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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.81

Friday Link LoveAnd just like that, we’ve made it to the end of the week!

While yesterday, I woke up to a brisk 19º F, today it’s supposed to hit 70° F. Nothing like Spring in Cleveland! I say that with sarcasm and an eye roll. Speaking of eye rolls — that pretty much the only part of my upper body I can move without pain this morning. I woke up to a muscle strain/spasm in my upper back/right shoulder and I literally can’t move. Getting dressed and trying to tame my hair was an epic fail. I’ve already popped some Aleve and I’m hoping the muscles relax enough for me to get through my day, crazy hair and all.

Getting old stinks.

To take my mind off the searing pain and discomfort, I’ve put together a great roundup of internet reads to share with you. So let’s get to it! This week’s edition of Friday Link Love is right this way… 

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One Look, Three Budgets


Money… money changes everything.

(Thank you, Cyndi Lauper & Sirius/XM 80’s Channel for getting that song stuck in my head.)

When we see celebrities, fashion editors and street style fashionistas, we’re often tempted to say that they can look as good as they do because of their unlimited funds. “Real” people could never pull that style off without taking a second mortgage on their home, or going without food for a few weeks.

You know what? That’s only partially true.

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You’re Only 5 Items Away From A Fresh Spring Wardrobe

fresh spring wardrobe header

Regardless of the generally mild season we’ve had, Winter is not leaving without a fight… and a few Winter Storm Warnings.

Honestly, this bi-polar weather is really cramping my Spring style. Luckily, these few “bonus days” in heavy knits and boots has given me a chance to fine tune my Spring wardrobe. I’ve curated a tight collection of 5 versatile pieces that will give your wardrobe that fresh feeling — once all this snow melts!

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Under The Radar: Need Supply Co.

need supply co header

I love when I find something kind of under-the-randar and new to so many people (myself included). Unfortunately, the under-the-radar status doesn’t last very long with me. If it’s something good, I just have to share.

I can’t help it.

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My LEAST Favorite Trend Of The Season


No matter how classic or timeless we want our wardrobes to be, so much of what we wear everyday is trend driven. It’s the trends that make our closet staples feel contemporary and fresh, even if they’ve been in our style rotation for a long time.

Unfortunately, while some trends are home run hits — boyfriend jeans, anyone!? — others are, well… questionable. I could wax poetic about the BEST trends you just have to try, but I thought it might be easier to voice my opinion about a trend that I’m advising you to take a pass on.

Are you ready for it!?

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Spring’s Best 10 Under $50

Spring's best 10 under $50 header

Anyone else spend their President’s Day weekend online (window) shopping?

With the sun continuing to shine down, it’s hard to resist all of the spring fashion — especially when it’s discounted.  I decided that there were way too many great deals that it was worth sharing Spring’s best 10 under $50 finds with YOU!

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February Wish List

February wish list header

Don’t worry, I’m not becoming one of “those.”

You know, the frou-frou pink hearts and flowers type. Even with Valentine’s Day less than 24-hours away, I’m holding strong to my minimalist, monochromatic ways! Well… except for this February wish list of fashion finds.

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How To Shop A Fast Fashion Store Like A Pro

fast fashion shopping tips header

If you’re a client of mine or read this blog frequently, you’ll agree that my general style mantra is: fewer, better things.

Most of the time that means investing in the best quality one can afford — for the best fit and best fabrication. If you want a wardrobe with some longevity, this strategy is a MUST when it comes to closet staples (cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, blazers, classic denim, pumps, etc.). However, it’s often hard to resist the lure of fast fashion when it comes to seasonal trends and those fun, whimsical pieces that keep your look current and fresh.

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Flu Season

flu season macbook lap top breakfast in bed tea header

This winter has been especially harsh when it comes to the assortment of nasty bugs going around.

Between the extra-severe flu strain and the hard to contain Norovirus (that sh*t can live up to 2 weeks and is impermeable to alcohol-based hand sanitizer!), it’s no wonder that people are dropping like flies — my household included. Today’s post is going to be a quick one, as I’ve got a very cute 5 year old patient to attend to… and a booster seat to replace.

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