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Forever 21 August Haul

Forever 21 August Haul Header

Yes, I know, I’m far from 21.

I’m also unlikely to step foot into an actual brick and mortar FOREVER 21 store anytime soon. It’s generally too loud, too messy and too chaotic for me. Clearly, another sign of being “old-er.” However, when I quietly browse the FOREVER 21 website from the comfort of home, with coffee in hand I can’t help but click “add-to-cart”… probably more times than I should.

If you’re looking to incorporate a few inexpensive new additions into your Fall wardrobe, these are definitely hard to resist!

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Two Feathers


After moving to Cleveland from NYC, I remember completely overhauling my closet.

Not only was my geography changing, but so was my lifestyle — DRASTICALLY. I went from a corporate bank career to one that was not quite defined (at the time), definitely way more casual, and generally involved spit-up and dirty diapers. Clearly, there was no need for my structured suits and office-formal attire.

So out they went.

Over the past few years, my career is definitely way more defined. My general lifestyle is a good balance of casual days and those all gussied up. Fortunately, those days of spit-up and dirty diapers are long behind me. I’m in a really good place and so is my wardrobe — especially when I have brands like TWO FEATHERS in my life.

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Satin Ankle Boots

satin ankle boots sock fall trend street style

No matter how classic your style, it’s always fun to add a few trend-driven pieces into the mix.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked a few separate times about trend predictions for the coming season. My short answer to the question: hang onto your STATEMENT TOPS, ditch the bombers for more tailored blazers, stick with your embellished/frayed/split hem denim and definitely add a pair of fitted satin ankle boots!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.96

Friday Link LoveHappy Friday, folks!

Have you ever had one of those weird limbo weeks where you’re waiting on so many pieces and things to fall into place? Yeah, that would best describe the past 7 days. Between work life and family life, there’s been a lot of risk taking and pushing into unknown territory which is both exciting and extremely uncomfortable for me at the same time. As things sort themselves out (which they always do!) I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it. In the meantime, I’m just trying to tackle one piece at a time and not get overwhelmed. Hey, I’m a Libra. I like my balance.

I also like some entertaining internet reads, which I’ve got right this way! This Friday Link Love is a good one — make sure to check it out.

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The Last Straw


Yesterday’s post was all about fall (you can check it out HERE!) and might have bummed me out a little.

Why does summer have to go by so fast!?

Today, I’m putting on the brakes and taking a step back. I’ve posted a few times now about my favorite summer accessory — my CULT GAIA ARK BAG. I get at least one compliment on it every time I wear it. Although the summer season is about 3/4 of the way done, I’m constantly looking for the next “it bag” that I’ll wear to death. It doesn’t need fancy labels or a sky-high, designer price tag. I would actually prefer it to be an under-the-radar find that oozes style from across the room.

Casually, of course.

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3 Transitional Pieces You Should Consider For Fall

fall transitional wardrobe tommy ton street style

I hate to break it to you, but these next 4 weeks are going to fly by.

That’s the way the summer cookie crumbles — it takes forever for the summer fun to get started and then it’s over in a blink of an eye (or the honk of the school bus). Before all of the madness of back-to-school shopping and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes set in, let’s take a moment to address something of great importance: your fall transitional wardrobe.

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You’ll Never Want To Take THIS Off

Athleta Studio Wrap Athleisure Workout Fashion The Heart's Delight

After the past 4 months of non-stop wear, I think it’s about time for this public service announcement:


Whether you regularly work out, are a sucker for anything draped and soft, or just like nice things, this sweatshirt/jacket/little-slice-of-heaven is the best thing you might add to your fashion rotation.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.95

Friday Link LoveHello, Hello, Hello!

As expected, the first week back to post-vacation reality is always a doozy.  Between an endless game of work catchup and trying to get everyone back into their regular routines, I’m all tapped out. Needless to say, I’m very excited that the weekend is finally here. As it turns out, this weekend happens to be a pretty special one: I’m celebrating my 11 year wedding anniversary. Big shout out to Mr. Heart’s Delight! Another year bites the dust and I couldn’t be a luckier gal to have him by my side through it all. This is probably the only time in my life you’ll see me use #blessed non-ironically! Cliché, but 100% the truth.

So, that’s the latest and greatest…

Now, onto this week’s latest and greatest Friday Link Love reads!

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One Shoulder Top


Now that off-the-shoulder is about as mainstream as you can get and you guys KNOW MY FEELINGS on those dreaded shoulder cut-out tops, the fashion powers that be have decided to switch it up again and bring us the next “it” top of the season: the one shoulder top.

I’ve seen the style slowly creep in over the course of the summer and I have a hunch that there will be a lot more of it come this fall. One sleeve is better than no sleeves when it’s cold outside — am I right, or am I right?!

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