of refreshing to shop with a purpose rather than shop just for recreation and come home with a lot of nice things that end up going unworn… and this is coming from a woman who likes loves to shop!

One of this season’s missing pieces to my wardrobe puzzle is a pair of white pointed toe pumps.

Yes, white.

Yes, in the dead of winter.

No, I’m not crazy.

I’ve been seeing great editorials and street style images with a winter appropriate look accented with crisp white pointed toe pumps. Simple, yet striking.

white pointed toe pumps the heart's delight stella compiseno

Coat: H&M

Now, this is not the place or time to get all fancy with the shoe. What we’re looking for here is a well-made, single sole, pointed toe pump — just in le blanc! No straps, embellishments, patent or platform; When combined with the white, those are all a bit too Frederick’s of Hollywood/exotic dancer material. Which is clearly a different type of street style than the one I am generally referencing!

Oh, and remember yesterday’s focus on Pantone’s 2016 COLOR OF THE YEAR?! A white pointed toe pump would look amazing against the soft pastel hues. Try it out now with a menswear inspired coat and trousers, or later this spring/summer with a feminine dress.

Here are a few other white pumps that have caught my eye for all lifestyles and budgets:


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Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots 2016

With the new year, I debated for quite a while about which post topics were worthy of kicking off 2016. I wanted fresh content and exciting images to keep you guys interested and differentiate The Heart’s Delight from the millions of other fashion and lifestyle blogs you could be reading.

When the British heritage brand, Hunter reached out to me about partnering on a post I considered it a sign that “exciting” doesn’t always have to meet cutting edge or new, it can also refer to revisiting a tried-and-true classic and seeing it in a whole new light.


Created in 1856, the ORIGINAL HUNTER BOOT was designed to protect against the weather and perform across all terrains. Over 160 years later, that mission remains the same. The brand has grown in recent years to include multiple variations of the Original boot for men, women and children, as well as new lines of footwear, outerwear and technical knitwear. While the product offering may have changed, one thing has not: quality.

hunter boots original

As you know, I’m a huge advocate of purchasing fewer, better, things that will stand the test of time and help define your personal style along the way. A few years ago when I purchased my first pair of dark green ORIGINAL HUNTER BOOTS, there was a brief moment of sticker shock. Almost 6 years later, I love that my “investment” is still perfectly on trend and just as comfortable and practical as when I first got them out of the box. In the warmer months, the boots are the ideal slip-on rain boots, while in the winter I can coordinate any number of HUNTER BOOT SOCKS (a.k.a. boot liners) to make my boots a snow day staple.

Hunter US

You can shop many Hunter boot styles now at 30% OFF — including select colors of the Original Rain Boot! Don’t forget to add a pair of KNIT BOOT SOCK INSERTS to keep your toes extra warm and add a touch of personality to your boots. I’m currently debating adding a pair of these BLOCK HEEL LACE UP BOOTS in swamp green. Not the cutest name for a color, but what a great all-weather shoe option (…that just happens to coordinate perfectly with this WOMEN’S ORIGINAL RUBBER TOUCH DOWN JACKET). A down coat is a winter staple and this one is not only ultra-warm and waterproof, but also slimming.

Warm, waterproof AND doesn’t make you look like a Yeti?!

Yes, winter dreams do come true.

hunter boots The Heart's Delight

Once you’re done perusing the sale rack, head on over to the NEW SS15 HUNTER ORIGINAL COLLECTION — the colors are all so fun and happy! The blue sky ORIGINALS are so so pretty! (Well, as pretty as glossy rubber rain boots can get…) The LOW WEDGE style is a slightly more fashion forward version you might want to check out as well.

One of the rare complaints that I hear about Hunter products is that the boots are a bit narrow for wider calves and ankles. Well, no worries my friends with athletic calves! Not only has Hunter added an ADJUSTABLE RAINBOOT to their lineup, but they also have a style called THE HUNTRESS which is specifically designed with a wider shaft to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

For those with legs on the thinner side — if a thick sock insert is not enough to fill out any gaps, try the REFINED WOMEN’S ORIGINAL. It’s a bit more streamlined with a tailored silhouette that will hug your calves in all of the right places. For yet another slimmer cut option, try the ORIGINAL SLIM TEXTURED RAIN BOOTS.

kids hunter boots 2016

OK, I can’t wrap up this post without letting you know that I recently succumbed to a moment of mother-daughter “twinning” weakness and purchased a sale pair of KIDS’ ORIGINAL GLOSS RAIN BOOTS for my 4 year old. I know, I know… I’ve become one of those mothers. She just looks so darn cute in them! Sigh….

So what do you think? Thumbs up to Hunter in 2016?!

Those British sure do know their rain gear.


(*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using a link via this page. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make The Heart’s Delight possible!)